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What are your thoughts on what the outcome of a greater Kurdistan would be?
    1. It's never going to happen. Turkiye would give us another (probably US backed) genocide in the Middle East before they let that happen.
    2. Even with proven oil reserves in those regions, the lack of access to the world's oceans is going to hurt that country. For all of the modern advancements in the world, trade still goes by boat. Land locked countries face issues with moving goods into and out of the country, which usually adds costs and makes goods from that country less competitive. With almost certain poor relations with Turkiye, Iraq and Syria, this new country would be trying to move goods though Iran, which is just a bad plan. Or, some combination of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia. Again, if none of that sounds promising, it's because it isn't. They would be far better off to give up some land further north and try to get connected to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Embracer Group repays $300m to lenders. Repayment comes from net proceeds received from Take-Two's purchase of Gearbox Entertainment
  • Maybe, though if you think about it, the idea is basically:
    Hey, we borrowed all this money to buy up lots of companies. But rather than pay it back ourselves, we are going to put all of that debt on this one company we also bought (probably with some of that debt), because thay actually make money.

    It's a shell game to allow Embracer to walk away with all the profits and never have to pay their investors back. If Asmodee manages to pay off the debt, that's nice for them. Other than the fact that they will be hamstrung by servicing that debt, rather than re-investing in the company. If Asmodee folds and gets auctioned off in Chapter 7, that ends up having no material effect on the leadership of Embracer who made the decision to take on all that debt. Either way, Embracer is jettisoning all responsibility for the choices the management of Embrace made.

    This sort of leveraged debt buyout, loot the company, then jettison the debt tactic has been used over and over to destroy otherwise profitable companies in the name of short term profit for vulture capitalists.

  • Trump Melts Down Over ‘Trash’ Fox News Poll That Shows Biden Ahead
  • I may be wrong but I figure if it’s on Fox

    Oddly enough, polling is the one area where Fox News isn't a complete shit show. 538 has consistently rated them highly throughout the years. In this case, the poll was run by Beacon Research/Shaw & Co. 538's pollster ratings have them at #15, with a 2.8 rating out of 3.0. While it's proper to be skeptical of anything with the Fox name attached, this is one of those areas where you can accept the poll at face value. That said, it's still June and polls this far out are wildly bad at predicting the final outcome. They are better as a barometer of current sentiment and may help candidates to calibrate their messaging and campaigns as we get closer to the election. Also, a 1-2 point "lead" is almost certainly within the margin of error. So, this poll is really saying "it's a dead heat" and drawing anything more of a conclusion is more of a rorschach test than anything.

  • Embracer Group repays $300m to lenders. Repayment comes from net proceeds received from Take-Two's purchase of Gearbox Entertainment
  • They really buried the lede on this one. Sure, Embrace paid back a bunch of money using proceeds from the sale of Take-Two. That's pretty normal business. But:

    The company is also moving €900 million of its debt into tabletop publisher Asmodee as part of its plans to split into three separate entities.

    It sounds like they are about to jettison the rest of their debt using Asmodee. Embracer will walk away with whatever money they have made and Asmodee will end up being crushed under most of the debt Embrace used to make that money. Vulture capitalism at it's finest.

  • What is an underrated/forgotten video game that you think deserved a second chance?
  • I actually didn't know that about the game, I just linked to the articled to provide details. Given the time the game was written, I suspect it was to make the music a bit more complicated. Game "Music" at the time could leave something to be desired. I played a lot of games with just a PC Speaker, which means that all of the sounds were mostly just different beeps. However, we also didn't know any better at the time and just enjoyed it for what it was.

  • [Second Wind] Hi-Rez CEO Claims Valve Is Overpowered | Cold Take
  • While Chism may be a worthless leech, he isn't completely wrong. Valve's ownership of Steam does put it in a privileged position, which could be abused in a lot of anti-competitive ways. The fact that it isn't doing that is really only because GabeN isn't the same type of leech which Chism is. He's what a lot of people seem to want, a benevolent dictator. That said, when he finally kicks the bucket, or gets tired and sells the company, the future direction of Steam would be an open question. There may be a very good argument for Valve to be put under the microscope of the FTC for possible anti-trust breakup.

  • Is the Java ecossystem of languages and related stuff a thing, professionally?
  • Java is dying in the same way that Linux is winning the desktop war, it's always going to happen "next year" but never "this year". I spent a lot of years as a sysadmin and while I would have been quite happy to piss on the grave of Java, we always seemed to be installing some version of the JRE (though, usually not the latest version) on systems. There is just a lot of software which is built with it. This was especially true when dealing with US FedGov systems. Developers for the USG loved Java and we had both the JRE and JDK (because why not require the Development Kit for a user install?) sprinkled about our environment like pigeon droppings.

    That said, don't get too caught up focusing on one language. A lot of the underlying data structures and theory will transfer between languages. What you are learning now may not be what you end up working with in the future. Try to understand the logic, systems and why you are doing what you are doing, rather than getting too caught up on the specific implementation.

  • Do you prefer Gaming PCS or Gaming Laptops?
  • It's down to the expected use case.
    If you have some reason to want portability, like you travel for work or expect to want to game at a place other than you home, then a laptop is likely the right choice.
    If you only expect to game at home and don't have a need to constantly move your system around, a desktop is usually a better "bang for the buck".

    Personally, I don't travel and don't have a need to move my gaming rig around. I also like having the ability to upgrade in a piecemeal fashion. So, I have a desktop. This particular PC of Theseus has been going for a decade and a half now and shows no sign of stopping.

  • Opinions on career transition from Digital Cinema to Cybersecurity?
  • I just kinda "fell" into IT. In terms of college, I hold an Associates Degree in Math/Science from a community college; so, slightly more than nothing, but only just. I was very lucky in that my father spent an insane amount of money in the early 80's to buy a computer and then turned me loose on it. I was doing simple programming in GW-Basic by the time I was a teenager and got pretty good at making boot disks to play games. I just became that kid who "knew computers". After leaving college, a friend of mine convinced me to put a resume in at the company he worked for. They needed a computer tech and I fit the bill. From there it was a long sequence of job hops every 3-5 years until I ended up as a sysadmin dealing with mostly Windows systems, Active Directory, Exchange and SQL. Plus, anything else which just needed someone to "figure it out". That eventually landed me at a gig working as a sysadmin at a US FedGov site (which is why I got my CISSP). There I often worked closely with the cybersecurity team, as they would need stuff done on the domain, and I would get it done. When they had an opening on their team, they did everything short of drag me into the office to apply for that spot. I worked in cybersecurity for that site until a bit after the COVID pandemic when I got a message on LinkedIn about a "FULLY REMOTE" (yes, the message put that all in caps) position. I was curious and applied. I now work from home, reading other peoples' email and trying to keep the network secure for a Fortune 500 company.

    The best advice I can offer is: keep learning and never be afraid to just try.
    A lot of my career is based around "oh shit, it's broke. Here sylver_dragon, you figure it out." I loved logic puzzles as a kid and now I basically do them for a living. I would also recommend nurturing professional relationships and don't burn bridges you don't need to. That friend, who got me my first IT job was also pivotal, about a decade later, in getting me to apply to a different company he worked for at the time. When I put my resume in, it passed through the hands of several different people, people whom I had worked with at that first job. Between my performance and them knowing what type of person I was, everyone one of them said, "yup, hire this guy". Having good working relationships now can pay a lot of dividends in the future.

  • It's time to call a spade a spade. ChatGPT isn't just hallucinating. It's a bullshit machine.
  • Congratulations, you have now arrived at the Trough of Disillusionment:

    It remains to be seen if we can ever climb the Slope of Enlightenment and arrive at reasonable expectations and uses for LLMs. I personally believe it's possible, but we need to get vendors and managers to stop trying to sprinkle "AI" in everything like some goddamn Good Idea Fairy. LLMs are good for providing answers to well defined problems which can be answered with existing documentation. When the problem is poorly defined and/or the answer isn't as well documented or has a lot of nuance, they then do a spectacular job of generating bullshit.

  • Spring Potential Energy
  • Fair enough, thinking about it at a microscopic level, individual molecules/atoms of material will be pushed into positions where they are being repelled from other atoms/molecules via electromagnetic forces. Those forces won't go away as the chemical reactions happen; so, I would guess that the answer is kinda the same as it is at the macroscopic level. When the bond which holds an individual atom in the lattice of the material is broken, those electromagnetic forces would push the resulting molecule away. So ya, it becomes heat.

  • Opinions on career transition from Digital Cinema to Cybersecurity?
  • I currently work in cybersecurity in a Senior Incident Response role. Fair warning, my opinion is biased by my own route into cybersecurity and the fact that I deal with incidents and not managing people. Though, I do get involved in interviewing and hiring. I'd say you have a good start at it. While I am sure I will be accused of gatekeeping, I much prefer working with analysts who have spent time in help desk and even as a sysadmin/netadmin. It helps if you have a good understanding of how systems and networks work. I don't expect new analysts to just jump into Wireshark and start reading through packets with me (I'm a weirdo who really enjoys that), but I will assume that I can talk, at a high level, about TCP/UDP, LDAP, SMB/CIFS, RDP or SSH and they won't be completely lost. Though, no one is expected to know everything and we all have our weak spots; so, don't be intimidated if any of that acronym soup isn't instantly familiar. Everyone is Googling stuff constantly. You'll memorize some of it due to repetition, but never be afraid to ask questions.

    The last time my company was hiring for the SOC, the number one thing I was looking for in interviews was some evidence of an inquisitive mind. Someone geeking out over their home lab, TryHackMe or stuff like that was a sure-fire way to get my vote. I tend to be ambivalent about certs. I had some Windows 2000 certs (technically, those don't expire, but ya...), a Sec+ (it's expired) and an active CISSP (mile wide, inch deep, only useful for impressing hiring managers). I took a week long, in person training for the CEH but never took the test due to the COVID pandemic. Also, if the course (an official EC-Council course) was anything to judge by, that cert is just high-grade bullshit. I also have dealt with far too many "paper tigers" in my career to fall over swooning when someone has a bunch of alphabet soup behind their name. So, while I would recommend getting some certs, hiring managers love them, don't get too caught up on them. You'll learn far more just breaking stuff and troubleshooting it. The Net+/Sec+ duo is usually a good start.

    On coding skills, I do recommend getting some ability to read/write code. The language isn't super important. Python is a good one to have some literacy in, it gets used everywhere. But, unless you are going to push heavily into security development, you don't need to be at the same level as a developer. If you can pop open exploits in and make sense of what they are doing, and be sure the code isn't going to root your test box, that's usually enough.

    Let me also recommend that you work to keep your communications/writing skills sharp. A lot of what one does in cybersecurity revolves around getting other people to do stuff. You will be regularly writing reports and needing to convince people to do stuff and/or explaining why you just kicked their system off the network. It really sucks to read incident reports from someone whose grasp of the language is lacking. Get in the habit of documenting what you do, taking screenshots, and writing in clear, concise language. You don't need to be Shakespeare, but at least get your spelling right (spell check exists, use it), and get the basics of grammar down. If you hand me a resume with there/their/they're mixed up, you're going to walk into an interview with negative marks already against you.

    On the upshot, now is a fantastic time to be getting into cybersecurity. Organizations are desperate to hire trained people and some will be willing to roll the dice on a less experienced analysts who shows potential. Feel free to ask questions, I enjoy what I do most days and am happy to talk about it.

  • Firefox for Android Private Browsing and gmail

    I recently used Firefox Nightly on my Android device, in a private tab, to login to gmail. After I closed the browser, both via the "quit" menu icon and via swiping the Firefox away in the Overview, I had expected the session information to be deleted and the next time I came back to gmail via a private tab, to be required to login again. However, this was not the case. Despite closing out the browser, something seems to have survived and the I was immediately logged back into the gmail session.

    Is this some sort of expected behavior? Shouldn't closing out the browser delete all session information from a private tab? Is there something I missed that maybe I'm not actually "closing" the browser?


    Horribly inefficient party favors

    My daughter wanted a "Gorilla Tag" birthday. And my wife wanted me to print some party favors for the guest kids. Not my model, but they are churning out ok-ish.


    Display cabling choice

    I'm currently purchasing a new GPU and specifically settled on the MSI 4070 Super. I'm all set for everything except connecting the display to the card.

    Currently, the display I have (which isn't being upgraded for now) only has two input options: DVI and VGA. The new GPU only provides HDMI or Display Port. This isn't really a problem as adapters/cables exist to go from Display Port/HDMI to DVI-D.

    But, the question I have is, which is the better option, or does it make any difference? And, are there any "gotchas" I should watch out for when buying the cable?

    I realize that I am likely over-thinking this, but I would rather ask a stupid question than make a stupid mistake.


    Controller aim speed

    Just got started with this game (PC - Steam version). It's fun so far. I had really wanted to use my controller. But, the aiming movement is so sluggish. I've tried pushing the "Aim Sensitivity" up to 10, but still felt like I was turning through molasses. Is there anything which can be done to speed that up, or is the controller just fundamentally slow on PC?

    Using an Xbox controller via Bluetooth. And the issue isn't lag, it's the rotation speed in game.

    6 Virginia lawmakers pass long-overdue budget bill with tax rebates, extra aid for schools

    The politically divided Virginia General Assembly has approved long-overdue budget legislation, sending it to Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

    Virginia lawmakers pass long-overdue budget bill with tax rebates, extra aid for schools

    The politically divided Virginia General Assembly approved long-overdue budget legislation Wednesday, voting in an unusually fast-paced special session to both reduce taxes and boost spending on public education and mental health as part of the package.


    GETTING THERE: VRE adjusting in post-pandemic world

    The free Friday ride program seems to be having the impact the Virginia Railway Express wanted when the commuter rail system decided to offer it earlier this year.

    The program started on June 2 and will run through Sept. 1. The aim is to draw new and non-traditional riders to take train trips north and back home.

    So far, the program has increased average daily rider trips for those Fridays by around 40%, from about 3,500 to 5,000


    Live Stream of Virgin Galactic Launch: Galactic 01 (1500 UTC)

    Virgin Galactic will be launching their first commercial, sub-orbital space flight today. Link is to the Live Stream for the event.

    0 Mother of 6-year-old who shot teacher pleads guilty to using marijuana while having a firearm

    The mother of a 6-year-old Virginia boy who shot and wounded his teacher in Virginia has pleaded guilty to a federal charge of using marijuana while possessing a firearm. It’s a crime under federal law that’s facing increasing scrutiny as more states legalize the drug. Deja Taylor is accused of lyin...

    PowerShell sylver_dragon

    What have you done with PowerShell this month?

    As a way to kick off migration from Reddit to Lemmy, let's start with a classic thread. So, what have you done with PowerShell this month?

    For bonus imaginary points, have you done anything in regards to the Great Reddit Migration?