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Okay, let's try this again
  • If someone identifies as non-binary they would be neither male or female in how you address them, at least in english. In Spanish "non-binary" doesn't translate to a neuter equivalent because the gender of a word matters in the context of who you are addressing.

    I am not a native or proficient speaker of Spanish, so I could be off.

  • Rule
  • So, Will betrayed his friend. Eventually that friend got married, had a kid, and went to grad school. Will sees this on Instagram and thinks "Wow, my betrayal must have had a positive effect on them. If I betray their child it might have the same effect."

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  • I don't think you're missing much.

    Man betrayed someone and they are doing well. He will probably want to betray the son and help him into grad school just like his father...through recovery of the betrayal.

  • Do you prefer Gaming PCS or Gaming Laptops?
  • I have use a gaming laptop since 2014 and miss being able to switch out components. The laptop I have is pretty modular and easy to service. Finding the parts at a reasonable price is not really possible anymore.

  • SSDE
  • I did voter drives in 2016 and 2020 The people I met say the same things. I am in now way saying that voter interference is not a thing. Encouraging voter apathy is a easy way to influence American elections.

  • Voluntary Mandatory rule
  • I've seen shit like this working in an understaffed restaurant. It was understaffed because the management decided to drug test and most of the staff was let go. Then whined the entire time about people unable to cover shifts and pulled shit like this. I promptly left after coming back from being sick.

  • xkcd #2932: Driving PSA
  • it sucks that is a common revision in most cities I've been in. Let's just have a highway with 8 lanes and have a tiny turn lane in the middle into a major road without lights at the turn it'll be great. Not to mention it splitting the city in half and pedestrians who don't want to walk a mile to the next crossing cross this 8 lane highway splitting the city in half.