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New 9/11 Evidence Points to Deep Saudi Complicity
  • They also buy lots of guns from the US. This is one of the real reasons. Lockheed Martin’s profit margins would decrease by a significant amount if our relationship with SA changed at all.

    Even if the Saudis and other major countries in the reason were able to decrease tensions with Iran, Lockheed Martin and its associated propagandists and lobbyists would start beating the war drums to increase tensions and thus sales.

    Edit: *one of the real reasons. Added para. on LM ensuring tensions in the region always remain high even when the people that live there and their government’s reduce tensions.

  • Bank of America employee dies after working 120 hour weeks, associates organizing strike
  • Most associates get food delivered to their offices and take ubers to/from their city apartments. It is more than possible, it’s the norm. (Source: best friend was a former green beret who bought out his contract at one of these parasitic institutions).

    Sadly these banks know exactly how to co-opt the exceptionally high pain tolerance and conformance mentality prevalent in many prior military populations.

  • Political Memes silkroadtraveler
    The Flat Tax
    Stubbornly high US inflation grew stronger than expected in March , vaulting to a 3.5% increase from last year
  • And duopolies or tri-opolies. Most American industries are dominated by 2-3 players that own the majority of their respective markets, acquire or crush anyone who dares challenge them and use their media and lobbying arms to maintain the status quo. Land of the unfree, home of the bootlickers.

  • Veterans Burn Their Uniforms at Vigil for US Airman Aaron Bushnell
  • I appreciate this, you totally get it. I hope you can hold onto that remote job. Makes it so much easier to tune out the hate and nonsense. I remain quiet and comfort myself by knowing that if the chance ever arises, I will do everything I can to undermine them. Which won’t be hard considering most of them have the intellectual capacity of a troglodyte.

    Wow the more I talk about this the more I want to leave the US forever. There’s so little left here that matches my values.

  • Veterans Burn Their Uniforms at Vigil for US Airman Aaron Bushnell
  • I’m 100% with you. The deprogramming took years. It feels like I wasted so much of my life, and I’m still trying to figure out where I fit in. What’s almost worse than knowing so many vets are still so brainwashed is watching people who didn’t go through the same programming shill even harder for regressive destruction. I work on a construction site and have to listen to these overconfident fascist blowhards rant all day.

  • New to Linux? Ubuntu Isn’t Your Only Option
  • In the Software Manager, whenever there is an update you must press “Restart & Install” in order to update. Never seen a restart not be required. Why would I not update when I would be potentially miss important security patches?

    Also I typically encrypt during install for enhanced privacy. Probably overkill but yeah. I don’t really have a specific reason other than that.

    My other system is Linux Mint 21.3 and restarts are very infrequent.

  • New to Linux? Ubuntu Isn’t Your Only Option
  • Fedora’s near daily update and restart cycle is so annoying esp when you have an encrypted hard drive. I know it’s part of the deal and I’m lazy, but all I’m using it for is a Jellyfin client.

  • State laws are factoring into college choices for young adults
  • Very true from the few pictures and videos I’ve seen from back in the day. ‘The Snake Pit’ name was definitely not dreamed up in a marketing office. If I go again, I’m springing for the nice seats on the front straight. You know, where all the European drivers’ families sit.

  • State laws are factoring into college choices for young adults
  • I want to read this article. I went to the Indy 500 for the first time ever last year because I love Indy Car and racing. But let’s just say I wasn’t a huge fan of a lot of the attendees. I’m pretty sure not too many of the educated Indiana diaspora are returning anymore.

  • State laws are factoring into college choices for young adults
  • What do you mean screwed up? I’m assuming you mean forgetting to wear protection? Do you have mind control over the fertilization success of your flagellates? Or you mean a mistake as in having nonconsensual unprotected sex (aka assault - I hope not)? I’m pretty sure unintended pregnancy can happen without the male “screwing up”.

    Abortion and birth control must and should be freely available. However, sex and birth control is and should be a consensual two way street.

  • Two U.S. Navy Sailors Missing Off Coast of Somalia
  • I have no idea what kind of training or flotation devices seals wear while boarding. Is there any way to get enough gear off to remain afloat if you fall in? Is there an inflatable that helps? I would imagine they prefer not to wear something that reduces mobility.

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