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Democratic power players are circulating a proposal for Biden to exit, launch 'blitz primary'
  • The “fire” is only burning because the dems are wishing for maga-like willingness to deny what we hear and see for ourselves: Biden is unfit to lead America.

    WE ALL SAW IT. YOU DID TOO. Denial and gaslighting will not work with non-maga thinking adults.

    Stop pretending it’s okay. If the stakes are as high as the dems themselves keep screaming, then act like it and put up a capable candidate.

  • YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie
  • So is it … the “whole thing”? I.e., Lemmy was invented / created / etc. by a bunch of authoritarian weirdos?

    I’m guessing that the question itself reveals that I don’t even understand what Lemmy is, but hey. Any help appreciated.

  • The problem with GIMP
  • Honestly it just doesn’t sound like a legit app to me. Sounds like some guy’s personal project.

    Calling your cool new app “TARD,” for example — and then insisting (with a straight face) that it is simply an acronym and “people should get over it” — is just being stupid and missing the entire point…while failing miserably.

  • At what age do you consider life to be over?
  • You start to think more and more…

    No, this is what you are apparently doing. Knock it off.

    This post is a rant consisting almost entirely of your own self-limiting beliefs. Got that? Beliefs. And they can change. You can change them.

  • Israeli strike hits Rafah area after Hamas barrage
  • Gotta love this thinking here.

    So tell me, should the US have stopped attacking Japan once they’d matched the ~2.4k soldiers killed at Pearl Harbor?

    Or should the allies have stopped “genociding” Nazi Germany once they’d matched Hitler’s body count?

    OF COURSE NOT. This isn’t about tit for tat. Especially when going after an enemy that is openly committee to your annihilation. Israel certainly appears to be doing a shit job of it, but there is no need to muddy the waters with specious arguments.