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About Aegon (S2E04 / Spoilers)
  • Sunfire still seemed to be breathing in the last shot but I suspect the injuries are too great for long term survival. I don't know how any of the other dragons could take on the beast that is Vhagar.

  • What's currently the 'smartest' language model?
  • Why do the $20 subscription when the API pricing is much cheaper, especially if you are trying different models out. I'm currently playing about with Gemini and that's free (albeit rate limited).

  • Were zx spectrum +2 keyboards disgusting to type on?
  • I wrote a bit of BASIC on my Spectrum but there was a reason they had keyword shortcuts on that keyboard. It wasn't until I got my Dragon 32 which had I proper keyboard that I really got into coding.

  • What thing could your parents do the most significantly better than you?
  • My dad failed his 11+ so was sent to a technical school so he actually learnt how to lay a row of bricks or how to beat out lead flashing. He did end up doing a PhD in Physics but I suspect his early school years explain why he's always been much more practical than me. My wife was a stage tech during uni so I'll happily defer to her for joinery. I can just about solder a copper pipe or big pads on a PCB.

  • Tory candidate quits after sharing inappropriate photos from kids' club nights
  • I suspect publishing pictures of under age kids is the issue. It does sound like a slightly more clubby school disco and I assume these were alcohol and drug free events with only children and vetted adults on site?

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite prototype that runs Linux emerges from Tuxedo:12-core CPU with 32GB RAM and surprise, surprise, Debian
  • I wouldn't say that, it's just there is a lot in vendor kernels and little incentive to upstream stuff for older SoCs that have already shipped. It's true Google has come around to the importance of not drifting too far from upstream and hopefully we are starting to see the results of that change in attitude.

    As I understand it my colleges in the QC landing team @ Linaro spend a lot of time getting stuff into the various upstreams.

  • Why don't electric car manufacurers put solar panels on the car roofs?
  • For range it doesn't add much in most cases. But it also depends on how long between journeys you have. If you're traveling in a van and you are going to be stationary for a few weeks at a time then it can start to make sense, maybe with an extra fold out.

  • Wait... why does Linux-libre (and #Freedo) exist?
  • It really depends how you see the firmware boundary. You can either treat it as a set of magic numbers you load onto the hardware so it works or see it as an intrinsically programmable part of your system that you should be able to see the source code for or live without support for the device.

  • People are sometimes alright tbh
  • Most people are just like us, trying to make their way through the world. The number of people who are actually actively assholes is fairly small but they tend to have an outsized effect on our day when we encounter them.

  • Flood water use
  • You can, they are called canals. Look at the Nile delta and the network of irrigation trenches used to spread water from the river to the wider areas. There are a number of dam projects in Africa which are all about managing water flows.

    The principle problem is when your divert water it's usually at a cost to another area that was using it.

  • Conservatives plan to bring back mandatory National Service
  • It's certainly a bad idea to rely on conscripts to make up the bulk of your fighting force. It's not a totally bad idea to have a population of fighting age citizens have had some basic military training and know which way to hold a gun. Countries like Finland or Switzerland have a more realistic view of what they may need to do if things ever got bad on their eastern front.

    For the UK we'd have probably resorted to our nuclear deterrent before we consider putting conscripts on the front line.

  • Register to vote for the General Election
  • Usually it's one of those things you do when your move house. Every now and again they will send a form to confirm the entries are correct and if nothing has changed you just tick there box and send it back (or reply online). People who move a lot or bounce between two addresses (e.g. students) are usually the ones that drop through the cracks.

  • Hilary Cass: Weak evidence letting down children in gender care

    A landmark report says "toxicity" of debate is hampering medical research into gender services.

    Hilary Cass: Weak evidence letting down children in gender care

    The long awaited Cass report has been published looking at gender affirming care in the NHS.

    8 Soldier of FORTRAN :ReBoot:​ (@[email protected])

    Attached: 1 image #xz #CVE #cve20243094 #Linux

    Soldier of FORTRAN :ReBoot:​ (

    A week of fprintfs has me wanting to code rust next week


    Controllable water valves?

    Are there any good recommendations for water control valves? I want to control a automatic watering system and need something to attach to the garden tap. Open firmware would be a bonus.

    10 How to make LLMs go fast

    Blog about linguistics, programming, and my projects

    I found this post interesting for my layman's understanding of LLMs and some of the underlying architecture choices that are made.

    0 A Systems Programmer's Perspectives on Generative AI

    Alex discusses his experience playing with the current crop of large language models and muses on the power of processors multiplying lots of numbers together.

    A Systems Programmer's Perspectives on Generative AI

    I wrote this as a layman's primer to the basics of LLMs and other generative AI. I'm still early on in my journey but hopefully it helps explain things to other newcomers even if it glosses over the details.


    The Rest Is Politics: 179 discussing the dangers of deep fakes.

    They covered a number of topics but for me the most terrifying was the examples of deep fakery that had already been used in elections.

    I wanted to ask the community if they had had any experience with deep fake media online? If so did you notice or did your need to be told it was? How much effort do you take to verify things you see online?