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TIL That reddits "most addicted city" is eglin air force base FL
  • Addicted to reddit, not drugs.

  • Jerky, 7-Fingered Scarlett Johansson Appears In Video To Express Full-Fledged Approval Of OpenAI
  • always read the community name

    I've had a couple of 'wtf' moments as well. I learnt to read headline first, then check the community.

  • Palia developers lay off a third of staff just weeks after cosy life sim's Steam launch
  • Imo it's only recently that it's become 'typical' for this to happen.

  • I'm looking to drop cable but need live sports alternative.
  • Any recommendations for providers? Feel free to DM me if you're not comfortable posting here.

  • Have you ever been in an argument where you absolutely objectively proved you were correct?
  • I know someone that dismisses 95% of media as "Western media propaganda". They include Al Jazeera in that list 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • What if public libraries...
  • I accept your acceptance of the correction.

  • What if public libraries...
  • This is incorrect.

    From Wikipedia:

    The term library is based on the Latin word liber for 'book' or 'document', contained in Latin libraria 'collection of books' and librarium 'container for books'.

  • A coop PvE game for two dads and three sons?
  • I know you asked for as little violence as possible, but have you considered Destiny 2?

    There are single, two, three and six person activities (and you can use group finders to help find a 6th and maybe make a friend on the way).

    It is a first person looter shooter, but it also has a deep story as well as mechanics (eg platforming, solving puzzles, exploring areas to find collectibles). Ultimately though you do need to shoot and kill stuff. It's not that gory however.

    There's also builds in the game, so you can spend a lot of time tweaking your builds to get it how you like it, aka theory crafting.

    It's also "free to play", but in reality it's "free for the first bit and then if you want access to heaps of other content you gotta spend money".

  • Hmmmmmm
  • I disagree. To me, "Eating/taking a bite" in this case means ingesting, consuming, inhaling, basically putting the substance into yourself.

  • Hmmmmmm
  • Are you referring to this classic? If so, injecting is the equivalent of eating in this case, so the nutmeg would be poisonous, not venomous.

  • Season 3 finale. They put all the good shit in the trailer
  • Oh yea that's pretty fucked up.

  • How would you arrange the calendar and leap years if there were 365.261... days per year?
  • This this this. The 13 month calender is beautiful.

  • Need help choosing my new device
  • Hi OP. Sorry I don't have an answer to your question but I do have one suggestion for consideration when purchasing a new phone, and that's battery capacity. I'm not sure if you much about batteries, apologies if you do, but for a vague reference 3000mAh is on the low end, while 5000mAh is a pretty pumping battery. Personally, I only buy phones with a minimum 4000mAh battery capacity.

    Of course how long the battery will last battery varies on based on numerous factors, including but not limited to the phone hardware, screen size, what apps you run, and much more.

  • [OC] Anyone else insist on using the generic name for all meds?
  • Yo gimme some of that Dihydrogen monoxide.

  • Hmmmmmm
  • Yo woops replies to the wrong post so here's a dumb fact: Nutmeg is extremely poisonous if injected intravenously.

  • Season 3 finale. They put all the good shit in the trailer
  • Damn yea that all rings a few bells now. I didn't realise it was the kid that had to kill the mum (and baby?) This is the point I stopped watching, I can't remember specifically why, but I obviously got sick of it or thought the show had turned to shit and maybe this was the last straw for me.

  • Season 3 finale. They put all the good shit in the trailer
  • Yes yes yes. Thankyou for delivering.

  • Any gamers?

    Any gamers here? I play a lot of Destiny 2, and I've been meaning to give Deep Rock Galactic a go!