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Do you know any mobile games that don't suck?
  • I've been playing Shattered Pixel Dungeon, which is an actual roguelike game.

    Egg Inc is angrowth game that's silly and fun. Squad Alpha is a great casual shooter, and all ads are voluntary. (Note, this is NOT Alpha Squad.)

  • Ghosted restaurants
  • This seems suspect.

    The woman in question is a tiktok 'influencer' who has the most amazing things hapoen to her - always wiithout evidence.

    I think it's just as likely that she's lying to get views and subscribers,

  • weird looking gear
  • Lots of middle ground out there.

    Marantz, NAD, Cambridge Audio, and others all can put together great semi-audiophole systems. If a shop tries to upsell you on cables etc., judt tell them 'you're already covered.'

    Meanwhile, small speakers for under $500 have never sounded better.

    Or you can step up a notch and by used. I've got Rotel and Rega gear, which is way over-value.

  • Government of Canada's response to fediverse infrastructure
  • Why WOULD they?

    FB and Twitter are simpler, better-understood, and better-attended than Mastodon. They serve the goal of 'meeting the votors where they live,' admirably.

    Spinning up a Mastodon instance would require money and effort and risk, but most of all, leadership; both in the sense of the groundbreaking, and in the sense of leading Canadians here (rather than going where they already are).

    Honestly, the reasons to abandon the existing sites are non-issues for the majority, as evidenced by the majority still using them. The fascist robber barons who run them are an easily-ignored inconvenience.

    I'm not happy with the government's response, but it was 100% predictable.

  • Ex Redditors of Lemmy what made you come on over? What happened at Reddit that you made the switch?
  • Unlike most, I survived the API garbage because I primarily used the desktop site.

    But the subsequent response and then the removal of the "don't sell my personal info" option was clearly spez saying the quiet part out loud. Asshole doesn't deserve to get richer off of my effort.

  • Day 6 Behind the anger on the Reddit Canada site
  • Nobody rational was in r/canada for years before the reddit exodus. It was a neo-con, hyper-partisan, white nationalist echo chamber.

    I recall /r/onguardforthee being the de facto Canadian subreddit. And then we all left when spez fucked eveeything up.

  • Reddit just isn't how it used to be.
  • I was active - and I mean ACTIVE - on reddit for well over a decade. When the API fiasco happened, I deleted my mobile apps, and stuck to desktop. When 'opt out of selling your data' became impossible, I logged out for good.

    Lemmy is both better and worse than reddit ever was. It will likely never reach the same activity level, but will also not reach the same toxicity.

  • WestJet mechanics go on strike, airline says it expects 'severe' travel disruptions
  • I'm flying out later this week. First big trip since the start of COVID, and the focus of the trip is the wedding of a dear friend.

    Timing and price led us to Air Canada over Westjet this time, but it's a crapshoot; a day later and we might have booked Westjet, in which case we'd be royally fucked right now.

    I still support the mechanics on this one. Companies will ALWAYS bargain in bad faith, if they have the opportunity; and getting government arbitration has become the latest version of bad faith bargaining.

    This strike may be truly illegal. It will definitely inconvenience a lot of people. It may, over time, lead to the downfall of Westjet (I have cheap headphones here from Canada 3000, Canadian, and a few others - it can happen!).

    I don't fucking care.

    The mechanics didn't cause this shitshow, they only chose when to act against the shitshow created by the billionaires. This is the fault of Alexis van Hoensbroech and his board of directors. If you miss a flight or a trip of a lifetime because of the strike, remember that: Ten executives at Westjet who EACH make more annually than a mechanic will see in his lifetime have decided not to let those mechanics keep up with inflation.

  • Canadian university sues its own students over encampment for Palestine
  • Good.

    Bring it on! Let them sue, let them lose, and let them be forced to pay damages to the students.

    I fucking hope the students can raise the money to make this a big case that destroys the University's leadership.

  • Question about Maori icons

    Hey all.

    Canadian here. A number of years ago my family visited New Zealand, and while falling in love with the country and the culture, I also discovered the Hei Matau - the Maori fish hook.

    This has haunted me ever since, and I want to carve one for myself. However, we've spent the last decade starting to understand the relationship between European settlers and the North American Indigenous people.

    So what I do in my basement with carving tools is my own business, but I ask honestly if wearing a Hei Matau in public is considered respectful or appropriation. And also if the material matters in this context. (It would likely be from a tagua nut - "vegetable ivory" - although it's possible I could get some whale bone from my coastal friends.)


    Where to find a preload adjuster/cap for Rockshox Dart 3?

    So after a hard winter of riding, the preload adjuster snapped off on my old Dart 3 fork.

    The plug itself is still usable to hold the spring in place, but there is now a clear opening for water, dirt, and whatnot to get into the spring side of my shocks.

    They do well enough for the riding I do, so I'd just as soon not get new forks. If I could find a replacement adjuster I'd be a happy camper, but alas - Rockshox/SRAM doesn't have decade-old parts available that I can see.

    Any other leads you good folks could offer?


    Anyone at the Comic Expo last weekend? What did you think?

    Just looking to start up some chat about the event. Would love to hear how the Gina Carano panel went!


    City reveals it has $818 million in working capital to help pay for new downtown arena

    Greater transparency cited as reason for pulling back curtain on previously unreported cash


    Former Conservative O'Toole leader alleges Chinese interference may have played a part in his ouster

    The party member behind 2021 petition for a leadership review, Bert Chen, vehemently denies allegations


    Poilievre wants to topple the Liberal government with a non-confidence motion on the carbon tax

    "Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre will introduce a non-confidence motion Wednesday designed to topple the government and trigger a federal election — a parliamentary manoeuvre that's likely to fail."

    Canada Guns Swordgeek

    Anyone applied for their PAL online

    Apparently you can apply online for your (R)PAL now. Great to hear and very convenient since I just passed my exams today, but it's a very new process, and I'm curious about how smooth it goes vs. the old paper submission.

    Has anyone tried it? If so, what was the delay in getting your license?


    Copy/Paste/Copy/Paste to terminal without formatting

    This is killing me.

    We have a snippet of code on a web page. Users copy the code to a text editor, make a small change, then copy the modified version and paste it into a terminal window.

    And it fails to run.

    I've confirmed this happens with both Textedit and Notes, and also that copying from the web page and pasting directly into a terminal works fine (although without the necessary code changes).

    It's something in the text editor copy; and there's no way to either "copy as plaintext" or "paste without formatting" into a terminal.

    Does anyone know how I can work around this?

    EDIT Apparently some (but not all) spaces (octal 040) are being converted to octal "302 240". I can't figure out how to stop it!

    Ukulele Swordgeek

    What strings come on a Leho?

    So I recently picked up an arch-back ebony concert ukulele from Leho. It is a sweet little instrument for the price!

    What I'm wondering is what sort of strings come on it from the factory. Odds are decent that they're "Aquila new nylgut" from all I've heard, but I'd like to know for sure so I can help choose where to go when I wear these out.

    I've asked on their facebook page, but no answer so far.


    Post was removed on this instance only - is there an appeal process?

    I created this post on my local server, calling for what I thought was reasonable action against a self-proclaimed threat to Canada.

    Someone in the community disagreed (fine), and reported the post on their hosting instance (, which led to an immediate deletion of the post (on that single instance only).

    Think is, I really don't feel that it was warranted - and neither do most of the community members over on

    I realize that instances are autonomous, but is there an appeal process to potentially have this reinstated?

    Lemmy Support Swordgeek

    "Post has been removed"...on a different server?

    Yesterday I created a post on a regional community on

    Fairly quickly thereafter, I got a DM saying that the post had been removed because someone who disagreed with me complained. Oddly though, the DM came from a @[email protected] - not the server hosting the community.

    Furthermore, I still see the post when I go looking - and there has been a bit of discussion about it.

    So my questions:

    (a) Can a post be removed from a specific federated instance without being removed from the original instance? (b) Is there an appeal process for removed posts? I'm sorry that the guy got all butthurt, but my post was sincere, measured, and (I think) reasonable. If it offended someone, they should discuss it.


    Kia is holding imported cars on locked compounds, rather than sell or deliver them.

    "New Kia cars are not being released to Ontario dealerships — and reportedly many more across the country — to sell. Instead, they’re being stored on this compound, 30 kilometres south of Kitchener, Ont. and allegedly on other similar compounds across Canada."


    Kenneth Law charged with 14 counts of 2nd-degree murder in multiple Ontario deaths

    A charge sheet from the Ontario Court of Justice in Newmarket shows Law was charged Monday with 14 counts of second-degree murder, in addition to the 14 counts of counselling or aiding suicide that he was already facing.


    3 people found dead after shed fire at Crowfoot Crossing in northwest Calgary


    Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek explains property tax hike

    Calgary mayor explains why homeowners are facing a 7.8% increase.


    Restoring mottled but undamaged veneer

    So when my mom moved, I inherited her 1960s MCM coffee table. The end pieces are veneered particle board.

    Now the veneer is in good shape - no chunks missing, no big lifts or anything - but it’s rough and covered in tiny not-quite-bubbles.

    I’d like to find some way of just smoothing it all down, and I expect it to look natural again, but I’m being cautious. Anyone dealt with this before?