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  • Congrats. What about everyone else? There are clearly enough people here that this is confusing for it be taken seriously. Especially since this is how cyclists get killed.

    Ps. Fuck cars

  • Germany: Record cocaine haul worth billions of euros seized
  • I knew-jerk downvoted but then thought about your comment. I wish we had better research on the relative addiction of alcohol vs cocaine.

    My immediate thought was “I know someone whose life was destroyed by cocaine” and then I realised the same is true of alcohol. If only the effort that went into illegally producing all this cocaine combined with the effort to seize and destroy it could be used to research and ultimately reduce harm from all drugs and stop fighting over legal vs illicit.

    Anyway, time to ride my unicorn while I live in dreamland

  • A Felon in the Oval Office Would Test the American System
  • The American system has been tested and it lost. Now it’s in the aftermath where the race to the bottom is an open race instead of being something to be ashamed of.

    Good luck to the world as we see what absolutely bonkers shit we experience

  • FUTO funds Immich with 3 year commitment: the best image gallery software
  • Cool. Don’t know if you replied to the wrong person but this context might be better suited to be a parent comment.

    The person I replied to made a claim and I wanted them to back it up. Since you haven’t even tried “immich”, with an I, I’m not sure what you hoped to get out of this interaction.

  • Australia’s richest woman seeks removal of her portrait from exhibition
  • It doesn’t really matter. She’ll wield her power, get her way and then go on living her toxic existence feeling like she won even though, quantitatively, more people think she’s a cunt.

    But we can all tell ourselves this somehow makes a difference

  • How do I find the meme of Riker playing a trombone with the subtitle "sad note"?

    I’m not actually a Star Trek fan but I saw that meme and now I need it to make a sick joke. How can I find it?

    Sorry if my description is wrong, I’m sure trek is great but I never got into it.


    Monday to Friday


    What's the next premium EMK to look out for?

    Firstly, I went to the old Subreddit and the last post is over 2 weeks ago. This community must be one of the first to totally abandon Reddit.

    Secondly, to the point, I would love a premium ergo board, like the cornish zen. I see that Boardsource has an aluminum Lulu but its got about 20 keys too many for me. I'm currently using a Corne with 36 keys.

    What are others thinking about premium boards? Or asked another way, what keyboards are you dreaming about today?