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Biden administration announces $6.6 billion to ensure leading-edge microchips are built in the US
  • you can't just decide to build cutting edge chips

    if the DoD needed cutting edge chips but had to purchase them from within the US, all that would happen is their technology would be worse for the next decade(s) until US production could catch up

    given the current us procurement strategy of keeping at least a generation or so ahead of its next near-peer, i really doubt that would fly

  • Japanese schoolgirls training with a machinegun for the anticipated American invasion of Japan, WW2, 1945
  • But either you'd be strategically weakening the country to give invading forces an easier time, at which point you're throwing civilians into the meat grinder anyway, or you're starving the country until it devolves into literal anarchy, because the only people in the position to surrender were entrenched enough that they'd be the last one to see their power structure fall apart.

  • Why still using the imperial system?
  • even if you're in a situation where it's somehow possible to manually draw 1/3 of a mm to any accuracy, 1/3 scale draft rulers still exist for metric, so it's equivalent

    I seem to remember you as the one who brought up calculators

    because as soon as you have access to a calculator, "off the top of your head" is an irrelevance

  • Why still using the imperial system?
  • well yeah, because 1/8" is 3.175mm

    1/3 of a mm is a distance between 1/64" and 1/128"

    mechanical pencil lead is only about 0.4mm

    I still don’t see how a calculator helps though.

    don't ask me ask the person who posed the "what's a third of 9.5mm" question

  • Why still using the imperial system?
  • using a ruler to measure a length of 1/8" is as accurate as using a ruler to measure a length of 31mm and eyeballing 2/3 of a mm

    the bottleneck at that point is your eyeball and pencil lead, not the unit of measurement

  • Why still using the imperial system?
  • the one third of 9.5 conundrum, which was posed by a metric defender

    they weren't a metric defender

    which is literally not true

    what scenario is there in your mind where you'd need a precision answer to what 1/3 of 9.5mm is, but also not have access to a calculator? and of those scenarios, how many of them would be solved by the knowledge that 1/3 of 1/8 is 1/24? i'm willing to bet the answer is more or less "none".

    and for those that do exist, you can also get drafting rulers that give you 1/3rds of metric measurements.

    the accuracy of your equipment isn't somehow better because you're dealing with fractions rather than decimal points