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  • Sadly "justice has prevailed" is a little premature, because he probably won't do any time and will just have to pay a fine; and probably a mediocre one at that. Justice would be him serving the rest of his life in prison, but that probably won't happen.

  • Best Soulslike game for beginners?
  • Yeah you're right. I forgot to mention that with Elden Ring, FROM smoothed away a lot of the rough edges of the older games. And because of that it is much easier to get into for newer players. I'm glad your friend enjoyed it.

  • Best Soulslike game for beginners?
  • Elden Ring is the best one for beginners, because if you get stuck at a boss you can just leave that area and go somewhere else. You are very rarely ever "stuck". That is not the case with any of the other Soulsborne games.

    In addition, it has spirit summons which make the game significantly easier.

    And since it's the newest one AND has a DLC coming out soon, it's also the most played one right now. So finding other players for co-op is easy.

    I also consider the bosses, on the whole, to be the easiest of all of the FROM Software games.

  • What to watch?
  • Ted Lasso. It's one of the best TV shows to come out in years. Apple TV is easily worth the price just for Ted Lasso, but Foundation and For All Mankind were good too.

    The Rookie and Shogun on Hulu. Fallout and Psych on Prime.

  • What plot holes could be adequately explained away with a single shot or line of dialogue?
  • The Eye was proven to not be all-seeing or all-knowing. Same with the Ring Wraiths. And Orcs were shown numerous times to be inept guards.

    So have an eagle fly Frodo to Mt. Doom on a night with a new moon, above the clouds. There is no way they would be spotted. A curse, while stupid, is the only explanation that really puts this plot hole to rest IMO.

  • Tesla to lay off everyone working on Superchargers, new vehicles
  • Ah ok. I thought they were different. I actually just listened to a podcast the other day about electric vehicles, and the guest expert mentioned something about there being a NA standard, European standard, and Tesla. Maybe I just misunderstood him.