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soupbowl Casey

Soupbowl the DevOps Engineer. Interested in federated services & the metaverse.

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Does it seem odd to track my lifespan?
  • I thought “that sounds cool” until I realised I’ve past that mark by 800 days 🤪

  • Anon is the only male in class
  • Reminds me of the South Park episode where all the boys join Shop class except Kenny who goes into Home Ecs, and they do shit like this with him.

  • made turkey shaped sourdough for thanksgiving
  • Looks like the Wednesday Dude frog.

  • Know you're character
  • I lost it at calling her Tomb lmfao

  • So long, small phones
  • I'm actually using a Titan Pocket currently. Works well enough for me. The security updates are lagging behind that's getting me considering switching back, but I'm otherwise cautious how I use it.

    It's a nice feeling device, and makes me wish they'd make more BlackBerry style phones with bigger displays and Android capability.

    People see you whip the titan out and think "oh he's doing that rollback technology thing", then you use Android Pay and they really flip out lol.

  • Leaks confirm low takeup for Windows 11
  • Me and 8 gave me a good chuckle, great list.

  • Disney is gouging customers with a near doubling of subscription costs.
  • Kept all mine, turned it into a Plex server w/o pirating, laughing in no monthly subs. Plus charity shops sell blurays for barely anything.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • That bit in I think Assassin's Creed 2 where Leonardo offers Ezio a hug in a QTE, and if you don't press it he looks really sad. Absolutely crushed me at the time.

  • More Than 80 Percent Of Americans Can’t Afford New Cars
  • Across the pond in the UK they're expanding ULEZ and this is a major sticking point. You need to upgrade to more fuel efficient cars, right when buying shopping is expensive enough. They want you to get new cars, and the majority cannot aford them.

  • After USB-C win, EU tells Tim Cook that Apple must 'open up its gates to competitors'.
  • Good for people who decide to adopt Android or an open source OS after having an iPhone for a while. Would help get some more traction for alternatives too like Ubuntu Touch.

  • A new smartphone again? Rethink unhealthy culture of frequent upgrades
  • He could sell the S21 and get a Fairphone instead? At least then the battery is still replaceable along with other components.