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YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • But we fixed this already, it was called TiVo…

  • Anyone notice the PS1 and Dreamcast are designed similarly in a way?
  • Vast libraries of such disks once existed but we are unsure of what happened to them… but our scientists have identified a solid layer of polycarbonate about 50 feet down from the planets surface that may extend for miles.

  • Anyone notice the PS1 and Dreamcast are designed similarly in a way?
  • It’s almost like they were designed around something round… I call it the data-wheel!

  • Which Med Should I Try Next?
  • Can you get Vyvanse? That’s been my favorite for years, the time release mechanism makes for a nice smooth ramp-up which is nice.

    That said I don’t take it unless I’ve got a plan for the day. It’s equally easy to get sucked into something trivial or minor. If my brain is really fighting me I try to set time limits, and work in rounds.

    Have not found one specific drug that fixes everything so I can just flow through my days… but I’ve learned some better ways to cope.

  • Nepal | Mount Everest: Eleven tonnes of rubbish taken off Himalayan peaks
  • All 4 of whom were once highly motivated individuals ;-)

  • What do you spend most of your time on lemmy doing?
  • Resorting the same 50 posts different ways ;-)

  • Death rattle
  • Wasn’t it “Don’t worry, that’s not a threat to you.”?

    I watched it yesterday and I can’t remember 😌

  • Death rattle
  • ~0:50:00

  • Death rattle
  • Shame… the death rattle scene from Fight Club came immediately to mind, but it hasn’t made it to YouTube yet. Honestly that dildo isn’t even large by modern standards. 

  • Amazon gets FAA approval to expand US drone deliveries
  • No shit… I’d pretty much written this off as a publicity stunt at this point.

  • Ant smell
  • It’s okay homie… there are dozens of us ;-)

  • Apple's Wifi router database: Surveilling the Masses with Wi-Fi-Based Positioning Systems
  • …the combination of factors seems sloppy. Well put.

    It could even be privacy preserving with the right implementation. With a bunch of device locations nearby you’re not hitting the server constantly and leaving a trail… but I think Apple just had limiting API hits and maybe computing.

  • Apple's Wifi router database: Surveilling the Masses with Wi-Fi-Based Positioning Systems
  • So it's possible to run this type of service with this type of database, without sharing BSSID locations with anyone else who asks.

    Seems like apple was hoping to keep their API hits down at the expense of everyone’s privacy including their own customers. Very uncool.

  • A man!
  • Either born without them or they had to be amputated shortly afterwards. HShe’s super good at getting around and doing stuff, basically learned to cat without them.

    There’s even a video of him her teaching another amputee cat how to get around and climb stairs.

    Edit: Not actually sure it’s the same cat anymore, but here’s a video of Duck.

  • A man!
  • Love that little dinosaur 🥰

  • My vintage RC haul from today (more pics inside)
  • Those gold RC10 tubs :-)

  • My vintage RC haul from today (more pics inside)
  • Cleans the commutator. It’s a little honing stone that you inserted where one of the brushes was usually located that cleans off the carbon buildup.

    I replied without actually looking at the picture 😅 That looks like a power supply for running the motor during the process. There was a fair bit of “voodoo” regarding motor performance, breaking your motors in, clocking the bell to adjust timing, etc.

  • Babe wake up: Cold War spy kitties just dropped
  • They’re spies, so lying is like 90% of what they do ;-)

    I tend to believe the whole project was an ill conceived failure and someone within CIA made up hit-by-a-car story to avoid a lengthy explanation.

    Radio transmitter in a cat sounds plausible in 2011 but it would have been a much trickier proposition in 1960. Certainly not impossible but the part I always come back to is the power supply. You either need lots of batteries or a way to activate it externally without a lot of drain before you do.

    Covering up animal cruelty. I wouldn’t be surprised if they incinerated the poor things just to make sure there was no chance of the research getting out :-(

    I absolutely made that number up 😅 I’ve got a book at home that’s more coffee table curiosity than serious reference material that had some details of the project. I recall that there were numerous failures but couldn’t remember how many, but 14 failures plus one viable was what my brain offered… so I bet you’re right about french space cats!

  • Rebel Moon is an Epic B-Movie

    Okay, it probably doesn’t really qualify because it’s; new, high-budget, directed by Zac Snyder, etc. But hear me out. This hot mess starts with space-nazis vs space-vikings, takes a turn through Star Wars, Oceans Eleven, space-Rome, and a few tropes that defy easy space-hyphenation.

    To say the plot makes almost no sense would be generous. I’m loathed to spoil the greater arc here, but the plot does hinge on a village on the edge of space being forced to harvest grain in order to feed a passing army… there’s probably a Kurosawa reference here somewhere, but good movies just aren’t my jamb so I wouldn’t know ;-)

    As I stare at the frozen credits at the end of part two and contemplate my life I have to note that there must actually have been footage cut from this movie (you’ll understand if you watch it) because they credit a Snake Wrangler!

    So, if you have 4-5 hours of free time this weekend, a Netflix account you haven’t already cancelled, and are allergic to nice weather, I humbly submit, for your consideration: Rebel Moon parts I & II.

    ………. (All the periods I probably should have used)