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Legality of removing sim cards from cars in Australia
  • Good point but people have been driving to and from the outback long before the arrival of the connected car. Except the car, nothing else has changed much and it's still possible to drive around with a "basic" car. Besides, there's always the mobile phone if connectivity is required.

  • Fedora Silverblue is the most frustrating distro so far
  • Bazzite has been smooth sailing about 80% of the time for me. The rest of the 20% were due to either plasma or runner crashing, requiring me to perform a hard reset using the power button. And then it magically atarted working again. I've also had my home folder become read-only on occasion. Very strange.

  • Crapped my system
  • Wow, what a very detailed response. I've only been using Bazzite for about two weeks and still learning about it. Now I have a slightly better understanding of how it all works. 👍

  • Crapped my system
  • I previously used Nobara but recently switched to Bazzite. I think you can give either of these two a shot. I recall Nobara includes a one button install of nvidia drivers. Not too sure about Bazzite since I have an AMD gpu.

    Both these distros are gaming focused. Only difference is Nobara is a traditional distro while Bazzite is atomic desktop based.

  • Using curlftpfs with jellyfin to access media stored on old NAS?
  • I have installed nfs-kernel-server packages. I think it is possibly a permissions issue.

    I briefly considered mounting it on the host (Proxmox) layer, but the way I have things set up, I only power on the NAS if I need to access it. Most of the time the Proxmox hardware will be booting up when the NAS is off and I think it will cause boot issues trying to mount a NAS share which it cannot find.

  • [General question to the Android community] Have you given up on the audio jack, or do you still only buy devices that have it?
  • Am using a Zenfone 8 with a jack. As for future upgrade, still unsure. My top priority would be the size - has to be the same or preferably smaller than the Zenfone, so that limits my potential options.

    I was travelling recently and was fortunate to be able to watch a F1 race. The track had a FM broadcast of the commentary in English, and my Zenfone 8 with the built in FM tuner made itself very useful indeed, since the FM tuner only works with wired earphones.

  • Using curlftpfs with jellyfin to access media stored on old NAS?
  • I finally got around to getting things set up, and for some reason, the container I created for jellyfin refused to allow NFS mounting.

    I ended up trying a "Turnkey Media Server" template which ended up working. It also didn't allow NFS mounts, but it did allow CIFS mounting, which I used. Jellyfin is now refreshing the library. So far so good.

  • Bazzite 3.0 has been released!
  • Noted. I guess used the wrong definition for Bazzite and that confused me. LOL.

    Good to know that /etc is writable. I might have to download it and give it a spin. Thanks for clarifying.

  • Bazzite 3.0 has been released!
  • Have not tried immutable distros, but I like the idea that the core OS is read-only to prevent a rookie user from messing things up.

    Then again, if the core OS is read-only, is it at all possible to modify some system files like fstab files to auto-load drives?

  • Bazzite 3.0 has been released!
  • I am intrigued. Presently using Nobara right now, and I've been running into strange issues, like the whole system suddenly becoming unwritable and Firefox crashing out of the blue and needing an entire system reboot.

  • Using curlftpfs with jellyfin to access media stored on old NAS?

    Hi all. Very new potential jellyfin user trying to set things up.

    I have one of those mini fanless mini PC boxes with Proxmox and pfsense installed. Jellyfin has been installed as a lxc via one of the helper scripts. Set it up and it works fine.

    I'm now trying to set it up to access an old Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ that I have lying around. It's been setup with SMB/CIFS as well as FTP access. I'm considering disabling SMB/CIFS access since I think I don't need that anymore. I think the NAS only supports TLS 1.2 protocol and it's probably safer to disable it security wise. After searching around, I've come across curlftpfs which seems to be able to mount a ftp server as a local directly which i can then use as a library for jellyfin.

    Is this the best way or is there a better alternative I can consider?



    Noticed a strange occurrence where my monitor buttons will not react to presses when certain conditions are met

    I have an Acer XV340CKP monitor connected via Display Port to my GPU. I also have a old LG W2253TQ that I use as a secondary display. It only has a DVI and VGA port. I have a DVI-DVI cable together with a DVI-Display Port converter to connect to my GPU, which is an Asus RX6900XT. I am running Nobara 38.

    I have observed that if I were to have my Acer monitor powered when I switch on my desktop, all the monitor buttons do not respond. None of the menu buttons, not even the power button responds. When I switch off the desktop, the monitor stays on. The only way to power it down is to unplug the power cable.

    However, if I were to only have the LG monitor powered when I switch on my desktop, all the buttons on the Acer monitor works.

    I believe everything was working previously in Nobara 37. I think this issue probably started happening in the recent month or two.

    Is this even possible, where the graphics card sends a malformed signal to the monitor and prevents the buttons from working?


    Whoever does the packing in-game isn't being very efficient

    Yes, it's part of the gameplay mechanics but sometimes it pays to take the time to load the cargo yourself. :p

    (In case it is not immediately clear, the very last cargo on the International Paystar 5600TS is packed. The 3 pieces of cargo closer to the cab is not, thus enabling carrying 4 pieces of cargo in a 3 slot bed)