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Surban mom.

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Moms, if you were struggling with your child in public and a man offered to help, would you let him and why?
  • Mom here. Depends on the situation. My dog once got off leash while I was pushing my kid in a stroller. She wouldn't come near the stroller. A man watched the stroller while I got the dog. But I wasn't far from my kid (10 feet, maybe) and the park was full of people. I likely wouldn't accept help if my kid was just misbehaving.

  • What fast food chain does the best burgers in your country?
  • In 'n Out and local favorite Dick's Drive-in.

  • Do you folks use Amazon a lot, and if yes, then why? If no, then what alternatives do you prefer?
  • I use it all the time for convenience. I have 2 autistic little kids and work 10-12 hours a day and it isn't always practical to get to the store. Plus I'm lazy. Amazon is local to my area - friends and family work there (both tech and warehouse).

  • What's your list of banned brands?
  • Security software from a Russian company. It was recently banned in the US due to its national security concerns.

  • JD Vance's wife faces racist online backlash from far-right social media posts - ABC News
  • Yes and no, IMO. Kamala Harris probably can't win, in part because the US electorate are fairly racist and sexist. There is a part of the DNCs calculus that is about winning the general election.

  • What's your list of banned brands?
  • TikTok and Kaspersky.

  • AOC says many who want Joe Biden off ticket also want to remove Kamala
  • You know, I'm not picky. My primary requirement is must be able to win.

  • AOC says many who want Joe Biden off ticket also want to remove Kamala
  • As damning as it is to the US, the best bet for winning is a good-looking, smooth-talking white guy who will look presidential when compared with Trump.

  • Homemade bee spray blowtorch lights Walla Walla house on fire
  • I think I might be the only person born in the early 80s that didn't play that game. I missed out on a lot. 😕

  • Homemade bee spray blowtorch lights Walla Walla house on fire
  • Excited to see Walla Walla famous for something more than an onion and a penitentiary.

  • Would it count as cheating if you tatooed the answers to an exam on your body?
  • Yes, but more importantly, shortsighted unless you do not have to take any exams in the future.

  • What is the actual point of a bra?
  • Yes, all of those things. Also it makes exercising more comfortable.

  • In your career, have you found a drama free workplace?
  • There are some places that have a crazy office politics environment (2007 Microsoft, I'm looking at you). If that is the case, I would just change jobs.

    However, if you just have annoying coworkers who are off topic, I would just steer the conversation back to work items ("oh, before I forget, can you tell me about [work related item]?"), then leave the conversation. Other tactics that work for me: look really awkward during personal conversation, never ask how someone is doing, wear headphones.

    Someone once told me it's important to care, but not that much. This has also helped me.

    Beat of luck to you!!

  • How do I make enough money to live?
  • I lived for years without a car and then when I did get one, I bought a super shitty one in cash ($650 20 years ago). If you are able to get out from a car payment, that could free up some cash.

    During other lean times, I've gotten rid of entertainment experiences like internet, Netflix, cable, etc. and used the public library to fill the gap. And during one extreme period, I held 3 not classy jobs (like 50 hrs/wk) to make ends meet. Not sure what the economy is like in your area, but the McDonald's by my house pays $20/hr, which can add up on top of another job.

    If you can get yourself pointed in the right direction, you should consider taking that moment to think about how to position yourself for the future. There are some decent online degree programs (WGU is very affordable and can be done around full-time jobs), which may be worth a small amount of debt. Obviously this is not a "follow your passion" moment - get a degree in something that will make getting a job easier or increase your income. I made the mistake of getting my undergrad in philosophy, which made me basically unhireable. So I later got an MBA, which opened a lot of doors. This was an expensive and time consuming path - hopefully you can learn from my error.

    I also want to call out that it can be a heap of work, so if you are feeling tired and overwhelmed, that isn't unusual (or a shortcomg on your part).

    Hang in there, you got this.

  • Jon Stewart’s ‘told you so’ about Biden was the scolding we needed
  • Biden did a good job, but it is irrelevant people believe he is too old to continue doing the job. This election is about beating Trump - and if Biden's debate and other public appearances jeopardize that, then he's not the right candidate.

  • Why is the pundit class so desperate to push Biden out of the race?
  • I'm glad you mentioned his interview increased your concern. I thought it was just me. I'll vote for whoever is the Democrat on the ballot - but I'm not the person the campaign should be worried about. They have to put someone on the ballot who can win (which, as damning as it is to America broadly, is probably a good-looking, smooth-talking white guy who will look better on stage than Trump).

  • Boeing sunbrrnslapper ‘I know it happens’: Boeing chief admits the company has retaliated against whistleblowers | CNN Business

    The outgoing chief of the embattled airplane maker is testifying in the wake of a whistleblower’s allegations of safety issues.

    ‘I know it happens’: Boeing chief admits the company has retaliated against whistleblowers | CNN Business

    The only thing that has generated change is a bunch of airlines that complained after the door plug incident. Dave has got to go.

    Side question: When are they going to finally break up the company?

    Celiac sunbrrnslapper

    Newly Diagnosed

    I am newly diagnosed with CD. Wanted to connect with others to see if you have any helpful tips or information for newbies. CD wasn't previously on my radar - getting tested was part of several tests ordered - so I know very little on how to navigate this.


    Parenting question: how to handle getting stuck on a topic

    My son (10 yo) has a few very strong interests that he talks about pretty much nonstop. We haven't discouraged any kind of talking because he was quite delayed. However it has come to my attention that his narrow focus on these topics can annoy his peers at school. I don't want him to feel ashamed about his interests, but I also don't want him to be ostracized at school. I'd really appreciate any thoughts this group may have on how to handle (or not) this situation. TIA!


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