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Disable windows updates
  • I'm not sure what the purple app was.

    It was a website, and after a Lemmy user reminded me of, I realized it is decidedly un-purple.

  • Disable windows updates
  • Yes!!! ⭐ ⭐

    And it isn't remotely purple! Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Disable windows updates
  • Its all coming back to me now. Must've been repressed memories...

    For the record, the service names are: UsoSvc WaaSMedicSvc wuauserv

  • Disable windows updates
  • WaaSmedic must be that watchdog that kept re-enabling update services after I disabled them years ago. I just remember my OS would start a multi hour encode or compile, and I'd come back hours later to a login screen and update history telling me it rebooted when I didn't have automatic updates enabled.

    Thx for the reply.

  • Disable windows updates
  • That is similar to the web page I was thinking of. Thx. I'll check it out.

  • Disable windows updates
  • God bless Steve Gibson! Security Now! I used Spinrite back in 92. I've used his other utilities (when they were relevant), and ShieldsUP too. That man is a treasure. Thanks for the link. I know he gets it.

    On second thought, while this is great, I need to block all updates in this PC.

  • Disable windows updates

    I haven't run windows since 2019. However I need to boot my old drive to grab some data. I really need to make sure this system doesn't update any windows components, but I'll need it to have internet access for a portion of the time.

    On a different system, I used to have two reg keys that I would run to disable or enable updates when I found that disabling the services only worked until the watchdog would re enable them. Those resulted in updates saying something was wrong, which is perfect by me.

    Now that web searches for stuff like this are all AI-gen'd SEO BS, can anyone tell me or point me to a reliable resource for truly disabling updates on Win 10?

    PS - Bonus points if Anyone can link me to the page I used a few years back that had all sorts of privacy enhancing and telemetry disabling option on the left side and would create a reg file for applying those changes on the right. It might have been a purple theme, I forget.

    Edit: it may also have been a "services" command that fully disabled services from CLI where the GUI says access denied. I forget.

    Edit 2: I got the updates services disabled via registry. Thanks to those who refreshed my old Windows admin memory. I dumped Windows on my personal systems years ago, and haven't had to think about this for a while. It's a shame when the operating system changes to this model of SaaS where they call all the shots. I want security updates, but not bleeding edge drivers, candy crush, "feature enhancements", random unexpected reboots, etc. I miss when the update feature didn't assume nobody in the world could handle manual updates. You know, like sudo apt-get update.

    This is just adorable
  • Thx for the reply. 🩵

  • This is just adorable
  • And here I am, divorced and never marrying again, lucky to be dating the same girl for eight years. And then there's that one day every few years where she runs out of her meds and begins believing I'm plotting against her when I ask how her mom is doing that I think, "I'm super glad I didn't get married again so I can just walk away if this shit lasts more than a few days."

    That's love. Staying with someone, not because you're married and a divorce is a huge legal hassle, but because they haven't freaked all the way the fuck out yet.

    PS, make friends with your pharmacist, fellow BPSOs. Make sure they keep those mood stabilizers and antipsychotic in stock.

  • Sit down. We need to talk.
  • In my house, this look means 90+ minutes not late with dinner. After that, every look at them prompts a lap around the room, under every obstacle, whining at max volume.

  • [meme] I don't park on the road with the plebs
  • Reminds me of a frustrating tale: Where I used to live, in New England, there was this daycare run out of a home with a massive parking lot for a driveway. Still, the owner/proprietor instructed parents to park on the sidewalk when dropping off. Not in the driveway, obstructing the sidewalk, but in front of her home, parking much like this, straddling it with their tires like the grass in this photo. There was no sidewalk on the other side of the road.

    The effect was to completely obstruct the walkway (which in the winter, the only way around was for kids walking to the elementary and middle school to walk out into the very busy street, which led to the highway on-ramp. 50+ small children ages 5 to 14 walking out in the street in the winter (Nov to May in N.E.) every day so that the daycare owner could have kids dropped into her living room instead of her kitchen.

    No amount of complaining to the city ever got her to stop. The officials didn't see a problem. In fact, when the police and code enforcement came to assess, they parked there too, since her plow guy made it obvious they could park there, and kids walked around their vehicles as well.

    What worked? The neighbor across the street was an older gentleman, and he began putting on a high-vis and stopping traffic for the kids. That got police to question why he was stopping traffic on a busy road, who initially came and PARKED THERE TOO to ask him to stop, then an officer finally put the single digit math together and began stopping traffic for him for months, until the city installed bollards at the cost of many thousands for installation, and nobody could drive up on the sidewalk again.

    Imagine if they had simply ticketed the drivers and fined the homeowner. Instead, taxpayers foot the bill for police man-hours and a passive aggressive solution that also kept the city sidewalk plow off the sidewalk.

    Edit: Just spoke with my sister, who let me know the bollards came out two winters ago and never went back, and the problem is as bad as ever. Fuck cars.

  • House Republicans Propose Renaming Oceans After Donald Trump
  • coinciding with what would have been Trump’s 78th birthday.

    If he isn't dead, it's still his birthday. Come to think of it, even if he's dead.

    Making me hope he died...

  • Google is Working on a Recall Feature for ChromeOS
  • To be clear, I fully agree with your comment I replied to. It just reminded me of the poem by Martin Niem”ller.

  • New Linux malware is controlled through emojis sent from Discord
  • The joke's on you, malware devs! I never use Discord, and never did on my Linux machines.

  • Just realized that "upside down" means "the up side is down", making it upside down
  • Unused to wonder if the radio announcers that are always reciting the station call letters found that the letters stopped sounding like individual sounds, and the whole recitation became a sort of "word" for them. Like "You're listening to 102.9FM WBLM!" Did it stop being "double-you bee ell emm," and turn into more of a mashup of "dubbleyabeeyelmm"?

    True, the difference is pretty subtle, especially to a listener, but I wonder strange things sometimes...

  • Apple punishes women for same behaviors that get men promoted, lawsuit says
  • One job I held had an employee handbook that included a blurb about how and individual's salary is their own business, and in order to foster collaboration and unity, it was best to avoid the topic entirely (I'm paraphrasing; I don't remember the wording).

    Hogwash, of course, for the reasons you mentioned.

  • Sixth Circuit Tells Ohio AG To Stop Blocking Ballot Initiative Calling For End Of Qualified Immunity

    Plenty of people don’t care for all the forms of immunity the government has granted itself. And they don’t care for qualified immunity, which is a thing the Supreme Court cooked up on …

    Sixth Circuit Tells Ohio AG To Stop Blocking Ballot Initiative Calling For End Of Qualified Immunity

    > "Pursuant to Ohio law, Plaintiffs drafted their amendment and summary, collected their one thousand qualified supporting signatures, and filed it with the Ohio Attorney General, David Yost. On at least six occasions, Yost declined to certify Plaintiffs’ summary."

    > Tellingly, the AG’s office invoked sovereign immunity as another option to escape this lawsuit and the proposed injunction. Sovereign immunity is one of several immunities the ballot measure hopes to eradicate. If the AG detected any irony when raising this immunity, it certainly didn’t stop him from invoking it.

    Anti-Corporate Movement s38b35M5 Apple punishes women for same behaviors that get men promoted, lawsuit says

    Apple could owe thousands in back pay to 12,000 female employees.

    Apple punishes women for same behaviors that get men promoted, lawsuit says

    > Jong, currently a customer/technical training instructor on Apple's global developer relations/app review team, said that she only became aware of a stark pay disparity by chance.

    > "One day, I saw a W-2 left on the office printer," Jong said. "It belonged to my male colleague, who has the same job position. I noticed that he was being paid almost $10,000 more than me, even though we performed substantially similar work. This revelation made me feel terrible."


    > According to the complaint, several of Apple's policies favoring men have further entrenched the alleged pay gap. That includes Apple's performance evaluation system, which women suing alleged rewarded men in categories such as teamwork and leadership but "penalized" women for excelling in those areas.

    > Apple also seemingly has "a policy or practice of selecting individuals who have 'talent' and compensating those persons more highly than other employees." But neither Jong nor Salgado—although both have held various leadership roles—were ever designated as "talent" deserving of a pay increase, the lawsuit said. They've alleged that this Apple policy is biased against women, more often rewarding male "talent" while female talent goes unacknowledged.

    > "More men are identified as having talent," the complaint said.

    > Separately, Jong has also alleged that Apple subjected her to a hostile work environment after a senior member of her team, Blaine Weilert, sexually harassed her. After she complained, Apple investigated and Weilert reportedly admitted to touching her "in a sexually suggestive manner without her consent," the complaint said. Apple then disciplined Weilert but ultimately would not allow Jong to escape the hostile work environment, requiring that she work with Weilert on different projects. Apple later promoted Weilert.

    > As a result of Weilert's promotion, the complaint said that Apple placed Weilert in a desk "sitting adjacent" to Jong's in Apple’s offices. Following a request to move her desk, a manager allegedly "questioned" Jong's "willingness to perform her job and collaborate" with Weilert, advising that she be “professional, respectful, and collaborative,” rather than honoring her request for a non-hostile workplace.

    > As a result of Weilert's promotion, the complaint said that Apple placed Weilert in a desk "sitting adjacent" to Jong's in Apple’s offices. Following a request to move her desk, a manager allegedly "questioned" Jong's "willingness to perform her job and collaborate" with Weilert, advising that she be “professional, respectful, and collaborative,” rather than honoring her request for a non-hostile workplace.

    6 Google is Working on a Recall Feature for ChromeOS

    In an interview this week, a Google vice president said that the firm was considering adding a feature like Microsoft Recall to ChromeOS.

    Google is Working on a Recall Feature for ChromeOS
    Anti-Corporate Movement s38b35M5 The Raiding of Red Lobster

    The bankrupt casual restaurant chain didn’t fail because of Endless Shrimp. Its problems date back to monopolist seafood conglomerates and a private equity play.

    The Raiding of Red Lobster

    > The bankrupt casual restaurant chain didn’t fail because of Endless Shrimp. Its problems date back to monopolist seafood conglomerates and a private equity play.

    > The company abruptly shuttered roughly 50 of its locations across the country last week without informing employees, who showed up to work only to find signs announcing the closures, which may be a potential labor law violation. According to staff complaints, they only later received notice that they’d be laid off or transferred to the remaining stores, in some cases many miles away.

    A good read for anyone who wants the truth about the fail upward brunch lords who play with the lives of their workers for high fives and walk away with billions while the companies they put on their resumes get stacked with debt and crumble under the weight.

    8 Fontana pays nearly $900,000 for ‘psychological torture’ inflicted by police to get false confession

    Detectives grilled Thomas Perez Jr. for 17 hours, deprived him of medications and threatened to have his dog killed if he didn’t confess to killing his father, who was actually alive.

    Fontana pays nearly $900,000 for ‘psychological torture’ inflicted by police to get false confession

    > According to court records, detectives told Perez that his father was dead, that they had recovered his body and it now “wore a toe tag at the morgue.” They said they had evidence that Perez killed his father and that he should just admit it, records show.

    > Perez insisted he didn’t remember killing anyone, but detectives allegedly told him that the human mind often tries to suppress troubling memories.

    > At one point during the interrogation, the investigators even threatened to have his pet Labrador Retriever, Margosha, euthanized as a stray, and brought the dog into the room so he could say goodbye. “OK? Your dog’s now gone, forget about it,” said an investigator.

    Court Decision (PDF)


    Opus > Vorbis conversion w/ffmpeg Q's

    When I use yt-dlp -x to grab audio only, the resulting opus files are often troublesome to play back in strawberry, stopping unexpectedly. They also sometimes don't index at all, and metadata including embedded cover art don't seem to stick.

    So, since most of my library is already vorbis in OGG files, I have been converting the files, but my inexperience with audio codecs and YouTube audio formats in general is shining through. I use 320kbps, but the resulting files are typically about twice the size afterward. I'm thinking I'm probably wasting space for no reason.

    What is a comparable bitrate for the OGG files for a given bitrate opus source file?

    EDIT: Here is my conversion script find ./ -iname "*.opus" | parallel --load 0.9 ffmpeg -i {} -c:a libvorbis -b:a 320k "{.}.ogg"

    EDIT2: Here is the updated version with a suggestion from @[email protected] find ./ -iname "*.opus" | parallel --load 0.9 ffmpeg -i {} -c:a libvorbis -q:a 6 "{.}.ogg" which results in only slightly larger files (5.4MB > 7.2MB).


    Thoughts on Google turning every device into a scanner for Find My Device?

    Received notice of a change to the service in my inbox today. Seems icky to me.

    > Devices in the network use Bluetooth to scan for nearby items. If other devices detect your items, they’ll securely send the locations where the items were detected to Find My Device. Your Android devices will do the same to help others find their offline items when detected nearby

    > Your devices’ locations will be encrypted using the PIN, pattern, or password for your Android devices. They can only be seen by you and those you share your devices with in Find My Device. They will not be visible to Google or used for other purposes.

    ETA: here's the link to opt out: opt out of the network


    Meet Charlie. This is his lovey morning face

    Stats Age - ~10yrs Weight - 10lbs Claws - present and trimmed twice monthly Disposition - Alpha male, but gets scared of his 7lbs sister when predator mode is activated Favorite food - spicy chip crumbs Intelligence on 1 to 10 - 6 (kind of derpy but knows about twenty words and does tricks for food)

    History Charlie was a wild feral trapped in 2017 by a shelter in Maine as part of a spay/neuter program (hence the missing ear tip). When they prepared to release him to the wild again, he had come down with a respiratory infection, and had to be treated for over a month. During that time, he became docile toward some people, so they decided to try to adopt him. They named him Banana. Prospective parents didn't like him because he was indifferent at best or hissing and growling at worst. He also didn't get along with other cats. We're suckers for cats with hard stories, so we scooped him up and brought him home as our only cat (for a time), where he quickly became my buddy. He was 13 pounds when we brought him home, but he's a much more lithe weight now. He lives with a 7 year old female tabby who is tiny and forever kitten. She and Charlie play a lot, and no matter how much he bullies her, she always gets right back in his face and doesn't back down. When he can't find her, he cries; not from loneliness, but fear of where her tiny sharp teeth will come out of hiding from.

    I'll be sharing fun pictures of Charlie and his sister from time to time. Enjoy your weekend, Lemmy!


    qBT total size vs downloaded mismatch

    When using qBitTorrent to download Linux ISOs, I am seeing that the total size of the download is one thing, then the total downloaded when complete exceeds (sometimes by almost double) that size.

    For example: Size Downloaded 900MB 1.56GB 1.6GB 1.91GB Why is that thing?

    4 Cops Battered A Man Suffering A Seizure, Cooked Up Criminal Charges To Cover Up Their Actions

    It often seems that anything not immediately comprehensible to a law enforcement officer must be responded to with violence. Sure, we get to hear plenty about officers’ “training and ex…

    Cops Battered A Man Suffering A Seizure, Cooked Up Criminal Charges To Cover Up Their Actions

    Booting from M.2 on HP EB 840 G2

    Anyone have experience getting an HP EliteBook 840 G2 to boot from M.2? There's only one setting in BIOS to enable it, and it's enabled by default. Latest BIOS update. It's in the boot order. It's even seen when pressing F9 for boot options. I see MX23 but no grub (under legacy) or EFI files found in the ESP partition (under UEFI).

    I've tried cloning my functional SSD install with dd and clonezilla with no errors, but both result in no boot disk found. Same with a fresh install to the drive from live USB.

    I've moved through full legacy, to hybrid, full UEFI, but none see the device as bootable after install.

    Loading GRUB or Syslinux and attempting to boot from HD also fails to boot from the M.2.


    Edit: added clarification what was being cloned


    [SOLVED-sort of] GPU only works in x4 slot on HP ED 800 G3 SFF


    I very limited as to what computer hardware I have access to in where I live (not the USA), but I managed to get my hands on a used HP Elitedesk 800 G3 SFF and waited months for an AMD FX 6400 Low Profile to arrive. Now I am having trouble with this card.

    I know the reviews state that the card can't take advantage of my x16 slot bandwidth, but I expected to be able to use it in that slot, as the x4 slot is right against the power supply, and the card doesn't breathe well at all there, and thermal throttles.

    However, when I slot the GPU in the x16 slot, the PC won't POST. I find no settings in the fairly limited BIOS options that would prevent this, and a test Nvidia GT 720 works in the x16 slot just fine.

    I'm out of ideas to get this to work. Legacy/UEFI Option ROM settings make none. The port is enabled in the section that toggles availability.

    I thought this would be related to my M.2, but the 720 is a x16 lane card, and it works fine in the x16 slot, so now I'm just left scratching my head.

    Anyone have experience with this issue? Most results I find on my search terms are for custom builds with more BIOS settings than a business-class HP Elitedesk. That said, my search-fu is not what it once was before my mental illness advanced, and now I can't as easily assimilate information, so it's possible I am missing something right in front of my face.

    EDIT: After days of fiddling, I made this post and went back to troubleshooting. It just booted with no problems. Scratching my head, but something I did in passing was the trick. Now to make sure I save these exact settings!

    EDIT2: It turns out it was always working, and it is just BIOS/UEFI screens that will not display. This kept me from installing my base OS at all until I moved the GPU to the x4 slot. Since I installed the OS with the GPU in the x4 slot, now it boots to the point where I enter my luks encryption key and I'm good, but it still won't show the BIOS screens. Perhaps I need to enable the legacy Option ROM for video?


    Remember when Google Music hadn't been killed yet...?

    I'm cleaning out my gmail folders this weekend, and went deep into the archive to 2011, when I got my invite to Google Music.

    It's funny, because I just (November) moved all of my music out of cloud and back to local-only. Amazon was the last straw, when I tried to play purchased music, and was forced to listen to it on shuffle with other songs not of my choosing.

    Anyway... there was a time when Google (ahem, Youtube) Music was set to be a game-changer. Imagine if enshittification wasn't a thing.


    Tips for falljng back to sleep

    I wake up at 3am to 4am daily as a neighbor makes noise walking their dog. This cannot be helped. Once I am awake, my mind won't stop going over details about everything from the mundane to the critical. Often, I am able to fall asleep again after three or more hours of wakefulness, but only minutes before I have to wake for the day.

    Does anyone have success with quieting the mind without substances so that they can fall back to sleep?

    Edit: I want to thank you all for the helpful comments. I'm reading through them now and wioo be internalizing some of the suggestions.

    To provide more context for those who asked:

    I do have ADHD and OCD and Anxiety. I sleep with a fan and a white noise track (10hrs of non-repeating noise I d/l'd with newpipe). My apartment building has a fire escape that the neighbor uses as their front door. This path means using a heavy steel door on a power hinge. (Slam!) The door is against the wall that my headboard is on. They have every right to use whichever door they like, and I don't know them well enough yet to ask them to change for me. They are trying to be as quiet as they can, other than using the loudest path possible. They seem very nice, and their dog is quiet and well trained. I'm in the middle of a long period of unemployment and I am beginning to worry about finances, as my savings are about half gone in a year.

    Thanks again for all the suggestions! I'll report back with my results in a few days.

    55 Disable obtrusive update notice/check - Android · Issue #1706 · ente-io/photos-app

    Ente for Android displays a notice that is close to full screen when there is an update available with no dismiss option, and no option to disable checking. The notice can be dismissed by tapping s...

    Disable obtrusive update notice/check - Android · Issue #1706 · ente-io/photos-app

    An empty community?! Not anymore! Here is a feature request I opened this morning.

    Does anyone else dislike the current notification?

    Edit: May be fixed by #1707


    [Solved] Is the 'trending' section of 'search' an app or lemmy suggestion?

    I decided to check a few of the trending communities suggested on the search tab, but they're all new communities with one or none subscribers and little to no content. How is that trending? Is Lemmy or voyager suggesting these to me?