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sneezycat Sneezycat

28 y/o sound technician from Spain. I like videogames.

trans rights

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  • I advocate for using the whole thing. If you need to abbreviate it, it loses its punch, and with it its meaning.

    Also it'd be LFuG in any case.

  • Important news regarding the future of this community
  • You're not missing anything, it's a witch hunt.

  • The problem with pronouns
  • No nos hacen falta tantos pronombres porque conjugamos los verbos :)

  • Important news regarding the future of this community
  • He even got banned from [email protected] a few months ago for defending me calling out a mod's transphobia. He's always been friendly, and even compliant when asked to used certain language. I've no idea what's with this plot against him.

  • Fediverse vs Disinformation - Divisions by zero
  • Journalism should be like Science. Yeah the results are nice, but they need to be peer reviewed. We need open journalism that shows traceable source material for the claims it makes, so that one can do the research themselves.

    Of course, this has its own difficulties and problems.

  • Deadpool & Wolverine | Final Trailer
  • Yes, that's why I don't usually watch trailers, they tend to include spoilers.

  • Large collection of VTM Redemption Reawakened screenshots.
  • Lighting looks like 2020, characters look like 2010, UI looks like 2000. I love VtMB and I'm excited for this release, but I'll be damned if I'm not skeptical about it. We'll have to wait and see I guess.

    Edit: oh nvm I thought this was about VtMB 2. Apparently this is a mod recreating the original in the Skyrim game engine or something like that. That's cool!

  • How to watch my plex media when work wifi just blocked plex?
  • Fair enough, it probably made sense at the time. Still, disappointing from Plex.

  • Tell me something interesting about yourself
  • I don't have synaesthesia, and Track_Shovel is a name.

  • How to watch my plex media when work wifi just blocked plex?
  • Wow, $120 to be able to download your own shit... I'm glad I chose jellyfin.

  • People who came from Reddit do you remember Marv?
  • Yeah, it's the bot from Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. What a nice fella he was.

  • I don’t understand quantum physics
  • Probably the bell curve of physics students, and not just of all people on Earth.

  • A cool guide global web index
  • It is the percentage of people that have started (or increased) consuming that type of content. So 19% of millennials started consuming (more) physical media. It says nothing about the millennials that stopped or consume less or the same as they did before.

  • When did Microsoft stop developing Windows to be good?
  • I barely remember using win98, it was the first OS I used when I was very little. But I don't remember it being so prone to crashing. At least not fatally crashing. Of course, by the time I was just playing around with paint and shareware games, not doing any serious work, so I wouldn't know if it was bad.

    But that still means it isn't as straightforward as "windows was always bad, linux was always good".

  • weird looking gear
  • no DAC, he streams the digital signal directly to his consciousness.

  • weird looking gear
  • With the power of my「WORLD'S END RHAPSODY」I'll show the true quality of music to all the lowlifes using airpods! As they hear the crystal clear sound, they'll become free of their shackles and expand their mind to a new dimension of entertainment!

  • Will Divorce Be the Next GOP Target Against Women?
  • ...until something happens and your significant other is legally a "friend" and you have no power :(

  • FromSoft don't make summons like they used to

    TARKUUUUUS!!!! It's a classic, I always let him try to solo the boss :P


    Dark Souls PtDE PVP montage

    A compilation of some invasions I did a couple years ago, when the servers were still up.

    I had a lot of fun making and using those builds, even though I also died a lot :'D


    Cross-examination rule


    Blackjack CLI game I wrote in python GitHub - sneezycat0/blackjack: Blackjack CLI game in python

    Blackjack CLI game in python. Contribute to sneezycat0/blackjack development by creating an account on GitHub.

    GitHub - sneezycat0/blackjack: Blackjack CLI game in python

    Hello internet friends! Last year I decided to learn python, and I set on making a blackjack game - sounded like a simple prospect. Cue many hours of trial and error and reading documentation.

    Months passed, and little by little I kept adding things. Now it feels kind of enjoyable to play to me, so maybe some of you or your blajahs will find it interesting too.

    You need to have python and pygame installed to play. Sorry if my github is a mess and I'm not supposed to upload it like this, I mostly have no idea what I'm doing!

    Any feedback or comments are appreciated :)

    Test community. Sneezycat

    Spoiler test

    > This is a quote


    This is a spoiler




    can't delete this so might as well edit it