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China, Russia announce joint naval exercises
  • Exactly what I was thinking. With the he US growing more unstable every day, while already helping Ukraine and Israel, the timing looks good for China.

    I wouldn't say "before September" cause China might want to wait until after the 2024 election. But before the end of 2025 for sure.

  • Remember that?
  • The fact that people don't remember the vast amount of news reports on women accusing Trump shows exactly the limits of democracy.

    With all the sources we have these days, information is easy to find and is available from a lot of different perspectives. It's easy to apply critical thinking by comparing different accounts of the same story. But still, people feel that forming an opinion is not their responsibility, and blame the media.

    Democracy only works when a majority of people take the time to think about their vote.

  • Obsession with growth is enriching elites and killing the planet. We need an economy based on human rights
  • The only way this happens is through strong policy on tax havens, fair wealth redistribution and making it easy for workers to unionize.

    The only way to make this kind of policy come to life is to get money out of politics as much as possible: hard limits on campaign funds and contributions. Having more money than you opponents shouldn't give you an advantage.

  • Sonia Sotomayor Is Trying to Warn Us About the Supreme Court’s Dirtiest Open Secret
  • They have a conscience, they have empathy, it's just that they only do for their friends, families or people in their social circles.

    Most people act like this. There are people working in terrible conditions in Bangladesh or China to create stuff the western countries buy at Walmart, forever 21, Amazon... Where's the empathy for them? Where's the empathy for the guy that lost his job 6 months ago and has been sleeping in a tent since, and only got 75 cents after 2 hours of panhandling?

    Individually, we can't help everyone so we often look the other way. That doesn't make us psychopaths.

    Furthermore, saying rich people have mental illness frames the problem as a psychological one when in reality it is a socio-economic problem that requires a political solution.

  • Sonia Sotomayor Is Trying to Warn Us About the Supreme Court’s Dirtiest Open Secret
  • And the hell of it is that the ruling class is so far gone in corruption and shallow self-interest - so sincerely deeply mentally ill - that they don't recognize that ultimately they're working against their own interests

    I come across this sort of comment more and more - the fact that sociopath billionaires extending their influence to the political and judicial system are, in fact, mentally ill.

    Believe me, they're not.

    They know very well what they are doing. It's just that their wealth isolates them from the consequences of it. They don't care about healthcare, climate change, education, unemployment, because that's for the 95% to worry about. They are rich enough to don't give a fuck, and they feel safe doing so.

  • “Le centre, variété molle de la droite.”
  • La stratégie de la gauche, qui consiste à se poser comme la voix de la raison en réaction à l'extrémisme des partis de droite (qui réussissent très bien à canaliser la colère des électeurs) est une stratégie perdante. Les électeurs frustrés veulent le changement et ne croient plus au statu quo. Tant que la gauche hésite à adopter des politiques plus fortes, elle sera associée au passé; mais en politique il faut faire rêver à l'avenir.

  • New Billboard
  • In any constituency there are undecided voters who don't know who they'll vote for until election day. Since the US is a two party system I suppose they are a huge factor in the end result even though there might not be too many of them.

  • ‘Not genocide’ says Biden after ICC warrants sought
  • Israel and the US share a lot of Intel and military technologies.

    I'm not saying that the US shouldn't ditch Israel - they should, but they need to undo a few ties first. People here expect it done in a few weeks and that won't happen.

  • United States | News & Politics tabarnaski

    Sheriff says he is ‘ashamed’ after five of his former deputies plead guilty to torture of two Black men Sheriff says he is 'ashamed' after five of his former deputies plead guilty to torture of two Black men | CNN

    A Mississippi sheriff said he was “ashamed” and apologized after five of his former deputies pleaded guilty to charges related to the torture of two Black men.

    Sheriff says he is 'ashamed' after five of his former deputies plead guilty to torture of two Black men | CNN