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Gnome developers in a nutshell
  • You wouldn’t have Wayland if it weren’t for WONTFIX, ya daft cunts.

    16 years later, and it still barely works. Plasma made it a first-class citizen in the last release and I still had to switch back to X11 because a million WONTFIXes later there's so many hacked together solutions just to get it to barely work its insane. How do you mess up copy and paste??

  • Gnome developers in a nutshell
  • Dismissing a post because of the platform it is posted on sounds pretty racist to me. Judge them not by the color of the greentext but the content of the meme. Or, something like that.

  • Enlightened Centrists
  • Coup

    2020 Election was clearly stolen. Calling J6 a "coup" or "insurrection" is the hoax of the century. Just look at the footage they don't want you to see of DC police escorting Jacob Chansley through the building. Or Ray Epps shouting, "We need to go IN to the capital." And running free while thousands are locked up as political prisoners.

    Let's just completely forget about the "Summer of love" in 2020 with all of the "mostly peaceful protests" and George Soros attorneys refusing to prosecute while innocent people are killed, and buildings burned and looted all over the country.


    When we decided to subsidize education with tax dollars prices skyrocketed, and quality went down.

    Same story with Healthcare. Both are bureaucratic nightmares.

    Both sides are the same

    The House voted on Wednesday to pass the bipartisan Antisemitism Awareness Act. Completely gutting your 1st Amendment freedom of speech. The House vote was 320 to 91 with 70 Democrats and 21 Republicans voting against the bill. The politicians in this country are openly betraying you. It doesn't matter left or right. They're not working for you. They're bought and paid for by lobbying money.

  • Andrew Tate and brother Tristan to be tried in Romania on rape and trafficking charges
    1. Obvious political persecution. I don't have to like him or agree with what he says.
    2. He admitted to doing porn with women and making money. Never admitted to "rape" or "trafficking" because it didn't happen.

    They put him under a microscope, had to bribe women to turn on him, and even then couldn't get anything.

  • Andrew Tate and brother Tristan to be tried in Romania on rape and trafficking charges
  • I only saw admissions about what is already publicly known. Yes he hired women and did pornography. This is morally wrong and destructive to society.

    The rape and trafficking charges are hoaxes because Tate is a prominent figure against the establishment.

    Bill Gates is on the Epstein list and his wife left him over the issue yet... No investigation.

    To quote George Carlin, "Its a big club, and you ain't in it." Not only am I completely confident he did nothing wrong. They would have buried him under the prison if they had any real dirt. I also know it is political persecution.

  • The Future
    Political Memes shimdidly
    Actually what I think of when someone says Gerrymandering
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