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ts moment
  • For a group our size (we regularly have over 800 people on our mumble, peak is somewhere around the 1.3k mark if I remember correctly), it would also be very cost prohibitive to use TS

  • 'Massive' French police deployment arrives to secure New Caledonia
  • Not that I particularly care to defend the french government, but there was 3 referendums, with voting restrictions in favor of the kanak, as per an agreement between the government and the kanaks. The first 2 went against independence and the kanaks decided to boycott the third (the polling was going against independence, again)

    Does that mean all is fine and dandy? Obviously not, but I don't think the story is as one sided as "classic french colonialism"

  • Rolls-Royce gets Poland's backing to build its nuclear power plants
  • It's not magic, but it has advantages that are hard to beat in terms of resource usage. Renewables also have advantages, but you can't handwave away their own problems and limitations anymore than you can do so for nuclear energy.

  • 10-year-old boy confesses to fatally shooting a man in his sleep 2 years ago, Texas authorities say
  • Yeah I'm aware legislation can vary a lot between states, I suppose I'm more talking about what one might call a minimum federal standard? To take an example, legal drinking age is technically free to be set by states, but the federal government will stop paying for highways if it's below 21, or something along these lines.

  • 10-year-old boy confesses to fatally shooting a man in his sleep 2 years ago, Texas authorities say
  • In Switzerland's case, most of these "military guns" are not kept with ammo, so it's not like Timmy can go on a shooting spree with a glorified pipe section. There's also an actual license system for buying and owning weapons and ammo.

    I always wonder why especially liberal/left-leaning people (not implying/saying you are one) are so opposed to private gun ownership

    Well, there's a pretty good example of why virtually unrestricted gun ownership is a bad idea in the USA. Are poverty, healthcare the bigger issues? Of course. That doesn't mean you should compound them by making it easy for people to act with deadly force at the tip of their finger on impulse. Have a proper license system, make gun safes mandatory, don't give licenses without good reasons (self defense isn't one in 99.99% of cases), control ammunition sale.

  • Stumbled upon this from another community, do you agree?
  • Absolutely, I think a lot of Americans don't realise that when going to France, and end up having a subpart experience because of it. From our perspective, you are the asshole if you don't greet people appropriately, which often means we'll answer in kind.

    The basics, bonjour, excusez moi, s'il vous plaît, merci should get you through that. Not assuming people want or can speak English can also be important, so if you can ask them "parlez vous anglais ?" before switching it's not a bad call

    There's also obviously some people who are assholes or simply having a bad day, that's a universal thing and France is no exception.

  • Stumbled upon this from another community, do you agree?
  • Unless you interacted with 90 year olds, it's unlikely anyone would be mad about thinking you're German these days.

    It's entirely possible you encountered assholes, they do exist, though they're generally equally assholes to everyone regardless of country of origin so don't take it personally.

  • 10 years of not playing
  • I'll have a look, thanks for the suggestion.

    High elves had good magic and sword/bow learning speed, so you'd be able to start as say, a conjurer, and still become a competent melee and range fighter in the mid to late game iirc. Gave you a lot of options in how to approach fights and conserve mana rather than waste it on low danger enemies.

  • 10 years of not playing

    After having not played for about 10 years, I went and did a few runs of my old reliable, gargoyle fighter, with a couple runs going to 5 runes before my discipline failed them. What are some fun new combos to try out? I used to enjoy high elves sword&sorcery but I see that this race is gone, anything that would fill that kind of fantasy?