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Common printing questions
  • PEI is one of the best surfaces you will ever find to print on, although I believe one type of filament (I think a variation of PLA?) sticks too well and can damage the PEI trying to take prints off…

    That's PETG. I avoid using smooth PEI plates like fire when PETG is loaded. Even after swapping the filament to PLA, little bits of residual PETG can still stick leaving a shadow on the plate. Textured PEI is mostly fine, but single layer stuff like brims are a pain to get off.

  • Retraction Test
  • From what I understand it tests the minimum retraction distance you need to avoid stringing. The lower you get the less retraction you need. For example, for me usually it stops stringing around 0.4mm retraction (that's 4mm measured from the hot plate), but found that in real conditions the default 0.6mm works better. I don't find this test too useful, for me it fails to demonstrate the spectrum between too little and too much retraction, a feature I appreciate in the pressure advance tower. Apparently the moment it stops stringing, anything after that won't show you anything new and it's best to stop the print. Either that or I fail to notice any defects when the retraction is relatively high.

  • Found an old clock with overflown battery inside. How dangerous is this? Is the clock salvageable?
  • Lead ain't that dangerous. Just take it out and dispose of it like you do with normal batteries. Clean your hands afterwards and you're dandy. As for the clock, the battery contacts, and whatever they were attached to, are likely eaten away, but I can't say that for certain from this photo. If you're lucky and they're mostly intact, some IPA scrubbing and a dip in vinegar, and a bit more scrubbing, should take most of the crust away. That rust though, probably some vinegar, maybe a deoxidating agent (like navy jelly?) could clean it off. Even cleaning all of it doesn't guarantee that it'll work any way.

  • OrcaSlicer V2.1.0 Official Release
  • There's a request made here. Haven't seen devs reply yet though.

  • OrcaSlicer V2.1.0 Official Release Release OrcaSlicer V2.1.0 Official Release · SoftFever/OrcaSlicer

    This is the official release of OrcaSlicer V2.1.0 This update includes minor fixes and new translations. For a detailed list of all the new features, please refer to the release notes for v2.1.0 Be...

    Release OrcaSlicer V2.1.0 Official Release · SoftFever/OrcaSlicer
    Dry your filament!
  • I'm thinking about getting some of those activated alumina beads. I've heard they are both more efficient at absorbing moisture and can be recycled indefinitely without degrading. Sounds like a perfect fit for your setup.

  • Dry your filament!
  • Dry and then store in a controlled environment. I'm using those bog standard cereal containers from Amazon (3,7-4l container should do for 1kg spools). Add some desiccant, spool rollers and a hygrometer and you have yourself a semi-permanent home for your spools. Mine show somewhere between 10% and 15% humidity, so that's pretty good considering that previously just leaving a spool in open air for a single longer print caused it to soak enough moisture to ooze and string by the end of the print, and that's in "only" over 40% humidity. So yeah, highly recommended.

  • Need clarification on pictrs update to 0.5 for 19.4 - Docker Compose
  • Mind you that PICTRS__API_KEY is the wrong variable, and should be PICTRS__SERVER__API_KEY. I've noticed it when Lemmy Thumbnail Cleaner complained about the api key being incorrect. Follow the repo page and check if your variables are correct.

  • The FDA reverses its ban on Juul e-cigarettes
  • Yep. While mods them self don't cost nothing, in general I'd say (compared to what a cigarette smoker would spend) this activity is relatively cheap. Biggest cost for me is flavoring and nicotine. The rest is negligible.

  • The FDA reverses its ban on Juul e-cigarettes
  • As a vaper I support this notion. Disposable vapes should go. Pods with replaceable cartridges and preferably also replaceable batteries (yes, those exist) should take their place. I'm mostly a RBA guy, so my only waste is a bit of cotton, some glycol/glycerin and a bit of wire. Batteries will also need replacing, but not for another few years. Personally I hate pointless waste. Throwing away something that's usable is a sin in my eyes. If you won't use it at least let somebody else use it instead, that includes the perfectly good components in disposables that get thrown away like trash.

  • [Warlockracy] The Russian state spends $10,000,000 to make the worst RPG of 2024
  • Two that I know of that made decent games is K-D Lab that made Perimeter and Vangers (both open sourced and recently remastered), and Nikita responsible for the Parkan series. They're not by any means greatest hits but they're unique and worth checking out.

    EDIT: And oh, Pathologic by Ice-Pick Lodge too, but I haven't played those. Those seem funky and definitely not for everyone.

    EDIT2: There's apparently a list of Russian made games on Wikipedia , good to know.

  • WTF is wrong with Killing Floor 2?
  • I tried liking KF2 but it just lacks the crispness and the atmosphere of KF1. I also missed the shop lady with her opening shop in the weirdest locations in between rounds. So yeah, KF2 lacks charm IMO and I still like KF1 more even on its aging UE2.5 engine. I don't think KF3 will find my interest, with all the multiplayer games going "live service" and all.

  • Is there something wrong with GOG version of Fallout 4?
  • I know that some mods had issues with Skyrim from GOG as it uses a separate, different from Steams version, config directory. Some mods didn't account for that and didn't work. I'm assuming a similar issue with Fallout 4? Oddly enough older Fallouts and TES games use normal dirs so I don't know why did they decide it's a good idea.

  • Owners Report Valve’s Priciest Steam Deck Model Has A Cracking Problem
  • Overtightening screws does that. Plus, transparent plastics tend to be more brittle, so you have to be more careful. Been re-shelling some gameboys and the exact issue cropped up with shells cracking at the screw holes. Guy I follow on youtube recommends screwing them all the way then loosening them a quarter of a turn. Might help lessen the stress.

  • How do you keep your homes clean?
  • Not the person you've replied to, but I've got a Roborock Q7 Max. It's cheap and relatively simple. It's got a LIDAR and proximity sensors, but no obstacle avoidance or stair/cliff detection and no camera. From what I can see it's also silent (no network activity) even though it's bound to my WiFi. After months of using it I'd say its been a great choice to splurge on. Never had one, never thought I'd need one, but after seeing dust settling on every bit of the floor every day... I got tired of sweeping.

  • How do you keep your homes clean?
  • Exactly this. You'd be surprised how much dust it can collect. After a week or two in my small home it can easily collect a fistful of dust, and that's just from me alone.

  • How do you keep your homes clean?
  • I hear you. There's always Valetudo. Get yourself a supported vacuum and install Valetudo whenever you feel the need. Had my robot for half a year but haven't come around to doing it just yet. Maybe after its warranty runs out.

  • Anyone having issues with Lemmy self hosting?
  • If you're running it in docker you can just check the logs, I do it like this: docker compose logs -f lemmy, and see if you have requests from any instance in the log stream. For me it goes pretty fast, but you can always ctrl+c to exit and scroll up to see what you've missed. Might not be the most optimal way, but it works for me.

  • Finally got a UPS
  • Had to replace my UPS battery just a few days ago after a power outage reminded me that a replacement was well overdue. I share your feeling, now I can sleep knowing a power blip won't knock out my servers and mess up my data.

  • I enjoy the process too much
  • Yea, true, water reservoir, top part where coffee gathers, coffee basket, gasket and a filter. No I don't use soap as you said, only water. I guess I'm just lazy, and doing it in the morning when I'm short on time, playing around with a hot pot is kinda not the thing I'd like to do. That's why I use a phin most of the time, as it's just a thin and light piece of steel, and it cools off really quickly, easy to clean and no need to worry about corrosion and sum such. To be honest I'd have to try how it'd work out, as I never used it day to day. I always had this notion that a moka pot, being made out of aluminium, doesn't like to sit in water. I don't know for sure how true it is, but to be on the safe side I always rinsed it thoroughly and wiped it dry. Maybe I was overdoing it?

  • I enjoy the process too much
  • Same, my 3tz takes 18 grams. Also taking it off is kinda tricky cause of thermal inertia. Pot is still hot enough to boil the water after taking it off the heat, but that might be due to its higher mass. Anyway, experiment, making coffee is fun.

  • Bleeding Pipe: A RCE vulnerability exploited in the wild

    A new vulnerability in LogisticsPipes and other mods allowing RCE on clients and servers.

    Bleeding Pipe: A RCE vulnerability exploited in the wild

    BleedingPipe is an exploit being used in the wild allowing FULL remote code execution on clients and servers running popular Minecraft mods on 1.7.10/1.12.2 Forge (its mainly those versions, other versions are affected.), alongside some other mods. Use of the BleedingPipe exploit has already been observed on unsuspecting servers.

    This is a vulnerability in mods using unsafe deserialization code, not in Forge itself.