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Free Speech
  • Almost makes you associate racism and misogyny with the conservatism ideology….. almost. I’m sure a few more instances like this will solidify it for more people? Maybe?

  • Any of you have a self-hosted AI "hub"? (e.g. for LLM, stable-diffusion, ...)
  • It has been. I started in this because I liked picking up kick ass enterprise hardware really cheap and playing around with what it can do. Used enterprise hardware is so damn expensive now, it’s cheaper and easier to do everything with consumer products and use the rx6700 in my gaming rig. Just don’t want that running llms and always on.

  • Any of you have a self-hosted AI "hub"? (e.g. for LLM, stable-diffusion, ...)
  • Picked up an AMD instinct mi25 to try and do just that. Can get easy-diffusion working after some cussing and voodoo. Cannot get rocm to do ANY llm of any kind, feels like a waste of video ram

    Also have a tesla p4 that runs most text-to-image models rather well, but have been unsuccessful at any llm either, even oobabooga can’t seem to run on it.

    Have given up because the software stack keeps advancing and leaving my hardware behind. I don’t have $3000 for an a100 or $1300 for an mi100 sooo… until the models can run on older/less powerful hardware, I’m probably sitting out of this game. Even though I’d love to be elbow deep in this one.

  • Samsung forces repair stores to destroy customer smartphones, iFixit ends cooperation
  • “You used a non-Ford approved part. For your safety, we have disassembled your vehicle and reported you to the consumer protection police. You have lost your license and the full balance of your loan/lease is due in 24 hours.”

  • 40% of Police Enjoy Traditional American Values
  • Not going to downvote, statistics are not an exact science and numbers are easy to fudge. What I am here to say is ACAB. There are no “Nicholas Angle”s out there, only “Frank Butterman”s

  • How the heck am I supposed to get into Linux?
  • Vent. I’ve been switching from macOS to Linux for about 11 years now. Started with a raspberry pi and trying to run it headless. Had to learn stuff out of necessity. Info was a whole lot easier to find and more condensed back then. I really feel for anyone trying to learn this now, so many opinions and options.

    My main advice, if you are looking for any, is set a goal that you want with your Linux build. Distros matter to newbies, in my opinion, because it lowers the amount of time and headaches the end user needs to deal with when setting up a purpose build. If you are using hardware on hand, you sometimes have to go with certain distros if you want the headaches to be lower as well, as in some distros deal with Nvidia drivers better than others if you have an nvidia card. There are only so many distros that will run on a raspberry pi out of the box as well. Finding reliable information sources is essential as well. Which, as stated above, is a nightmare right now.

    Good luck on your journey

  • Michigan law bans pricey gifts from lobbyists, but tickets still flow in Lansing
  • I’m sorry, we can be bought with sporting even tickets??? “Support my special interest and I’ll send you to a hockey game. Make sure you ‘pay me back’ for anything over your $76 legal bribe amount though wink wink

  • Proper procedure for migrating servarr services from JABOD to zfs

    Setting up my server as a newbie some years ago, I did not have the ability to purchase more then one 8TB hard drive. Outgrew that rather quick and now I have two additional 16TB drives, in a Just A Bunch Of Disk configuration, mounted to different /mnt mount points. I know this is not ideal, but lacking the ability to expand further or buy new drives for a new zfs pool and transfer, I don't have much of a choice but to wipe the drives, set up a zfs raid and re-download everything.

    I have everything set up in docker-compose files, so I'm pretty sure I just need to keep those and the folders where the configs are, modify the compose files with the new file structure and... I am unsure where to go from here. Will everything start being grabbed as soon as my dockers spin up? Is there an additional procedure I need to do to make sure I don't wipe my existing config files with blank empty ones? Is there an easier way of doing this?

    PoE Single Board/Micro/Mini Computer/Server

    I have an 8gb Raspberry Pi 4 that has been a workhorse for years. I keep it for my not intense but essential networking purposes,, Homepage, etc., because I can run it over PoE (edit: Power over Ethernet), so it is always on as long as my network is up.

    It is growing long in the tooth, and I find myself wanting to replace it with something a bit more capable. Looking at the 8gb Pi 5 at $80 plus another $30 for a PoE hat, I wonder if there is something out there that would be a better value for running PoE? Can you convert a micro pc over to PoE? Does anyone have any recommendations for computers that run off PoE or can be converted to PoE?

    Simplest For End User Wiki/Knowlege Repo for the end user

    I am trying to set up a repository of knowledge for my job. Was thinking a wiki, but I need something that I can make as simple as possible for the end user, as some of them are not familiar with markdown or html. Is there a self hosted option that is dumb easy simple to navigate and edit for the end user?

    Western movie, musical, woman sings about what it would be like being a man

    I have this image in my head I can’t quite pull what musical it is from. It’s a 1950-60s western, in color, a woman is walking around a ranch singing about how everything would be different and everyone would treat her differently if she were a man. She was just talked over by her dad or older brother. May not have been a western, but I distinctly remember her on or near a fence post during the number. I do not remember any particular face or name attached to this film. Anyone have any ideas of what movie this was?

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    JBOD/Disk array noise/heat generation

    I am currently looking into upgrading storage for my homelab. The two routes I am looking at are grabbing a dell r730 or a disk array. They are both about the same price, but my major purchase concern is heat and noise. My office/homelab is in a 10x10 foot room. I have worked hard to get the sound floor at my desk to be around 44dB, and the temps to top off at 79f, 74 on a good day with the door open. Is a disk array going to add more heat and noise to the room than a dell r730 server running proxmox with trunas?

    homelab snekerpimp
    Fixing fanless router cooling solution

    About a year go I bought one of those fanless four port routers. Ordered one with a celeron, they sent me one with an 11th gen i3. Since then, core temps will regularly spike to 100c and it will throttle. Took it apart and found this as a cooling solution, which I’m sure would work fine with a celeron, but they gave me an i3 1115g4, with a base frequency of 3.1ghz, which can’t dump heat into this aluminum slug fast enough. The bios does not let me lower the clocks, or save power anywhere else. My only solution to make this work is to improve the cooling solution.

    Would love to do a tower cooler, but can’t find any place that produces one that will fit my mounting holes. Been looking at laptop solutions as well, but again I am running into bracket and mounting problems. Nothing shows dimensions so I don’t waste time and money on solutions that don’t fit.

    I have found copper shims, ranging from .3mm to 1.5mm thickness in a 20mmx20mm form. The aluminum slug they used is 45x25x2.73. If I stack these shims with thermal compound in between, would I get better thermal conductivity than just the aluminum slug? Are there any better ideas than what I am coming up with? Would it just be cheaper to buy another router that is cooled correctly? ! ! ! ! ! !

    Be a VPS for other people?

    I have friends and relatives that would like to do some memory and compute intensive tasks, but lack the hardware locally. I have loads of ram doing nothing and a little compute to spare. Is there a way for me to set up some service accessible to them that would allow them to spin up VMs, similar to Linode or DigitalOcean? I know letting outside access to a proxmox server would be disastrous. I guess I could setup a VPN server into a virtualized proxmox server? Would rather find a way to point them to a url with a username and password and have them able to use my server as their vps like AWS or Linode.

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    Is my peach tree salvageable?

    Got this sickly looking peach tree in the end of May. After about a month I started seeing red/black spots on the leaves and it looked like something what eating them. Did some research and started spraying it with neem oil. The spots stopped happening on newer hight leaves, as well as the bite marks. Now all the leaves are falling off and it looks like this. Is it dead? Does it have any hope? What can I do to put it on life support and make it through the winter?

    ! ! ! !

    Monoprice Voxel take 2: with more test prints

    first off, thanks for everyone and their suggestions, and apologies for not responding back, was having issues with my personal lemmy instance.

    I took everyone's advice and have gone test print crazy. I will attach the pictures to this post. I have tried to understand what I am looking at on my test prints in relation to what is not configured correctly on my printer. it's just not clicking. most of my prints look fine, the surface has good infill and the part looks ok from the outside, like benchie. but underneath, it looks like I am having either adhesion issues, bridging problems and support problems as well. but adjusting setting as suggested in here and here did not really improve anything, and in some cases made the print worse.

    I am using the Flashprint slicer that came with the printer. I have tried cura and prusaslice and can't even get a print started on those, even with a raft. I'm sure they are better slicers that what Flashforge makes, but again, something just isn't clicking. any further advice would be greatly appreciated.

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Network Topology Diagram/Map Tools?

    I am trying to finally get my homelab organized, and I need assistance visualizing my network. I am just wondering if there are tools out there that assist with this. I have tried the paint and gimp routes, and I find myself spending more time trying to make it look good and organized rather than actually mapping my network. Is there any utility out there that is purpose build just for visualizing network topology? Or am I better off with just graph paper, pencil and a straight edge?

    homelab snekerpimp
    Recommend Sound Deadening For Inside Server Rack Panels

    Thinking of lining the inside side panels of my 48u rack with some sort of sound deadening material. Was going to go with rock wool or the cheap self adhesive foam bricks you can buy off amazon. Was thinking of doing the same thing to the ceiling above where my rack sits and the walls behind as well. Mainly trying to cut down on the echo and high frequency whines. Anyone have any advice or suggestions? Maybe talk me out of it, or some other solution?

    Floating button to skip to next comment

    Not sure if this has come up, but one UI element I liked from Apollo and “the-one-that-shall-not-be-named” was the floating button in a thread that would take you to the next top level comment in that thread. Not sure what this feature is called, but so far can’t find it in any Lenny/Kbin client. Is this something that is in Memmy’s pipeline?

    APC server rack with threaded holes instead of cage nuts

    Just picked up an APC 48u server rack. There were no pictures of it in the post and I did not notice until I got it home and set up, that the rack rails have threaded holes instead of square cage nut holes. I can’t seem to determine the thread size and pitch, and have a thread gauge coming. Until then, does anyone know anything about this? The people I grabbed it from had used self tapping machine screws and drove them in with an impact wrench. Is this what APC had intended, or is there some $300 proprietary screw I have to buy from them?



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    APC rack with threaded holes instead of cage nut inserts

    Just picked up an APC 48u rack. The listing had no shots of it, and I didn’t notice till after I got it home and set up, the rack rails do not have square cage nut holes, but what appear to be threaded holes. I can not find a bolt or screw with the right size and thread pitch. It looks like it’s an M5 fine thread, but wanted to see if anyone had any info on this. Am I just supposed to get self tapping machine screws, like the previous owner did? Or is there some APC proprietary bolt that I’m working with here? !


    Proxmox host network speeds are terrible, VMs are fine

    Running proxmox 8.0.3, spinning up new VM, noticed my netboot was SSLLOOWW. ran speedtest-cli in the host shell, was getting 4Mbits/s, ran on a VM on that same system, was getting 500-600 Mbits/s. I have NO clue what to make of this. Is this a bridge issue in proxmox? I don't think it's a DNS issue, everything else is working, business as usual, even still serving plex and arr on the same system. Any ideas to get me running in the right direction?

    Edit: It's DNS. It's always DNS. Disabled AdGuard Home and magically speeds on the host were back. Confused, but have a direction at least.

    Custom Formats and RiffTrax

    Seeing as the only place I found this was on "the place that shall not be named" before the black out, I hope this question can help start the new repository of collective knowledge here in the Fediverse.

    I have set up a separate instance or radarr to maintain copies of RiffTrax. The two main questions I have that I can not find answers for on trash's guide or elsewhere, is setting up a custom format that will pull files with "rifftrax" in the title. I found in trash's guide how to exclude with

    { "name": "RiffTrax", "implementation": "ReleaseGroupSpecification", "negate": false, "required": false, "fields": { "value": "^(Rifftrax)$" } and I have been able to create a custom filter that helps when manually searching.

    I have two questions:

    1. how to modify the above to help me?

    2. how do I use my current library on my main radarr instance to help the RiffTrax instance search and pull movies? If that is even possible.


    I wanted to thank everyone that responded to my last post. Everyone gave good advice, and hearing that everyone hit a wall they had to just grind through helped a lot.

    Took my sorceress and mixed things up. Didn’t focus on one element, and tried to match attributes in the skill tree instead of elements. Still have hydra as my main focus, but I rely very heavily on chain lighting and frost nova. I was actually able to finish act II.

    Again, thank you all for the awesome words. You guys a super swell!


    Diablo was the first game I ever bought for my perfoma Mac when I was a kid. I have played out each game since. I played the betas. I have reached a point where I do not know what to do.

    I have not finished the campaign. In fact I haven’t even finished act III. Both my barbarian and sorceress have appeared to have reached a plateau at around level 35.

    At around level 30, in world tier II, I started getting really terrible drops. Magic only, legendary that was worse that what I had. Finally around 35 for my sorceress and 37 with my barb, I got fed up with the terrible drops and just took the first positive change I found and went back out to see if this would yield better loot.

    The first bear I meet I use all my health potions on. My attacks seem to take less health away. I finally make it to a dungeon. Can’t make it to the boss because I keep dying.

    I figured I sold my sweet gear, let me just jump back to world tier I and grind till better loot falls. Bears still three hit me, and I still get crap loot.

    I changed my skill load outs, made best use of the loot I got and continued to try and grind to get better loot. I still only got magic and crap legendary.

    What am I supposed to do at this point? I can’t make it to a dungeon to fight a dungeon boss without having to TP back to replenish my potions a half dozen times. Can’t move the campaign forward, simple crowd of minions melt me in a second. Monsters don’t even drop health globes. Am I just supposed to start a new character and hope I don’t repeat this same mistake again? How are you supposed to recover from a mistake like that?

    Frigate Kiosk: h.265 works fine on a pi, not on ubuntu 22.04 vm with quadro p2000 passthrough

    I know what I am doing is mostly outside use case, but I work with what I have. I recently acquired a reolink camera, RLC-822A. I have it up and running great with frigate, except for the viewing of recordings, which are h.265. Every computer in my house is either too old or runs Linux. Viewing recordings on my iphone works great, but was looking for a way to have a permanent viewer, almost like a kiosk.

    Using a raspberry pi 4 8gb with Raspi OS I was able to get a version of chromium to stream the h.265 recordings. Works ok, the pi can run for about 18 hours before artifacts start to happen and I have to reboot.

    I have a Dell tower with dual xeon silver 4114, 192gb of ram and a quadro p2000. I am passing through the p2000 to frigate on an Ubuntu VM. I want to use this VM and pass through p2000 to run the frigate kiosk. For some reason, even though the hardware supports it, I am unable to get h.265 streaming to work on this VM.

    How is it that an ARM based SBC running a version of Debian can decode and play h.265 and an over powered VM with hardware that is known to support that codec can not? Is it an issue with passthrough and decoding? I have nvidia container toolkit, and the p2000 works great with frigate in a docker container. I can watch h.265 through vlc and other apps, but can not get chromium hardware acceleration to work. Any ideas?

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