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Even if god exists religion can't possibly be the way to god
  • wonderfully written! yes I absolutely agree with that perspective. Additionally having a mascot in the form of a guy who wholeheartedly believes he's the son of the God (and is also god in a way because we can't get polytheists about it of course) is a great marketing move. People always have a hard time trusting and identifying with some ethereal entity up in the sky, there's a reason why all gods have human (or animal) faces, if Jesus was fully made up or inspired by a mentally ill guy who was completely delusional but still kind that's another thing lol

  • Even if god exists religion can't possibly be the way to god
  • I think all religions were either started, or greatly fuelled, by psychedelics. For example: the description of the apocalypse in the Bible sounds like a bad trip, animals morphing into each other and all. Ah yes, a "vision of the end"- did it happen right after eating some funny mushrooms or perhaps some nice cactus eh?

    also i think jesus had early onset shizoaffective disorder like his mum before him but that's by far my edgiest take

  • NSFW
  • that's technique you used before steam added the per-game option that simply doesn't shop up as you playing it, even when you're online. I'm not sure where exactly you can select it as I have no shame and don't care if my friends see the weird games I'm playing - but I think it was somewhere in game properties? or otherwise under the right click menu