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A cool guide for police interactions
  • This didn't used to be the case until the Thompkins ruling amended the Miranda ruling in 2010.

    Its unfortunate how difficult it is to stay aware of basic rights for lay persons with decisions like this throwing out old assumptions.

  • EVE's Big Wormhole War.... Explained with Cats

    U.K. forces Google to remove websites selling gender-affirming medications
  • It's a relief valve though. As someone who has suffered from unavailable care, black market drugs probably saved my life. I'm not terribly against adults being able to make such decisions on their own judgment.

  • Windows 11 just isn't enticing Windows 10 users to upgrade, and its market share is actually falling
  • The same story of publicly traded companies again and again.

    Your steady growth isn't good enough.

    Your growth has to grow - and if it's not growing fast enough then you're not doing your duty to the shareholders.

    Add in the fact that we've let businesses get so large they empty all the air from the room and we've managed to enshittify our entire society.

  • EVE Online - Down the Rabbit Hole

    Just a light 6 hour video on the history of EVE


    EVE Online - Down the Rabbit Hole

    Just a light 6 hour video about the history of EVE Online.