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Game difficulty
  • I highly doubt that making an easier difficulty will net a higher cash flow. Maybe short term but the souls games sell as they do because they are known for their difficulty. If you take that away they lose their marketing gimmick.

  • Three monitors, and i feel insulted
  • I just made the switch from 3 24 inch monitor to a single 49 inch super ultrawide. It's basically 3 monitors with no bezels. A lot of things are annoying though like full-screening videos/games but there are workarounds.

  • Found this while cleaning my house. [SOLVED]

    I have no idea what it is for but it had battery still left in it and a micro USB slot. Wife has not clue what it is either. Not sure if a random guest left it or my toddler picked it up.

    Back of thing

    !Back of thing

    Side of thing showing micro USB.

    !Side of thing showing micro USB


    Twitter locked behind login page.

    So today I clicked a twitter link because companies like to use it for official announcements, only to be greeted with a login page. Was annoyed then I remembered nitter exists. It just prompted me to install Privacy Redirect which I should have done ages ago.


    Chrome Web Store:

    Firefox Browser Add-ons:

    Looks like twitter waited for the reddit API changes to do push this change to try to do it under the radar.