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Any chance of lemmy being recognized as an official community?
  • I found this community via their website :-) The link is here: under forums.

  • I deleted pasts posts with personal information in them after at least two users admitted to doxing me
  • Could you explain what you mean by this? Obviously Asians are allowed on this instance, so there must be some misunderstanding?

  • I deleted pasts posts with personal information in them after at least two users admitted to doxing me
  • You're welcome. And thanks for the interview video, that's cool :-)

  • I knew it
  • Well thanks! ;-)

  • Feedback from all moderators
  • I don't know yet. I think that's something we need to discuss with the team and get input from the users. (Yes, I did register :-) )

  • Feedback from all moderators
  • I really hope there will be an option in Lemmy and Sublinks (and bin,mbin etc) to move communities between instances. But I think that's not very easy. I agree that having a few large instances isn't how the fediverse is meant to be. Ideally there would be a separate instance for each community.

  • Feedback from all moderators
  • .world has many instances in the fediverse and existed long before Ruud has never, to my knowledge, posed anything like this post about another potential fedi service. The other fediverse services have coexisted without need to position them against each other. This difference in approach implies intentions, if not outright actions with the illusion of user input.

    I see my name mentioned here, but I don't understand the remark. Positioning fediverse services against each other? The team has posted this to get input to assist the Sublinks development team in getting moderation tools in their software. I think it's good there's many options in software to choose from. Lemmy, Kbin, Main, Piefed, Sublinks. I also run mastodon, but also similar platforms like firefish, sharkey, akkoma etc. Users can choose. Nothing is positioned against each other. They all work together as 1 large Fediverse. And, the more instances, the better. The fediverse ideally should exist of many instances instead of a few large ones. (Yes, I agree that having 1 big Lemmy server isn't ideal. But that's another discussion.)

  • [Fixed] Donation platforms for Lemmy.World
  • It's also an option to just ask if it can be unpinned. You're welcome. Have a nice day.

  • "Best" Mac browser: Your view
  • I like Vivaldi, which is Chromium based. I also like Safari for the speed. Difficult to choose between the two. The feature that Vivaldi has and Safari hasn't, which I'm missing in Safari, is tab auto-refresh.

  • [Fixed] Donation platforms for Lemmy.World
  • That won't work. I have 340k users on my servers and it just covers the running cost. So with a 100 user instance you would get peanuts.

  • [Fixed] Donation platforms for Lemmy.World
  • Ohh I didn't know there was a minimum setting in Ko-Fi. I changed the minimum there to 1. Thanks!

  • [Fixed] Donation platforms for Lemmy.World
  • Ko-Fi or PayPal directly, or crypto

  • [Fixed] Donation platforms for Lemmy.World
  • We keep that at (I know, I'm behind with that...)

  • Match Thread: New England Free Jacks vs Old Glory DC, March 9 @ 1:00 PM CST
  • I see it OK when logged in, in the default UI.

  • [Fixed] Issue with image upload/display
  • This is f**kin annoying me. Because we don't pay for premium support, it takes them hours to respond to an e-mail. So they ask me to specify a time when they can enable the account, so I can immediately remove the content. So I specify 12:00 UTC, but they don't respond so I need to propose a new time hoping they will respond before that...


  • [Fixed] Donation platforms for Lemmy.World
  • 🫡 Thanks for the donation!

  • [Fixed] Issue with image upload/display

    Currently we have an images issue. Our Wasabi (S3) account was disabled because of some illegal content that was found, we're working with them to get the account re-enabled and the content removed.

    [Update 20240308 14:47 UTC] The issue has been fixed.

    Testing Lemmy Ruud


    Ruud Tips Music Ruud

    Have a good weekend!

    Ruud Tips Music Ruud

    Normally not a fan of Eurovision music, with some exceptions. But this year's entry for The Netherlands is a very nice 90's happy harcore tune. Pays-bas douze points

    [Fixed] Donation platforms for Lemmy.World Ruud (@[email protected])

    There's some unrest because the Open Collective Foundation is stopping. Don't worry, we use Open Collective Europe as a donations platform, they're going nowhere. We've added some donation platforms, so if you would like to support us running our .world servers, you can do so here: https://ko-fi.c...

    There's some unrest because the Open Collective Foundation is stopping.

    Don't worry, we use Open Collective Europe as a donations platform, they're going nowhere.

    We've added some donation platforms, so if you would like to support us running our .world servers, you can do so here:

    And for those wanting to donate crypto:

    • Monero address: 83tnuFN4f28jRxTBW9qGDad2U23qNE5nfeW4Pfyd85oWMW7J9gqpXi3S8FDbX5uEeCAKcGnSpS2XT5dGwYiELthg8XuDrxH
    • Cardano address: addr1v9qv6xvfwcx9ny56uag4umu6238sw2e7ff2kcxl3qe7p9esayjxgu

    Thank you!

    [Edit] Some of the links were broken, they should now all work! [Edit 20240314: Added Liberapay]

    I created a Sharkey instance... Sharkey.World

    A generic Sharkey instance for anyone to use


    Next to and I am also running This was running Calckey, a Misskey fork. That was re-branded to FireFish (that's the danger of running sites with the software name in the URL... :-) ).

    Unfortunately due to circumstances the FireFish software will no longer be maintained. Therefore I was looking for another Misskey fork that could replace it, and I found Sharkey. This looks really nice.

    So being who I am, I registered and installed it. It still needs some configuring and branding, but it works and you can use it! (As you will see it currently uses the branding)

    I will write a brief how-to on migrating from Calckey to Sharkey and hope the users will migrate.

    Testing Lemmy Ruud
    Test upload again
    Testing Lemmy Ruud
    Testing upload
    PSV - PEC Zwolle 4-0 PSV Eindhoven 4-0 PEC Zwolle - Eredivisie 2023/2024 Live

    PSV Eindhoven-PEC Zwolle live incidents, goals, cards, substitutions, lineups, statistics, formations

    PSV won its 12th match in Eredivisie in a row. They're now 7 points ahead of number 2 Feyenoord.

    What should I name my Firefish instance

    I run a server , which used to be CalcKey, but the software was re-branded to Firefish. Unfortunately, is taken. What domain should I use for my new Firefish instance? Preferably a .world domain.

    I have remembered these options suggested to me so far:

    • (a sort of fish similar to the firefish)

    Any other suggestions? Or do you like one of the above?

    Ruud Tips Music Ruud
    Nitepunk & Habstrakt - Point (NVADRZ & WINK Remix)

    Good Monday everyone!

    0 and August blog post August 2023 update

    A good day to all! It's time for the monthly update about the .world. Here's what happened last month. It's all nice and...

    August 2023 update

    I've written a short blog about what happened in August, and the finances.


    I did it again.... started another Fediverse service, this time a Bookwyrm instance.

    I used Goodreads, but if there's a Federated alternative, why not use that.. So I setup a server and opened registrations.

    Enjoy, and please let me know if you find anything that can be improved or changed.

    Ruud Tips Music Ruud
    St. Etienne - Only love can break your heart

    A 12" I picked up in some vintage vinyl store in London last April.

    [Fixed] Comments temporarily broken, being worked on

    There was another attack going on (as you might have noticed). We're working on a fix. In the meantime, we've blocked the listing of comments, so we at least aren't down, but it did break comments.

    Hope to have a fix in the next hour. Stay tuned!

    Update OK we've implemented a fix, again many thanks to @[email protected] for his assistance. This will prevent the outages we've seen last couple of days. Let's see what they will come up with next...

    54 stickers! Stickers: Motivational Stickersinspirational - Etsy

    This Stickers item is sold by TheSpookyFarmer. Ships from Fredonia, WI. Listed on Aug 2, 2023 Stickers: Motivational Stickersinspirational - Etsy

    A few days ago I saw some cool JoinLemmy stickers created by @[email protected] . I asked her if she could also create stickers, and she did!

    You can see and order them here, also check the other cool stickers in her shop.

    Thanks for creating them!

    Outage today (2023-07-31) from 02:00 UTC - 05:45 UTC has been down between 02:00 UTC and 05:45 UTC. This was caused by the database spiking to 100% cpu (all 32 cores/64 threads!) due to inefficient queries been fired to the db very often.

    I’ve collected the logs and we’ll be checking how to prevent this. (And what caused this)

    [Done] Lemmy world was upgraded to 0.18.3 today (2023-07-30)

    Update The upgrade was done, DB migrations took around 5 minutes. We'll keep an eye out for (new) issues but for now it seems to be OK.

    Original message We will upgrade to 0.18.3 today at 20:00 UTC+2 (Check what this isn in your timezone). Expect the site to be down for a few minutes. ""Edit"" I was warned it could be more than a few minutes. The database update might even take 30 minutes or longer.

    Release notes for 0.18.3 can be found here:

    (This is unrelated to the downtimes we experienced lately, those are caused by attacks that we're still looking into mitigating. Sorry for those)

    Ruud Tips Music Ruud
    Apashe x Flux Pavilion x Joey Valance & Brae - Fracture