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One of the many who fled Reddit in June of 2023.

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How could the EU do this??
  • Switzerland participates in Schengen and the european free trade association while not being an EU member state. The UK doesn't do any of those things.

  • Amazon Prime Video will start showing ads on January 29th
  • Enshittification intensifies.

  • Trump claims he’s never read Mein Kampf as he repeats anti-immigrant rhetoric
  • I am more shocked by the fact that that motherfucker reads books at all.

  • Looking to switch to Linux in the somewhat distant future
  • I've been linux-curious on-and-off for years. I've toyed with it several times but always gone back to Windows eventually. I have a laptop with a 7th gen Intel CPU that is not supported on Windows 11, so I decided to wipe it and threw the latest version of Linux Mint on it. Everything (except for a fingerprint reader) worked straight out of the figurative box, and I've been happily running it on that machine for about 6 months now. I think Mint is a good choice if you want a simple windows-like experience.

    I still have a desktop PC running Windows for games and Adobe Lightroom and stuff, but I won't be going back to Windows on that laptop.

  • It's so strange that this is even a thing
  • Well then, this might just be a good way to filter out dipshits.

  • And this is why I no longer have cable.
  • Also, insane people calling in on the phone.

  • It's so strange that this is even a thing
  • iPhone is dominant in the US, but I can't believe people give enough of a shit about which smartphone someone uses for it to be a dealbreaker in finding a significant other.

  • Based Red Dead
  • Yep

  • Google announces April 2024 shutdown date for Google Podcasts
  • Same shit happened when the Steam Deck released in 2022 as well. A bunch of them disappeared into FedEx. Fortunately, Valve promptly took care of anyone who was affected.

  • Japan is living in the future that the 1990s dreamed of.
  • Lots of those floppy drives in industrial and lab applications (as well as the retro computing enthusiast space) are being replaced by things like GoTek devices, which are essentially floppy emulators with flash memory.

  • Auditory torture
  • I swear they developed that voice in a lab with the goal of being as irritating as possible.

  • Jezebel: Feminist media site shuts down after 16 years
  • Several Kotaku writers quit and launched their own operation recently, named Aftermath.

  • Apple Watch battery drain fix coming soon, company says - 9to5Mac
  • Same. Battery life gone to shit on my SE since WatchOS 10 too.

  • Jellyfin 10.8.12 released
  • huzzah

  • Toasted justice
  • We've got a Sandwich in Illinois too! They were smart enough to mark their vehicles "POLICE - Sandwich, IL" though.