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Epic artwork by John Blanche
  • It's a Rogue Trader era jetbike!

  • Everything We Learned About The Next Doomsday Planes For The Air Force

    The Sierra Nevada Corporation says the first 747-8i destined to become a Survivable Airborne Operations Center jet will be delivered soon.

    Everything We Learned About The Next Doomsday Planes For The Air Force
    Smith & Wesson 36, The First J-Frame Wheelgun Wednesday: Smith & Wesson 36, The First J-Frame -

    On this week's TFB Wheelgun Wednesday, we’ll take a look at the Smith & Wesson 36, which is a 5-shot, small frame revolver chambered in .38 Special.

    Wheelgun Wednesday: Smith & Wesson 36, The First J-Frame -
    Captain Freedom by a Loft Full Of Lead blog Captain Freedom

    I had this figure sitting around for ages, from a Westwind Kickstarter I think. I wanted another model armed with two pistols and this guy was perfect. With the big star on his chest, I decided on …

    Captain Freedom
    cyber gorilla by Scent Of A Gamer blog Daily miniature: cyber gorilla

    This is the only gorilla in my collection. This figure comes from the first Bones release. It’s basic, but does the job of being… what it is.

    Daily miniature: cyber gorilla
    Realm of Warcry; Chapter 3 – part 2 Realm of Warcry; Chapter 3 – part 2

    Greetings Terrans, I have a very brief post to share today – a tiny bit of progress on my Slaaneshi warband. I need about 11 more humans to add to the roster, and looking over my hoard, I tho…

    Realm of Warcry; Chapter 3 – part 2
    Dungeons & Dragons Game post – “Dance Hall Days” by Double Down Dice Dungeons & Dragons Game post – “Dance Hall Days”

    The game continues, as the players once again tackle the Keep on the Borderlands module. I’m not sure I mentioned this before, but this is one of the most popular and well known D&D modul…

    Dungeons & Dragons Game post – “Dance Hall Days”
    Justice Department sues to break up Live Nation, parent of Ticketmaster
  • For the last 30 years, monopolies could only be broken up if the corporation bought other companies "without the intention of of forming a “monopoly.”

    With the intention of forming a monopoly?

  • Only Who Can Guess the Episode?
  • Dear lord protect this rocket house and all who dwell within the rocket house.

  • All 5 'Mad Max' movies, ranked
  • TLDR the article ranks:

    1. Road Warrior

    2. Fury Road

    3. Furiosa

    4. Mad Max

    5. Beyond Thunderdome

    I personally don't like slotting enjoyment of movies into hard ranked categories. Movies can have aspects that are kind of prismatic, where depending on my mood at the time of thinking about them I might like or dislike what they've done. Beyond Thunderdome is a movie with a lot of these elements. It is in many ways a great and perfect third movie in the original series, being the furthest along in the timeline and showing humanity and civilization have gone the most awry from present day. It does a lot to retroactively shape perceptions of the Mad Max franchise that people tend to ignore.

    And that's just a preamble to an actually discussion about one of the movies.

  • Olympic Competitors 1896 vs 2020
  • This is just a very specific tangent. It is obviously different than the baseline shooting experience. It would be difficult to mistake this kind of target shooting for anything resembling practical shooting. That's alright. It can exist as its own thing.

  • Work in progress dead Blood Angels terminator
  • Yes it’s nice that 3D modelers have gotten to this point to help with OOP sculpts.

  • Bombers! Planes painted by Just Needs Varnish blog
  • Sorry no clue. I have Jetpack on my phone since I also use it for my blog.

  • Guess the Episode [Hard]
  • [jarringly realistic sound of a head hitting a cabinet]

  • New Necromunda!

    GW are doing some kind of preview event this weekend, which started with the full reveal of the new Age of Sigmar box for 4th edition, and has continued today with 40k stuff. The big news, though, …

    New Necromunda!
    0 US departure from Niger ‘already underway’ ahead of September deadline

    The future of America's counter-terrorism work in the country had been in doubt for months after a coup last summer.

    US departure from Niger ‘already underway’ ahead of September deadline
    Work in progress dead Blood Angels terminator
  • It’s an official mini that’s from the 3rd edition Space Hulk box. It’s real shame how limited a run these boxes were.

  • Nothing is too niche for modders to remaster, not even a '90s Star Wars FPS expansion pack where you play as Luke Skywalker's weird non-canon wife rescuing my favorite Expanded Universe dork
  • Luke Skywalker had a weird wife named Mara Jade

    Yes, the old Starr Wars [cool typo] Expanded Universe was a bit of an odd duck, and you can maybe see why Disney shunted it to the side in favor of a new continuity.

    The smug flippancy of this writer, good lord. That preamble’s tone towards the EU was entirely unnecessary for an article on a game mod.

  • New Heritage 92 Lever-Actions: Familiar Cowboy-Style Firepower
  • That is extremely cool. I have access to a .44 lever action rifle and it is very unique to shoot.

  • Work in progress genestealers. Washed only skin on left, highlighted skin on right.
  • I like them very much. About 80% of my hobby paints are VMC.

  • I'm finally moving over to Lemmy! What are your favorite active communities on the platform?
  • Not to be too biased or anything, but I mod

    [email protected]


    [email protected]

    I also really like

    [email protected]

    The userbases on all of these communities are a little smaller, but steady and the vibe is more positively authentic than Reddit alternatives.

    Oh and [email protected]

  • Work in progress genestealers. Washed only skin on left, highlighted skin on right.
  • Sure. I don't normally do genestealers or tyranids, so the methods were all being developed on the fly.

    The models were all primed black. The carapaces were drybrushed with Vallejo Model Color Grey Blue, then Pale Grey Blue. At that point, the second drybrushing had left them too light and chalky colored so I used a DIY blue ink wash all over to get them back to a more saturated blue.

    The exposed flesh is all Citadel Pink Horror, then washed with Citadel's purple wash, then 50/50 Pink Horror and an ivory paint. (Normally I'd transition between shade and highlights with more intermediate layers, but I'm used to doing small batches compared to such a large group. I'm counting on the genestealers looking decent as group rather than individuals with this paintjob.)

    Bases were all drybrushed with Vallejo Luftwafe blue, then Pale Grey Blue, then Vallejo Rust wash applied to details.

  • And now you get the bad ending
  • Fallout 1 absolutely does it as well. Even the animated dialog the Overseer gives is different, as he gets frustrated with the dumb player character.

    One of the more famous Fallout 1 dumb events is that the first super mutant in the game, who is guarding the water chip, will grunt back and forth with the player and then step aside allowing the player to pass by.

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