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It's wild how many job listings might be fake
  • I've definitely felt this. I have applied to quite a few roles that I am highly qualified for and get the "we selected someone else" email and then see the role posted again a few weeks later. I wouldn't necessarily expect to get every job I apply for, but I would expect to get a screening interview for most of them.

  • The entire Dragon Age series is only $10 on steam until June 27th.
  • I bought these and started DAO again a couple days ago. I had them on console before, but it was cheap enough to add to my Steam account. I loaded up a ton of mods this time. So far I'm having fun, but it crashes a lot, so I'm quick saving constantly. I'm not sure if the crashing is the game, my laptop, or the mods. I'm assuming its the mods and so far don't care enough to figure out which one(s). The good news is, I can go from desktop to loaded game in about 30 seconds, which is a nice change from modern games that take forever to load.

    For those commenting on EA, if you buy on Steam you'll get a launcher, but you don't need the EA app to play (at least for DAO, I haven't gotten to the others yet). However, if you just don't want to give your $7 to EA (after Steam's cut), that's totally understandable.

  • Desk workers of Lemmy, what are your tips for appearing busy in the office even when you might not be?
  • One of my prior roles was moved from a proper office to an open office and one of the "selling" points was "you can work from anywhere in our cool new building!". So, I spent most of my day anywhere but my desk. I got my work done and half my time was spent in meetings either way, but if I didn't have somewhere to be, I'd be in the quietest spot I could find in the building (cafeteria mid-morning/afternoon, conference area when there were no meetings, outside, the lobby, etc.). I was regularly commended for adopting the new culture.

  • [meme] Part of my ongoing efforts to rebrand bicycles as the ultimate freedom vehicle (which they unironically are)
  • From A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain (1890):

    But when I saw them put the noose around his neck, then everything let go in me and I made a spring to the rescue—and as I made it I shot one more glance abroad—by George! here they came, a-tilting!—five hundred mailed and belted knights on bicycles!

    The grandest sight that ever was seen. Lord, how the plumes streamed, how the sun flamed and flashed from the endless procession of webby wheels!

    I waved my right arm as Launcelot swept in—he recognized my rag —I tore away noose and bandage, and shouted:

    “On your knees, every rascal of you, and salute the king! Who fails shall sup in hell to-night!”

  • Laptop Recommendation for Light Gaming
  • Mine has integrated graphics plus a dedicated card that it will switch to for higher demand applications. I was not aware of USB to HDMI, I'll check that out. I don't game when docked, so I only need the integrated graphics for that purpose. If that resolves my issue for now, I can put off a new purchase until I feel spendy enough to buy one of those Framework laptops!

  • Weekly Discussion: 27 May 2024
  • I think you might be right that FIRE, as a movement, has sort of crested that initial wave of public enthusiasm and is not the topic of conversation that it had been, but is still flowing quietly in the background for a large number of people.

    I think what the Reddit sub had going was lots of new or curious people asking questions and people providing feedback. It seems like we only have a small group of people that are already on the path, so we don't have much to talk about. If the back to basics approach drew in new people, that might help to get things started here. But I've always tended to be more of a lurker, so I don't have many ideas about how to increase engagement.

  • Laptop Recommendation for Light Gaming
  • I have one and it would probably work for my needs when docked, but I mainly use my laptop as a laptop. Its frustrating that such an inconsequential part (the HDMI port) is making me consider replacing an otherwise functioning laptop. Trying to get it repaired is probably the smarter option, its a shame laptops aren't more user repairable. It definitely makes the Framework laptop that people are recommending appealing if I decide I'm willing to spend some money.

  • PlayStation's CEO drastically underestimates the Steam crowd's patience, thinks PC gamers will buy a PS5 for exclusive sequels
  • Switch game prices are ridiculous! I think my (teenage) kids have 4 games for their Switch because nobody wants to pay those prices. I don't know how many 100s of dollars they've spent on Steam games over the years at $5-20 per game, but they're never willing to spend $40-60 and they won't even put Switch games on their wishlist at that price.

  • Laptop Recommendation for Light Gaming
  • I actually have one, but I use my laptop as a laptop the majority of the time and the steam deck would not work well for that. I suppose an alternative to buying something new would be to properly setup cloud storage so I could more easily switch between laptop and desktop PCs rather than "docking" (aka KVM) my laptop when I want to use a proper setup at my desk. My poor desktop is essentially unused at this point other than occasionally streaming games to my laptop.

  • Laptop Recommendation for Light Gaming
  • Wow, looking at some of the system specs I was thinking, "who even needs 64GB of RAM?" I don't think I've ever had a system with more than 16GB. But I suppose there was a time when people thought the same about 512KB. I probably wouldn't shop used, but maybe refurb. I never buy extended warranties, but I do like having the initial guarantee when I buy a new device.

    Everything else you mentioned is way outside my knowledge; I could probably learn, but I would rather just have something that works. I used to love getting into the technical stuff, but now I just want to turn on my device and use it.

  • Laptop Recommendation for Light Gaming
  • I'm okay with blank hardware, I've done all my desktop builds for more than 25 years (and recently did the SSD upgrade on a SteamDeck). I just never new there was anything similar available on the laptop market. My concern was more with paying for a Windows license or having hardware that was a subpar choice for linux drivers. I will definitely be learning more!

  • Laptop Recommendation for Light Gaming
  • The only AMD model I'm seeing is the Pangolin with a AMD Radeon 680M. That wouldn't be bad since it is roughly equivalent to the GTX 1650 I have now and probably way more efficient. Or do they have something newer that hasn't released yet?

  • Laptop Recommendation for Light Gaming

    I currently have a low end Windows gaming laptop that I was planning to upgrade to Linux before Win10 goes end of life, but my HDMI port stopped working, so now I'm debating buying a new Linux laptop instead. Can anyone provide any recommendations?

    I would prefer to have something preloaded with linux. On my current laptop I don't play anything too demanding because it can't handle it, instead I either stream more demanding games from my desktop or Xbox. I would likely run a VM with Windows because I need to use MS Office for school and I assume I could use that for streaming Xbox games as well.

    I would prefer something that can handle a moderate game load without going nuts on fan noise. I would like to have a decent amount of storage (at least 1-2 TB), so either preloaded with that or easily upgradeable would be important.

    I'm still figuring out my budget, it depends on what happens with work this summer. I will either be looking for something below $1k or possibly up to $2k if it seems worthwhile. I haven't really used Linux very much before and not at all in the last 10 years. Any ideas?