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Tips on starting furniture making?
  • I'd recommend the following set of tools:

    • Cordless drill (any major brand is fine, I like Milwaukee)
    • Hand pull saw (whatever is fine)
    • Set of decent chisels (Narex is great value)
    • Corded circular saw (Makita 5007F is a great choice)
    • Random orbital sander (DeWalt has some fairly good budget models)
    • Clamps, clamps, more clamps

    Most of all though, get good wood. I actually strongly recommend starting with plywood primarily if you don't have access to quality lumber since you won't have to do any surfacing.

  • Have you seen someone die in front of you?
  • I saw someone drown in a pool when I was 11. I noticed there was someone sitting at the bottom of the deep end, told the lifeguard who hadn't yet noticed, but it was just barely too late. Later learned they had experienced a seizure and sank.

    I mostly just remember how pale they were, and being annoyed that pool time got axed for the remainder of summer camp. I never felt much about it. Shit happens, people die, just the way it goes.

  • Depending on how you count
  • Surprisingly no, not that I'm aware of. If they have, it hasn't made the news.

    It's quite steep and smooth in person, it would be very hard to climb. Probably impossible without ropes or mission impossible suction cups.

  • Depending on how you count
  • Yeah it was a terrible concert venue and sports arena other than being a novelty shape.

    Pretty much everyone in town loves the bass pro shop and we're much happier to see it in use than abandoned like it was for so many years.

  • Depending on how you count
  • I live 5 minutes from this. AMA I guess?

    The Memphis pyramid was a sports arena and concert venue in the past, eventually the city built another venue that wasn't shaped stupid so it sat abandoned for a decade or so before bass pro bought it.

  • Question for those who are Hypersexual.
  • Yeah, that's definitely different from my experience, mine's more of a "get obsessed with a specific kink and see how far down the rabbit hole for it can go, rinse+repeat" thing. My actual sex life is pretty mundane, I have a stable relationship and we get it on a couple times a week, work schedules permitting.

    Maybe it would help to involve other people if you can find them and your SO is open to it, although talking about sexual topics is pretty different from engaging in sexual acts. Mine isn't really into the same stuff I am from a fantasy perspective, so I have some specific friends that I go to for those topics.

  • Question for those who are Hypersexual.
  • By hypersexual, do you mean people who have/desire lots of sex, or people who are fixated on sex and related subjects as a topic of interest?

    For me, it's more of the latter. Unfortunately there's no help out there I've been able to find. Best advice I have is to find the least unhealthy ways to satisfy those feelings and keep them pointed in that direction. In my case, that's been picking up art as a hobby and using it to illustrate weird kinky shit, and finding a select few people to share it with.

    I've also found the modern social landscape, both online and irl, to be weirdly regressive on sexual topics. I'm not going around flying that flag per se, there's a time and a place, but people having weird kinks is a common topic of public ridicule.

  • Pro Tip: Putting spaghetti in your ammo makes for a great emergency snack
  • Protip, you can cook regular spaghetti noodles in a big pan. You only need enough water to cover the noodles and it's way faster than boiling a lake's worth of water in a pot and doing the whole "try to fold the pasta into the water as fast as possible so it cooks evenly" dance.

  • At some point it's got to be easier to get it over with and just do the damn dishes.
  • I find the opposite as an ADHD sufferer. When I use a dish, it goes in the dishwasher. If it's full, I run it. If it's clean, I empty it before I put the dirty dish in which takes all of 2 minutes. It basically forces the routine, and I end up running it almost every night and emptying it while I make my morning coffee.

    Whereas with hand washing I end up building a pile in the sink and procrastinate until it gets big enough to take half an hour to get through.

  • One of the World’s Richest Women [Truong My La Lan] Sentenced to Execution
  • I am familiar with marxist theory. The problems lie in what you just said. As Marx said, it is the natural progression of a society that has progressed through the stages of capitalism and entered post-scarcity. People who advocate for other channels of achieving communism are misguided, as post scarcity is a pretty hard requirement and a lack of that aspect opens the mechanisms of resource allocation up to exploitation. And unless you can somehow stop shitheads from being born, someone is going to be enough of one to take advantage.

    Even the OG natural progression of society version of communism has issues. For one, you still have the shithead human problem. There's always going to be people out there who want it all, and they'll exploit whatever they can to get it. Communism, being stateless, doesn't have particularly good mechanisms for dealing with that.

  • One of the World’s Richest Women [Truong My La Lan] Sentenced to Execution
  • Communism is an definitely an ideology. Literally first sentence from Wikipedia: "Communism [...] is a left-wing to far-left sociopolitical, philosophical, and economic ideology..."

    But yeah, it's kinda suspicious that every nation scale attempt at communism has ended in failure or a system that is decidedly not communist, whether through internal strife or external influence.

  • One of the World’s Richest Women [Truong My La Lan] Sentenced to Execution
  • Hint: communism doesn't work in practice on scales the size of nations. The ideology is too fragile and susceptible to corruption and outside influence and you end up with shit like this.

    Before anyone says "it's not real communism" that is the point. It's useless if it's too weak against other ideologies to be properly implemented.

  • mine is waterproof too
  • Rolex isn't incredibly cheap lmao. It's mid to high price for luxury watches. The cheapest thing they sell is like $3k. Incredibly cheap for mechanical watches would be around the $100 mark for a Seiko 5 series or something.

  • car insurance
  • Then why don’t we let kids who can beat Super Mario Bros in their sleep (and thus from your perspective have demonstrated the skill required to learn how to drive) drive cars?

    Well for one they can't reach the pedals or see over the steering wheel, and the safety systems in the drivers seat are built for adult sized humans. I totally believe the average 10 y/o possesses the mental capacity to operate a motor vehicle though. I was riding dirt bikes around town at that age. Now, their risk assessment abilities might be off, but I've seen plenty of people way into adulthood that don't seem to have those abilities either.

  • Universities Have a Computer-Science Problem
  • I'm talking about breaking into the industry. You just need to get an entry level job or two that will probably suck, then work your way into the niche you want with job experience. You probably won't even really actually know where you want to ultimately go until you've been working for a few years and had time to gather new skills that you didn't get in school.

    Exception being academia, but if you wanna do that just go get your grad degree, and by the end of that you'll have a way in or have learned that academia sucks your life force out for far less than the industry pays.