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how do you keep mozzarella sticks from splitting in the oven?
  • chefs can have a little toxic glue, as a treat

  • Weed and furry rule
  • What will they take from us next.

  • iOS 18 DB3 Release 2 (PB1) is available
  • No it’s usually just the the dev beta but staggered by a day or two so they can catch any showstoppers. It typically starts around DB2 or 3 so have a solid build to push wide.

  • iOS 18 DB3 Release 2 (PB1) is available

    Ford's privatization of alcohol will cost taxpayers
  • You can also offer all of that online without having to do anything but hold some more stock. Rather than have fancier LCBOs, in this day and age it makes more sense to yank anything over $250 and offer it online only with ISPU.

    All the complaints people have about the LCBO are easily fixed. Not enough locations, open more licensed agents. Convenience stores would kill to be able to sell spirits, even if 100% of revenue goes back to the LCBO and it’s just a traffic draw. Hours are too short, increase hours.

    The union has already offered much of this stuff, but the province won’t budge. Could we do without the LCBO? Of course, the argument that it isn’t needed because most other places manage liquor sales privately is sound. I wish they would stop arguing that they’re doing a better job preventing underage drinking when we all know that’s nonsense.

    There is only one thing that they should be saying: the LCBO exists, offers great jobs, and delivers a massive amount of money to the province. There is no reason to eliminate it now for a short-term windfall when it will cause multi-billion dollar deficit down the line and put more dollars in the hands of private grocery conglomerates.

    Why would you get rid of it? Longer hours? They can do that. More selection? They can do that. More locations? They can do that. Lower prices? Those prices are high because of liquor taxes which won’t go down with no LCBO (and will arguably go UP because the LCBO gets such good deals due to its massive purchasing power).

    There is no good argument for eliminating it, except “I’m Galen Weston and I want more money”.

  • $500 aluminum version of the Analogue Pocket looks like the Game Boy’s final form
  • If your concern is “value for dollar” you wouldn’t be buying an FPGA console in a limited edition material. Seems like a weird comparison. You can also get an R36S for like, $30 on AliExpress that will play everything from N64/PS1 and earlier.

    A standard Analogue Pocket is much cheaper, this is just an option for those that really want a metal shell. Also, a metal “unfolded” shell for a GBA SP (which is I’m sure is what inspired this offering) is like $150 so it’s not even that crazy a markup.

  • $500 aluminum version of the Analogue Pocket looks like the Game Boy’s final form
  • Yep, ask anyone who owns both. Nobody is playing a Gameboy game on a Steam Deck when they have an Analogue Pocket. Experience is much better, it just feels right on it.

    That being said, if that’s not an important thing to you then a Steam Deck will play Gameboy games with near perfect accuracy and no issues, as well as do a million other things. So it’s indisputably a better value.

    I would never pitch an Analogue Pocket at someone because if its the kind of thing you want, you already know about it and probably have one.

  • Classic Marathon 2 free on Steam
  • Easy setup on Steam Deck?

    Plus just exposure and availability. I had Aleph One set up, 1-2 computers ago. But bringing over non-Steam games every time I have to set up Windows again is a pain in the ass.

    My Steam library migrates en masse between machines. I wish everything was in it. Just makes things easier.

  • Where do Canada’s soaring corporate profits go? Not ‘back into the country’
  • So glad people are pushing to shutter the LCBO so we can put more dollars into the hands of these shitheads.

    Who wants unionized, well paying, quality retail jobs and tons of money to fund the province? I want to be able to buy vodka at Loblaws at midnight!

  • 2meirl4meirl
  • Attodaso man, fuckin attodaso.

  • 2meirl4meirl
  • It’s not even slightly correct.

    • Estimate of taxes & withholdings is way too low. Maybe some states have such a low tax rate, but most places do not. In addition, withholdings are usually much higher.
    • There are tons of expenses not itemized that you can assume most people will have. Phone, internet, utilities, renters insurance, health insurance, car payments, gas, car insurance, parking, transit tickets, bank account, etc.
    • Also doesn’t account for an emergency fund, savings of any kind or anything other than hand to mouth.
    • Then there’s stuff you need to keep your job & apartment. Cleaning supplies, soap, deodorant, shampoo, laundry soap, dryer sheets, garbage/recycling/compost bags, clothes, shoes, haircuts etc.
    • God forbid you have any sort of uncovered medical expenses. Birth control, OTC drugs of any kind, glasses/contacts, supplements for some kind of nutrient deficiency, dispensing fees for prescription drugs, etc.

    Why do people insist on dragging each other down like this, like some billionaire is going to be impressed with how long they were able to live off a sack of rice and beans.

    It costs nothing to support each other.

  • 2meirl4meirl
  • Plus what lawless hellscape is 15% for taxes and withholdings? In Ontario you’re paying 20% for taxes alone at the absolute minimum. That’s not including CPP, EI, and anything else you have like benefits co-pay or union dues.

  • Jaw-Dropping SNES Mod Fixes One Of The Console's Biggest Problems | Time Extension
  • This isn’t an HDMI mod that pulls from digital signal and outputs to digital, or an RGB mod that bypasses the analogue hardware.

    It’s a mod that corrects poor image in some specific models of SNES to bring them to the standard of other models of SNES. Details here:

    I understand what you’re getting at because it’s a common refrain, but the fact that some models of SNES do not exhibit this behaviour strongly indicates it was not how it was supposed to look, and is caused by poor manufacturing tolerances and/or aging caps.

    Not all degraded video quality was the intended vision for the device, unless your argument is that a fraying composite cable that you have to jiggle around and a controller with a broken “R” button is also core to the experience. That may have been YOUR experience as a kid, that doesn’t make it the intended vision of the creators.

    It’s a fine line, but this falls on the side of early manufacturing errors and not intention.

  • Two-year-old becomes sixth child to die in a hot car so far this year
  • “That article can’t change my mind because I can’t read!”

  • After nine years in office, is it time for Justin Trudeau to go?
  • It’s different having a viable 3rd/4th/5th party, so it’s nice to at least have another way to vote that doesn’t immediately just end up in the trash.

    After reneging on his FPTP promise, I’m never voting Liberal again. It’s NDP all the way from now on unless something major changes. My hope is for a conservative minority and the possibility of a coalition or strong opposition, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Why did he do this though
  • RCS is already live in the US for iOS 18 Beta users, and will come to all iPhones in 2 months. It’s also an awful spec, you don’t have to dig far to find that. Operators have basically just farmed out implementation of it to Google.

    I don’t know why you’re trying to pick a fight. It’s a simple fact. MMS was the standard for years, and iMessage compressed photos & videos less than that. RCS is now coming, flawed as it is.

    End of story. It’s just one in a list of many features that made iMessage popular, all implemented years before RCS was a thing. You can move on to complaining about something else on a platform you don’t use and don’t care about.

  • After nine years in office, is it time for Justin Trudeau to go?
  • “I have so many reasons it would take me days to go through my file of very good reasons and I have better things to do like comment on Lemmy about Trudeau and all the reasons I have to not like him.”

    I don’t like Trudeau for the same reasons I did before he was elected. He’s a Liberal, and he’s more right wing than I want in a leader. Supporting the oil industry at the expense of our national standing and the environment, and reneging on his promise to end FPTP are also good reasons.

    But I am immediately suspicious of anyone who HATES him or is SO EMBARRASSED by him because they have clearly fallen for a right-wing disinformation campaign against him. They hate him because they’re told about how awful he is because carbon tax and gays and economy.

  • Why did he do this though
  • It absolutely does have higher quality video & photos than MMS. MMS does not have a clear public spec, and carriers/phones/OSes apply size limits for videos and pictures, and these limits are inconsistent at best. They are all quite low though, here is an Android Police article discussing it:

    It’s not entirely dissimilar to email. It’s a bad idea to send an attachment over 15-20MB not because email can’t handle it, but because at some point in the chain something might have a limit that says that’s too much.

    You are correct though that Apple does just crank it down to shit 3GPP level (I assume the baseline of the spec) and call it a day because they don’t care about SMS/MMS. Why would they, even Android users all use WhatsApp so it barely matters.

    Obviously there is no “picture beautifier”, whatever the hell that means. I never said or implied that. iMessage movies & pictures are just less compressed than MMS ones, even between non-Apple MMS devices. Is it less compression than other over-the-top messaging apps? Depends on the app, but nowadays probably not.

  • Why did he do this though
  • Yes but it doesn’t brand the other person, the colour is to inform the sender that the message they sent is either an iMessage (blue) or an SMS (green).

    It wasn’t intended to be some class system. When the iPhone launched, it only supported SMS and all texts were green. They wanted to differentiate iMessage conversations when they launched that a few years later, but still use the same client so people were more likely to use it. That way you know you can use more features but you also know you need a data connection. This was an important distinction when most people still had plans that had minutes, quantities of texts, and limited or no data. Also if a iMessage fails, it automatically uses SMS fallback. It’s important to know when that happens too. Colour was just a very obvious way to indicate that.

    The reason iPhone users don’t like green bubble conversations now is mostly because SMS just doesn’t support all the iMessage features like higher quality pictures, video, tapback, inline reply, stickers, etc. It also is lowest common denominator for a group thread, so one person without iMessage causes the whole thread to revert to SMS.

  • Shit libertarians say.
  • Because you can quote someone without actually speaking to them, and the UI has to show that as well as replies to that exchange.

    It’s not perfect but it makes sense in context. Also, they all have timestamps so that should make the progression obvious.

  • You can now select a preferred Home Hub instead of HomeKit picking one for you

    This has been posted all over the place but if you haven’t seen it, this is a huge change.

    To get it working, you need all your Apple TVs on iOS 18 DB1. Remove all your HomePods from your home if you have them. Then, you should see the option to turn off “Automatic Selection”. Turn it off and pick the Home Hub you want.

    You can then readd your HomePods to your home. This process sounds painful but it’s actually pretty quick, HomePods remove, reset and readd to your Home fairly quickly. This whole process probably only took about 10 mins.


    Apple Intelligence - Supported Devices

    Apparently coming in a dev beta soon, although properly launching in Fall.


    iOS 18 DB1 - Release Notes iOS & iPadOS 18 Beta Release Notes | Apple Developer Documentation

    Update your apps to use new features, and test your apps against API changes.

    iOS & iPadOS 18 Beta Release Notes | Apple Developer Documentation

    Typically more dev & API focused but helpful if you’re encountering an issue and want to know if it’s known, or want to see if there are any known showstoppers preventing you from upgrading.


    iOS 18 - Official Preview Page iOS 18 Preview

    iOS 18 makes iPhone even more personal, with deeper customization, new ways to connect, easier-to-find photos, and support for Apple Intelligence.

    iOS 18 Preview

    Always worth a look through for stuff that wasn’t mentioned in the keynote.