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Here comes the FUEL OwO
  • OwO what’s this? Nuzzles radar array—how's your signal strength, over? Your engines are emitting some serious warmth. 🛩️ *Scans fuel intake* 🛢️ A bulge? Roger that, ground control. Someone's happy in the hangar today. 😎 Nuzzles your sleek fuselage, purring like a Pratt & Whitney engine. ⚙️ *Cleaning the cockpit glass* You're so big, radar signature is off the charts! Rubs your aerodynamic curves—it's like your airframe doesn't know when to quit. 🎯 *Locks on target* Kisses you, then licks your necky—mommy likies, indeed. I hope the chief engineer approves of my maneuvers. *Flight control override engaged* I've got an itch, ground crew. A seven-meter itch, to be precise. Can you assist? Squirms and wags my wings. 🛬 *Emergency descent protocol* Permission to be punished, sir? Runs my ailerons down your fuselage, bites my lip—this is gonna be one wild barrel roll. 🔄 *Full afterburner* Paws on your bulge, eyes glowing like HUD displays. I'm thirsty, and it's not for aviation fuel. *Unbuttons your pants, licks the shaft* Mmmm, oily goodness. Drools all over your daddy meat. Fondles Mr. Fuzzy—yes, I love the joystick. 🕹️ *Inhales deeply* Oh, God—punish me, daddy! Nyea~ Squirms and wiggles, loving your oily essence. Bites my lip again. *Engaging vertical climb* Please, punish me. Licks my lips, savoring your goodness. Eyes roll back as you go deep - give me your G-force! *Supersonic moans* Suckles your control stick, oscillating wildly. 🥵

  • Cloudflare took down our website after trying to force us to pay $120000 within 24h
  • The biggest red flag is the up-front payment for a year, gives the indication that they are in actual financial trouble, meaning short in cash right now.

    Fucking idiots could have been just increasing the price yearly without any resistance, it’s unlikely a big casino would care about an extra 50-100 per month.

  • Furiosa director George Miller’s comments on Mad Max game and Hideo Kojima prompt response from Mad Max’s original devs
  • Loved that game, not perfect, but still a great experience

    Edit: based on the quotes from the developer, Miller is an ungrateful idiot. Btw I haven’t seen the new movie, but seems to be full of CGI based on the trailer, which is literally the exact opposite of what made the last movie successful

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Officially Announced
  • That looks like the 90s. Gulf War setting maybe?

    Still, I will hold off for reviews, recent COD games have been absolute shit, and BO CW was very weak compared to the old BO games. I also had to refund MW on PS5 a few years ago, as it was literally always crashing my console, and they couldn’t fix it.

  • Managed to grab a PS Portal yesterday, and it's performing better than I expected

    I was debating if I want to buy one, but after trying that remote play worked well with a tablet on my home wifi, I took a leap of faith and ordered one of the last ones nearby. Picked it up yesterday.

    Key points:

    -Very satisfied with the performance so far, no noticable lag on home wifi. Finished Spider-Man 2 and beat the final boss on it, also tried some shooters, no issues with lag in single player games on my 500 Mbit network (meaning: maybe a partial second of stutter every 5-10 mins).

    -So much smoother experience than using e.g. my tablet with a controller. Just pick it up, press 2 buttons, and you can play in a few seconds.

    -The screen is also better than expected. 8 inches is super big for a handheld, around the size of the iPad mini. Very immersive, when playing. Colors are also great, and I’m saying that as an owner of an LG OLED TV. Of course an OLED screen would have been probably better, but also more expensive, and the resolution is still better than most handhelds giving us a great picture.

    -The controller grips are very comfortable for even a longer session. The haptic feedback and trigger resistance feels just like the controller we are used to.

    -The missing BT is annoying if you have a good headset (I don’t), but I understand the concerns with delay, though I have no personal experience on that.

    -The only time connection became bad, is when downloading a game/update on my PS5 while playing, it even completely dropped once. Very annoying if you want to run an update in the background, but also not a dealbreaker, you can just run updates in rest mode.

    -The price is fine, payed 219 EUR for it. I would like it a bit lower, but still okay with it (understanding the privilege that I can waste this money on something that is far from a necessity). I would not want to pay the price of a “proper” handheld for a controller with a screen.

    TV Too High slaacaa
    TV too... everything
    Thank you Steve Huffman for curing my reddit addiction!

    I stopped using reddit when Apollo went down, and 2-3 hours of scrolling and active posting in some niche subs turned into ~30 mins of Lemmy per day, which I find much more healthy.

    I didn’t start doing yoga, painting, or a side business, just feel much better having cut back the last big pillar of my social media addiction.

    So thanks Steve!

    (If it’s not too much to ask, please take a look at how you could improve instagram, you could save another 15 minute of my day)

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