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syd syd

I thought I was Margot Robbie, but it turns out I'm Rachel Keller. No regrets, she's equally beautiful.

(This is an anonymous account. As my nickname, I chose the character named Sydney Barett, who I was very impressed with while watching Legion.)

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Who's this in the canvas?
  • I thought she was Khaleesi 🤨

  • Pixel 9 Pro XL leak shows glossy sides & matte back, compared to Pixel 9 [Gallery]
  • I hate the back camera of 8. This one looks better.

  • Pixel 9 Pro XL leak shows glossy sides & matte back, compared to Pixel 9 [Gallery]
  • I hate the back camera of 8. This one looks better.

  • Pixel 9 Pro XL leak shows glossy sides & matte back, compared to Pixel 9 [Gallery]
  • Looking better than 8. I would buy this one.

  • Netherlands vs Türkiye (Berlin, 21:00)
  • Flag, wolf and wolf salute are my symbols and I’ll use these no matter what. I won’t give up any of these even if an extremist group used it. Did EU banned the cross symbol for extremists like KKK? Then STFU.

    Also extremism and autocracy are already exists in the EU.

    There’s a far-right party in Germany, rising every year. Who won the fucking election in the Italy?! How hypocrite you can be?

    Also everyone downvoting but no one answering this: Bild announced our footballers suspension 1 day before we did our defense. Is this justice? Is this democracy you guys so praise about? Isn’t this proves UEFA is highly influenced by Germany?

    The hypocrisy of Europeans makes me more nationalist 🤘🤘

  • Netherlands vs Türkiye (Berlin, 21:00)
  • We didn’t have Hitler in our history though. You can’t compare roman salute with wolf gesture. It’s like “we should ban knives because some minorities can kill people with it”.

    We can’t beg Europe to like us either. Europeans are uncomfortable with the fact that we just exist. Should we also disappear? Just to make them pleasant?

    As I know, Italia also symbolizes wolfs. What if one day Germany says “wolf is fascist Turkish symbol, you will not use it”, what would you think?

    I’m pretty sure you would say “yes daddy Germany uWu I won’t 🙏🙏”

  • Netherlands vs Türkiye (Berlin, 21:00)
  • I explained the unfair and hypocritical decisions of Germany and UEFA. Not the symbol. You’re just a unsuccessful troll, aren’t you? 1 day old account. Just deal with someone else.

  • Netherlands vs Türkiye (Berlin, 21:00)
  • I’m not gonna discuss my nationality symbol. Here I am; a non right wing (even hater) Turkish.

    And there’s also you, a hidden fascist.

    • Is being nationalist banned in Germany? No.
    • Is 🤘 symbol banned in Germany? No. (even tho it is in 🇦🇹)
    • Having a fucking far-right parties banned in Germany? If we look at 🇩🇪, NO!

    Even the fact that BILD announced Merih’s suspension 1 day before our defense approves how “free” is UEFA and how “justice” Germany is.

    I just want to say this truth: even though a right wing party trying to internalize this (they always do because they need a mainstay), %80 of Turkish people use it for pure Turkish symbol. Do whatever you want with this info.

  • Netherlands vs Türkiye (Berlin, 21:00)
  • Let’s go Türkiye 🇹🇷 🐺🤘

  • So is Israel just going to completely overtake Palestine?
  • There’s no reason for them to stop. No one standing against them. If I was them, I would do the same.

  • Forgejo monthly update - May 2024
  • The fact that federating stars took so long makes me depressed :(

  • The Framework Laptop 13 is about to become one of the world’s first RISC-V laptops
  • This is not written by ChatGPT right?

    Edit: ok don’t kill me, it was so long :/

  • NVIDIA exploring ways to support an upstream kernel mode GPU driver
  • I guess they want to replace nouveau with their own open source driver, until user installs proprietary driver.

  • Turkey: Brics instead of EU?
  • Turkey has no chance with EU. So I guess it makes sense.

  • A blonde woman in a red dress
  • I would appreciate it much 🙏

  • A blonde woman in a red dress
  • Wow she’s realistic. Which app is it? SD?

  • Amber - the programming language compiled to Bash
  • I’m trying but I’m shooting my own foot all the time 😢

  • Amber - the programming language compiled to Bash
  • Like this: ‘’’ $mv file.txt dest.txt$ failed { echo "It seems that the file.txt does not exist" } ‘’’

  • Amber - the programming language compiled to Bash Amber The Programming Language

    Amber The Programming Language

    Amber The Programming Language

    New favorite tool 😍


    When federation?

    I’m so hyped for federated Git (yes not core but PRs, issues, stars etc.) and I like Forgejo for that. It’s been about 1-2 years since Forgejo federation has announced but we still can’t see light from them.

    How is the project going on? Is it actively developed or stuck? Is there a estimated time for federation?


    Best email provider against spam?

    I want to use my main mail address everywhere, even public places. But I doubt if I can guard myself against spam.

    Is there a provider specialized in spam protection? Or at least good at it?

    At last, given your experience, should I even do it?


    Worst mistake of my life!

    You really shouldn’t and if you do, you may auto banned! (maybe)


    15M Trello accounts have been leaked

    I just got the email from haveibeenpwned. F Trello.


    Matrix (or its clients) are unstable

    Here, I am going to complain about my problems in Matrix :) I’m liking its vision and features and I want to use it but I’ve got lots of problems while using it. Is it just me or general thing? I’ve tried Element, Element X, Fluffy Chat and Cinny so far.

    My problems are;

    • I got message notification but it did not showed on chat page with Element. I had to use another client.
    • I couldn’t accept private chat invite from someone in Element X, I’ve used Cinny to accept it.
    • Couldn’t use group tag? (like #group@server) someone send me to join to that chat group in Element, Element X and Fluffy Chat. Cinny worked tho.
    • I was not able to verify Cinny session with other devices. It stuck in loading screen.
    • Some messages says “waiting for this message” in Element (and X) but I can see them in Fluffy.
    • Message threads are only working with Element. It doesn’t works on Fluffy and Element X. Didn’t tried Cinny.
    • I can’t browse older messages in chat groups. It just stays in loading.

    Probably there are other problems too that I don’t remember. Why are these apps (or Matrix) this broken? Or am I doing something wrong? 😑


    What if Reddit joined the Fediverse?

    The recent Threads controversy brought this question to my mind.

    It is certain that such a thing will not happen, but if it was in theory; what would your reactions be? Also are your views on this similar to your views on Threads?


    Bro's date offer rejected


    I think it's white

    Dank memes syd

    I think it's white


    I think it's white