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How Trump Dominated His Own Party on a New G.O.P. Platform
  • Debt causes inflation, low interest rates are how we got into this inflationary situation.

    Debt is literally printing money but you owe someone. The government could print and destroy money as required without owing some random banker.

    Since covid there has been zero fractional reserve required for lenders. Literally printing money would be better for everyone.

  • Can I have multiple video files of the same episode but in different codecs?
  • The bit after the dash is supposed to indicate the version after the episode number. Like 4k/2k etc. You can use whatever label you want and pick between them on the client before starting. The field is only visible if you have more than one file for the episode number

  • How Trump Dominated His Own Party on a New G.O.P. Platform
  • Can someone explain the whole US national debt thing? It's impossible to get out of this debt andwhen govt needs money it should just be equivalent to printing money, which wouldn't be debt? Is this an artifact of the federal reserve being outside the government?

  • How do you use cpusets on pop?

    I've been trying to create a new cpuset to run some programs with a reduced set of cpu cores, but I seem to be fighting with something my system is already doing because the instructions from the kernel manual don't work. I find cpuset is already mounted, but when I create a directory in /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset it does not end up with cpuset.cpus in it. It seems cpusets are aleady being used by something else, so not sure how I'd go about this?

    Manual with step by step tutorial:


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