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Comparative mythology
  • TROGDOR the BURNiNATOR Dragons from internet folklore

  • What fast food chain does the best burgers in your country?
  • Five Guys is ok but is also 25-30% more expensive than most of the other places listed here, at least where I live.

  • White Man's Burden, Lloyd, my man! White Man's Burden.
  • Which is hilarious because (and I say this as a huge Trek fan) the pew pew space battles are easily the worst part of Star Trek, production-wise.

  • the hobbits the hobbits the hobbits the hobbits

    Trump and J.D. Vance Lose Their Minds Over Kamala Harris “Coup”
  • If you want me to be perfectly honest I’m not thrilled that essentially my vote for Biden in the primaries isn’t going to count - that does rub me the wrong way. But fuck it, idgaf let’s go Kamala! Rebpublicans can take their fake outrage at gtfo.

  • Deep Space F.r.i.e.n.d.s
  • I used to dislike David Schwimmer until I realized it wasn’t David Schwimmer I hated but Ross. Schwimmer was amazing as Herbert Sobel in Band of Brothers and I realized that he is an amazing actor.

  • _Frenzied sniffing noises_
  • But cookie monsters love of cookies is pure and good. Like the way tom bombadil loves Goldberry.

  • Protocol for Cloning
  • Meh, amateur. Didn’t check the PCR reaction on a gel first. Also didn’t add DNA ligase.

  • Collapsing Nation Still Somehow Expects Singer to Perform Anthem Sober
  • lmao, i guess familiarity breeds contempt. because of the dispute with china, taiwan doesn't play its national anthem at international events such as the olympics when one of their athletes win. instead, they play the flag anthem, which I MUCH prefer (again, just as a piece of music). I would be very happy if they adapted the flag anthem as the new national anthem.

  • Collapsing Nation Still Somehow Expects Singer to Perform Anthem Sober
  • my dude, not considering patriotism (such as it is), lyrical meaning and what-not, the US Anthem is a decent piece of music, and I would rank it top tier as far as national anthems go. You've not heard a crappy national anthem until you've heard Taiwan's national anthem, and I am about as patriotic as Taiwanese gets. (again just talking about the music itself and not lyrical content, Taiwan's national anthem is very problematic)

  • The crossover I didn't know I needed
  • Frodo: it’s some kind of elvish. I cannot read the fiery letters.

    Gandalf: There are few who can. It is written in the language of Mordor which I will not utter here. In the language of men it says PC LOAD LETTER.

    Frodo: PC LOAD LETTER? Wtf does that mean?

  • Lord of the onion rings
  • Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!

  • Lord of the onion rings
  • King King ki-king king…

  • Warren: Democrats ‘will suspend the filibuster’ to codify Roe v. Wade
  • Whether this winds up being true or not, you’ve made my day just a bit better with your optimism. Thanks my dude.

  • What's Going On With Wookieepedia, The Star Wars Wiki?
  • No one hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans.

  • Iran plot to kill Trump prompted Secret Service to boost protection before rally shooting
  • Ok I guess but my question is why would Iran want to kill Trump? They may be antagonistic but they’re not dumb. They will be far better off with trump in office not that I want that.

  • Forged in Gondolin during the goblin wars
  • Going off of memory, in The Hobbit Gandalf talks about Glamdring amd Orchrist, two swords they get from the trolls, and describes them as “forged in Gondolin during the goblin wars”. Sting came from the same troll horde and it’s assumed that it was a dagger made for an elvish prince.

  • After initially rejecting it, Apple has approved the first PC emulator for iOS
  • This actually works. It managed to boot Debian on an iPad Air. It’s really slow though.

  • Forged in Gondolin during the goblin wars

    After initially rejecting it, Apple has approved the first PC emulator for iOS
  • For posterity: I installed it and it is indeed a full VM! Even has networking via NAT with the host OS. It’s quite slow though.

  • After initially rejecting it, Apple has approved the first PC emulator for iOS
  • Can you only run games or is this a full featured virtual machine? It would be nice to be able to run a Linux distro on an iPad.

  • I will take the Ring to MorDoor(s)


    archiving info on HH wiring and Alpha 2502N switches

    I have been working on a dual humbucker (HH) Strat clone and have been researching 5-way switching options. Remarkably, this information is ridiculously difficult to find. Most dual humbucker (HH) guitars appear to be wired with standard Les Paul style wiring (3 positions only) or use other fancy switching options like push-pull posts. There is very sparse information on using 5 way switches you would find on a Strat. I thought I would archive some of my findings here.

    (edit: you can use a 5-way superswitch to get tons of 5-way switching options. in my case, the superswitch does not fit into my control cavity, also, there is a ton of documentation on superswitches on the internet. what has very sparse info is the 2502n "Ibanez" switch, which is what I focus on here.)

    First: know the difference between a standard 5 way switch and an Ibanez switch (also known as an Alpha 2502n switch).

    A standard 5-way switch may be produced by a variety of different companies, such as Alpha, CTS, Oaks-Grisby, etc. they are used in Strats and Strat-styled guitars. They are an evolution of 3 way switches first used in vintage Teles and Strats. Strat players discovered that you could jam a 3-way switch into an "in-between" position so that the neck and middle (or middle and bridge) pickups could be in together in parallel, giving us the famous Strat quack. The standard 5-way switch simply added "stops" for the in-between positions so that they would be easier for the player to click into. 5-way switches are extremely common and you can buy them everywhere online, and they are pretty cheap. Standard 5-way switches are symmetrical, meaning that it doesn't matter which way the switch is installed into the guitar - either way the lugs will work the same. With a 5 way switch, your options for wiring HH guitars are somewhat limited. The easiest wiring option is to simply treat it as a 3 way switch. Position 5 = neck, position 3 = both, position 1 = bridge. I'm actually not entirely sure what positions 2 and 4 would do - if I understand things correctly, position 4 will just be the same as position 5, and position 2 would be the same as position 1.

    I had to really dig deep into the internet to find something - ANYTHING - that would give some more variation with HH wiring using a standard 5-way switch. One such diagram I found is from In this wiring diagram, assuming you have 4-lead humbuckers, you can get single coil split as well as a Tele-like single coils from each pickup in parallel. If you're familiar with standard Strat wiring you will be staring at this diagram for a LONG TIME wondering just how the fuck it works lol but trust me I wired it up and it works. You will need to be careful with the color coding of the wires in the diagram - I believe they are non-standard. Their color coding is black = N start, white = N end, green = S start, red = S end.

    Which leads me to Ibanez switching. Actually the way I discovered this was because I bought a pair of DiMarzio humbuckers and went to their website to look for wiring diagrams. When you go to their support page, under "RG" style, they list "standard HH wiring for Ibanez". This wiring diagram on paper looks great! It gives a bunch of interesting options, including having the neck humbucker coils in parallel instead of in series. On the diagram, they show "Ibanez OEM switch" with no further explanation. It winds up that the Ibanez OEM switch is the same thing as an Alpha 2502n switch and is NOT the same as a standard 5-way switch.

    Although there are some websites (such as DiMarzio or Ibanez) that tell you how to wire things up, it was very hard to find information about how the switch actually works. The Harley Benton website sells this switch in Europe (US folks, don't buy this switch here, shipping is $80 for a $3 switch lol) and has a schematic, which I have duplicated here (see attached image). I have verified how this switch works with a multimeter. the first four lugs are a "group" and lugs 5-8 are a second "group". For 1-4, 4 is the common, so you would use this lug as the hot going to the volume pot. there are no connections in the switch between 1-4 and 5-8 (you need to have a jumper somewhere so that 5-8 can somehow go to hot). for 5-8, 8 is the common, but in position 5, lugs 5-8 are not connected to anything. This also means (and this is important!) that the 2502n switch is not symmetrical, unlike a standard 5-way switch. This means that for it to work the switch can only be installed in one direction.

    It also winds up that it is difficult to buy a 2502n switch in the USA. Lots of folks sell it for very exhorbitant prices (up to $25 USD, shipping extra). Compare this to a typical standard alpha switch or Fender OEM switch (~$10 USD on amazon, shipped). You can get a 5-way "superswitch" (for a different post, lol) for under $20. The best place to get a cheap 2502n switch is aliexpress. I got mine delivered for $5 USD. the only drawback is that the aliexpress website is difficult to navigate. I wound up ordering the wrong part before I figured out how their shopping system works.


    review of Wilkinson EZ Lok tuners

    Recently I built a Tele-partscaster with some spare parts I had lying around. I had some cheap Chinese-made Gotoh styled tuners from many years ago (probably bought from Guitar Fetish but I don't remember for sure). I put in those cheap tuners onto my new build just to have something there, but also hoping that they would be good enough to do the job. Unfortunately, the posts were really wobbly and several of the tuners "chattered" when I turned them (probably gunk in the gear mechanism). Since I had always been curious about the Wilkinson EZ Lok tuners, and since they are only around $30 shipped from Amazon, I decided to give them a try.

    First of all, these are just licensed tuners from Trevor Wilkinson and are made in Korea. They fit the typical 10 mm holes of import necks, and are drop in replacements for standard Gotoh/Schaller styled tuning machines, so if you are replacing that kind of tuner no need to plug and redrill mounting screw holes, which is a big plus. They have a 19:1 gear ratio, which is fantastic for the price. I figured that if I didn't like the "gimmick" of the EZ Lok tuners, I would just use them as regular tuners.

    The "gimmick" of these tuners is that the string post has 2 holes perpendicular to each other, one slightly higher than the other. You are supposed to pull the new string though one hole first, pull it taut, wrap it manually around the post once, then thread the string through the second hole. The theory is that this creates two "kinks" in the string and locks it in place without needing multiple winds around the post. Presumably this means increased tuning stability. The official party line appears to be that for the wound strings you are supposed to use the bottom hole first, and the unwound strings you are supposed to use the top hole first. I just used the bottom hole for all strings, since you're not supposed to have a bunch of wraps around the post anyway so I didn't think it made a huge difference. The two holes are also fairly closely spaced, which is another reason I think it probably doesn't really matter.

    In case this description does not make sense, here is an old video showing how it is supposed to work:

    It's important to note that even though the product has "Lok" in its name, it is NOT a locking tuner in the traditional sense. These will generally not have the benefit of quick string changes that typical locking tuners provide. OTOH, they are not as heavy as locking tuners since there is no locking screw mechanism. And without a locking screw mechanism, it's one less thing to potentially break.

    I will say that the quality of the tuners themselves are quite good. If you are looking to replace cheap tuners, then even without the EZ Lok gimmick these are a great value at $30. After stringing up a guitar using the EZ Lok method, I did find that it seemed to take significantly less time to get the strings settled in after stretching the strings. However, the wraps on the post are kind of ugly - they look like a rookie trying to put strings on a guitar for the first time where the wraps are uneven.

    Pros: inexpensive yet good quality tuners, high gear ratio of 19:1, drop-in replacement for modern Gotoh-styled tuners with 10 mm holes. after installing new strings, strings can be tuned to pitch and "broken in" by stretching quickly. no additional mechanical parts - it's just a standard tuner with two holes instead of one. Can be strung normally if EZ Lok method not desired.

    Cons: can be somewhat more complex to do string changes using EZ Lok method, so slower than typical locking tuners. string wraps around post look ugly even when done right. Not true "locking" mechanism.

    overall rating: 8/10. I will be looking at using these to replace another set of cheap Chinese tuners that have poor tuning action.


    Philosophical Sauron


    D'Addario strings on sale at Guitar Center

    not affiliated with Guitar Center at all. Noticed that D'Addario EXL 110 strings (10-46) are on sale online. $39.99 for 12 sets ($3.33/set) with free shipping in the USA. It's really hard to find these, even in bulk , for less than $5/pack so this is a killer deal.


    Where was Gondor when the Death Star fell?


    Telecaster build

    This is not the first partscaster I've built but it is the first Telecaster-styled partscaster I've attempted. I have learned the following lessons:

    • Neck was bought from a no-name brand on Amazon for about $50 bucks - it's actually quite nice. 14 inch radius, two-way truss rod adjusted from the heel. looks like Indian rosewood. if you are willing to put in the fret work and want to save money, a cheap neck with a two way truss rod is the way to go. you can fix almost any kind of neck with a two way truss rod and get it dead straight.
    • Body was bought from Allegedly it's alder but it seems a bit too light and soft for alder. I suspect it's poplar? The body shipped quickly to me but had a lot of off-gassing smell for a few days. The finish looks nice but the neck pocket is NOT tight.
    • pickups are the EMG-T set. the neck pickup did not fit into the pickguard (also a cheap no-name brand from amazon, I picked it for the pattern). Cheap parts are nice but be prepared to get work with a file or Dremel.
    • A telecaster is (counterintuitively) harder to build than a Strat. It's a very nerve wracking process to position the bridge.
    • If you're used to building Strats, don't forget the a Telecaster has a SINGLE cutaway body. Don't drill the strap button hole on the horn... ask me how I know.

    Khazad-Dum (Tokyo flood tunnels)

    cross-posted from:

    > Source:


    Uphill, both ways


    2024 EV tax credit eligible vehicle list for BEVs and PHEVs Which EVs qualify for a $7,500 tax credit in 2024? See the updated list.

    Fewer electric car models qualify for tax credits in 2024 after new requirements kicked in on Jan. 1.

    Which EVs qualify for a $7,500 tax credit in 2024? See the updated list.

    GM stops selling Blazer EV, waiting for software fix


    The Naked Ring starring Leslie Nielson


    Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris


    Bits vs bytes


    Hoover Tower, Stanford University


    I feel like we shouldn't let them get away with this...

    ... in good fun, of course. although I feel I still don't understand the Fediverse well enough to see how we can start a cross-server meme war.


    looking for day trip hiking recommendations

    hello Portland folks, I am attending a conference in downtown Portland OR in late October. I'm staying an extra day to get some hiking done. My plan is to go to the airport and rent a cheap car, go to wherever you recommend for some good day hiking, and return to the airport for a late (9 pm) flight out. Any suggestions? any places to avoid?


    need recommendation for working gloves


    we live in the Southwest US and recently we re-lanscaped our yard into a xeriscape with decomposed granite and gravel as surface coverings. I have found that, especially around the gravel areas, that weeds will still grow (sometimes they find the cracks between the weed barrier and sometimes they just somehow live off rocks lol).. For weeding work I have been using gloves that are similar to this at Lowes:

    they claim that the fingertips are reinforced, but the tips of my gloves get trashed after 60-90 minutes of work. I can't afford to keep buying gloves at close to $30 a pop lol. I mean I know that gloves are not and cannot be BIFL but they ought to last longer than one work session? Do you all have any good recommendations for work gloves that will involve digging through gravel with my fingers?