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Would it count as cheating if you tatooed the answers to an exam on your body?
  • I had a classmate who had the identity matrix tattooed on his wrist. Proctors made him wear a bandage over it. There was also a t-shirt made by the math facility with a bunch of equations that was banned from exams.

    I don't think either would actually be of real help (these were for second year math courses) but the profs considered it a matter of principal.

  • Me when I see the youths posting online [Rule]
  • it's a pejorative for people who aren't following the trends and particularly the now out of fashion trends from the 2010's (live laugh love signs, mom jeans, minions, holds up spork, girl bossing etc) that's now associated with being behind the times, tryharding etc, but has evolved to a general term for people who are uncool.

    (I am a millennial though for the record so maybe I'm not using it right :D)

  • And they don't fold well either
  • It's great on the bottom and seems like it'll last the rest of my life.

    No pillow is going to last 10years. Your brand recommends changing every 2-4 years depending on the type, of course they are biased to make that number lower, but you still are going to be hurting yourself if you leave it too long. If you wake up with a stuffy nose every morning that could be your pillow for instance.

    If longevity is your biggest concern I would recommend something like a buckwheat pillow, when it ages out you can just replace the stuffing for cheap and the waste buckwheat is fully biodegradable. I love mine!

  • Day 6 Behind the anger on the Reddit Canada site
  • Back in the day when stormfront was relavent, they had organized attacks on location subreddits. They tend to be easier to take over than general interest subs and have an outsized influence on politics. /r/canada was the crown jewel of this strategy.

  • World's largest sodium-ion battery goes into operation - Energy Storage
  • I mean maybe, it's just a back of napkin calculation i didnt spend more than a 5s search, think of it as a lower bound I guess. I don't think my conclusion really changes if it's 40% vs 20%, point is that it's more than enough to power peak usage. I tried digging a bit more but couldn't find anything that contradicted or confirmed it. Here in Canada 1MWh per month is typical for an electrified house (ie electric heating, cooling and stovetop), but our houses are big, our electricity generally cheap and our climate different.

    Wikipedia lists avg consumption per capita for China as 5MWh/person/yr, half that of the US, Canada and Australia but that doesn't take into account household size which imagine is higher in china. Also worth noting China has been adopting evs relatively quick and they generally take a huge amount of power.

  • World's largest sodium-ion battery goes into operation - Energy Storage
  • So an average Chinese home takes ~1MWh/mo of electricity, they have 100Mwh and they say 300 discharges a year and support 12000 people. So they expect this to cover about a fifth of the energy usage, which seems pretty great.

  • Tech request: Meta data of location temperature in photos
  • It's not common but the pixel 8 has an infrared sensor in the camera that they advertise as being able to measure the temperature of stuff. Apparently it's fda approved to measure body temperature.

  • Blue - Eiffel 65


    Luck In The Sky With Diamonds


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