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Qualcomm goes where Apple won't, readies official Linux support for Snapdragon X Elite | Tom's Hardware
  • Bad example because you can. With the linux container you can install any linux app and it works on a Chromebook. Appears in the app search too. But I definitely get what you mean, Chrome OS and Android may use the Linux kernel but they'll never be Linux

  • r/sysadmin and the size of this community
  • Is the sysadmim reddit still used by people? Get them to switch on over. I don't get why they haven't already. Link this community in the sidebar on Reddit and pin a post saying we moved to Lemmy

  • what's going on with helldivers?

    I've been waiting to buy it but now it looks like you need to link a PSN account to play and players aren't happy.

    GTK 4.15 Released With Vulkan Renderer By Default NEWS · main · GNOME / gtk · GitLab

    GTK is a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces.

    NEWS · main · GNOME / gtk · GitLab

    I know this is good but don't know why.

    can someone explain the advantage of using vulkan?

    PlayStation 3 Hacks and Homebrew secret300
    Question about which CFW to use?

    I got down which release version but I don't know what the difference is between [noBD] and [OC].

    It sounds like I want the [OC] one cause I know OC as overclock but I doubt it lol.

    Am I able to install one then install another at a different time?

    hmmmm brain thinky secret300
    Research-backed MDMA (Molly/Ecstasy) education

    Pretty cool this exists.

    hmmmm brain thinky secret300
    want to read later because I am lazy

    Ironically too lazy to read this rn...

    Sike I'm just at work on my phone

    I'm so interested in SDF

    Never heard of any of this before but it seems like a dope community. I just donated through paypal to validate. I'm excited to try stuff out. I tried to look at the bboard and I am confused but I will learn. never used irc either but I'm curious. This all seems so cool

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