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Henry VIII's armor from the Tower of London. Interesting cod piece
  • I've heard that it is not uncommon for men to get erections during or after battle due to adrenaline and increase in blood pressure. I can imagine that this might be very uncomfortable in a full suit of armor. Maybe these enlarged cad pieces were an attempt to address that.

  • Single standard door refrigerators are better than french door.
  • My French door fridge is wider than a standard single door fridge. If I had a single door fridge, I would not be able to open the door all of the way because of limited space in front of the fridge. I don't think any style is superior to another. There are just better styles for space and arraignment of your kitchen.

  • Evicted 82yo man sets himself on fire rather than leave
  • “I think often times the judicial division gets kind of the label of it’s safe because we’re serving papers. There’s nothing safe about judicial. You are dealing with people’s emotions each and every day,” explained Sheriff Johnson III.

    The sheriff seems to care more about the safety of his deputies than the morality of dragging elderly people out of their home.

    He does acknowledge that they are ousting someone from their home. But it is only brought up to reinforce the statement about safety.

    “You’re taking someone’s home away. That’s their last stand like that. I can tell you the first time I bought my first piece of property, how proud I was to be a homeowner. That is the American dream. And you’re taking that away from somebody. You talk about a world of emotion. [I’m] extremely proud of our deputies because we really go above and beyond to try to help our citizens along the way.”

  • Not Again: United Airlines Boeing 777 Makes Emergency Landing In Denver
  • You don't even have to read the article. Just click the link. The first bullet point of the summary states:

    United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Paris faced engine issues, diverting to Denver and canceling onward flights.

  • Little rant about progression of idle games.
  • Idle games annoy me. You are using power and working your devices processor just to multiply numbers over and over. It's really a waste.

    There are a few idle games that have more going on. I really enjoyed Trimps on PC. Most of the idle games I've played on mobile are just trying to serve you ads. Well, I guess that is true for most mobile games.

  • Comment replies not visible.
  • Prior to the lemmy update, I had a comment viewing problem. Refreshing the comments in my app would fix it. This issue is happening when viewing lemmy in my browser as well as my app. Refreshing doesn't fix the problem. Only when I am logged out can I see the comments. I can only see and respond to your comment through my inbox. If I go to the post. It all disappears.

    Edit: Weirdly, I can see your comment, but not any of the others.

  • Comment replies not visible.
  • This is a test. I am commenting on my own post to see if I can see my own comment.

    Edit: I can see this comment, just not any of the others, or my replies to those other comments.

  • Comment replies not visible.
  • It's not an account blocking issue. I cannot even see the comments on this post, including my own. I can only see your comment in my inbox. If I go to this post it does not show any comments, even my own replies.

  • Comment replies not visible.

    After the update, I cannot see replies to comments. If I am logged out and view the post, all comments show. But when I log in I can see that there are replies to someone's comment but instead of showing the comments, I just see "2 replies." If I click to expand the comment chain, nothing happens. It's weird that everything looks normal if I'm logged out, but not when logged in.

    Logged in: !Logged in

    Logged out: !Logged out

    Edit: I am also having a similar problem with the comments on this post. When logged in, no comments show, despite the comment icon showing that there are comments. I cannot even see my replies to other comments. I can see my comment reply to this post. If I log out, everything shows fine.

    Edit2: I can see older comments on posts from a month ago. I don't know if this is a new comments issue, or something else. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about how lemmy works under the hood.


    Posts not showing when viewing an individual community

    When I go to view an individual community the newest posts are not always showing. Some communities look like they have no posts, even though I know that they do. Example: When I view the link I only see posts that are from August 5th or older. When viewing all on the instance, newer posts will appear though.

    Edit:(12 hours later) I don't know if it is related, but I am not seeing the comments on this post. They pop-up in my inbox as replies, but do not appear when I view the post.