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I heard he's available right now too
  • its only fitting that the chief is the biggest idiot and unaware of it

  • The amount of sugar consumed by children from soft drinks in the UK halved within a year of the sugar tax being introduced, a study has found.
  • then you'll probably end up with a black market of sugary drinks, and people will go to great lengths to get it.

    It's almost as if this happened before with something else

  • Hexcodle #331 in 4
  • I got Hexcodle #331 in 4! Score: 71%

    ✅🔼⏬🔼🔼⏬ ✅✅🔼✅🔽⏬ ✅✅✅✅✅🔽 ✅✅✅✅✅✅

  • Do animals have emotions like us?
  • You can still care about ethics and animal safety, and you are allowed to avoid foods you cannot eat due to allergy, even if that comes at an unfortunate cost

  • Do animals have emotions like us?
  • And then when someone brings a topic to discussion related to these issues

    "I can't be vegan, i'm allergic to a lot of stuff", suddenly it's not about having a discussion anymore but rather to push one side of the story without consideration for others.

  • Huummm!
  • the secret civilisatoon is called "Logic" and these people aren't part of it

  • American Ninja Warrior winner Drew Drechsel sentenced to 10 years for child sex crimes
  • could dodge obstacles but could not dodge touching kids

  • ‘I am not made for war’: the men fleeing Ukraine to evade conscription
  • And if you stop helping Ukraine and it runs out of resources, what do you think will happen?

    Russia will see this and be like: "oh sorry Ukraine i'll continue when you are rich"

    I dislike war as much as the next guy but I also dislike the idea of Russia taking over Ukraine. And Poland. And Moldova. And any other former USSR state

  • Phone calls still assume the people on the receiving end are attached to a desk.
  • With this attitude there is no way in hell you should or could be the leading authority on human conversation.

    It's called social anxiety. I'm so sorry someone being anxious is inconvenient to you.

    Have you considered not commenting?

  • Hey there both good
  • okay but in 3d space you are open from more sides, in terraria at least you can see those 2 sides, in minecraft theres always behind, above, and to the sides

  • 10/10 kids books.
  • Assumption on ny part. After careful consideration I think I was in the wrong in my comment

  • Deepfake Creators Are Revictimizing GirlsDoPorn Sex Trafficking Survivors
  • Or maybe he's saying the company's desire for profits took precedence over allowing people to read actual sex crimes and be upset about it.

    Plus his first concern was the victims clearly, after having clicked the linka nd being blocked off from accessing it by a paywall. Maybe you should have taken your advice and moved along

  • 10/10 kids books.
  • No, it's just saying adult books have heavy topics sometimes

    If I say i think apples suck im not necessarily shaming people that eat apples

  • Meat is expensive.
  • i've had the opposite experience. Vegan substitutes here for example are wayy more expensive than the meat counterparts, or they're straight up trash. And cooking anything nutritious enough is by itself expensive enough, irregardless if its meat or vegan

  • "How am I supposed to explain this to my children?!"
  • you don't need to go into tucking at all to describe to a child a man can wear a dress and makeup??

    "Dad, why is that man wearing nail polish" , "well you see.. they tuck the penis away"

  • Why the NSA Is Right About Periodically Restarting Your Smartphone
  • wouldn't a malicious app still be an exploit though? I'd say that if I download an app for playing a game, but instead it was designed to also upload my private photos to the attacker's server, i'd say that's still exploiting. It's just exploiting my expectations of what the app should do, rather than leveraging a system weakness (which it probably does, anyway)

  • Rainmaker
  • and Doraemon taketh away

  • Have you ever clicked on an ad *on purpose?*
  • I clicked an ad for roblox in 2012 when i was a child. Probably the only ad i don't regret clicking on, accidentally or not.

    I think I also might have clicked an ad on kongregate around that same time period.

    Now I use an adblocker, so I can't really click on ads even if i wanted to

  • Colombia moves to ban bullfighting
  • 2027

    just a few more years of animal torture, as a treat. Can anyone help me understand why it would take so long for a ban to happen?

  • Should I permanently leave Israel?
  • I don't think OOP wanting to leave Israel will harm the struggle of the community. Plus, who is saying they can't help the cause by being alive and doing things in Europe/Canada/US?

    Another thing to consider is that someone fighting for a cause they don't believe in might do more harm to the cause than good.

  • Why is there no notifications when you get a comment reply?

    title self-explanatory. Sync is great and all, but i often make comments and then a few days later i remember i made them and i see i got replies


    Cardboard World, me, digital, 2022

    this one is based on liminal spaces, and an idea of a story i had that never came to life.

    the alternative title for this is "A Happy Place" which i thought adding to the title of this post would make it a word salad :)


    Edge of the World, me, digital, 2020

    hello! i decided i finally wanted to make lemmy a more active place, so i am going to post my digital art on here.

    i don't really have the best art but i hope my contribution will help :) I will post more eventually.

    This drawing is one i made in 2020, and it's of a famous place called World's End.


    How does having an account per onstance work?

    For context i did not know you can use an account from a single instance to post on another. With this in mind I have a few questions:

    1. If I can use one instance account everywhere, why can I make multiple accounts?
    2. Why isn't there a centralised account system?
    3. What's the use of having per instance accounts?

    I'm currently considering keeping this main account and deleting the ones on other instances, because if i can interact with those instances I don't see the need for an account.