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How to find great Chinese food
  • I miss the one near me that was like this. They were so cheap too. Their dumpling sauce was like crack. Wife screeching at her husband and then telling you to try the fish ball. They’d give you extra pancakes for your moo shu without asking. I didn’t realize how special it was at the time.

  • US woman charged with concealing bleach in husband’s coffee avoids jail
  • If this is the case where he set up cameras to catch her doing it, and then also took multiple videos demonstrating the machine foaming up… I don’t even know what to say. There’s no fixing that type of behavior right? She’ll probably poison someone else now.

  • Anon has nerdy hobbies
  • Happens to my friend all the time. Thirsty and obsessive men and women would not leave her alone once she spoke in chat. She’s married too. And one of the offenders was at the ceremony. It’s like they can’t control themselves. Gross.

  • The Sega Dreamcast
  • They kinda screwed up the timing with it. Launched when everyone and their mother already had a PS2 and got left in the dust. Was also difficult to get one due to limited supply. People tended to buy one console and stick with it for 5+ years, so the only people standing in line were fans or people with money to burn.

  • The Sega Saturn
  • In addition to what others said, due to the architecture it was notoriously hard to develop for. The Playstation dev kits were a dream to work with in comparison. Sega of Japan hedged their bets on 2D remaining king due to the Japanese market preferring arcade ports and slowness to accept change, and slapped on some 3D capabilities almost as an afterthought. Meanwhile Sega of America assumed the US market would scoff at spending 500 on a console when the 32X had just released and was very similar (and also selling poorly).

    Sony took risks by pushing 3D hard, were aggressive with pricing, did a ton of marketing, and completely ate Sega’s lunch. Despite the Saturn being arguably more powerful and better made than the PS1, it wasn’t enough to right the ship. And it continued on this downward spiral due to the negative impressions that Sega was dying with the Dreamcast where they again flubbed the launch timing while people were enamored with the N64 and the PS1 had a massive library.

    There were lots of other shenanigans involved, I’m skimming the surface here. Regardless, both consoles have some bangers and I recommend trying some out if you ever have the chance. The hardware is also very cool if you can find them cheap but might need refurbed at this age.

  • Americans’ new TV habit: Subscribe. Watch. Cancel. Repeat.
  • This is a good thing. No matter how they try to paint it. I only stuck with some when interest and content waned because I was grandfathered in. When Netflix etc. took that away it made dumping them an easy decision. Not an “impulsive” one. There’s no point in being loyal to these companies. Especially when they pulled this shit after previously they claimed we were locked in on that pricing and started forcing ads. Greedy bastards.