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Microsoft to spend $3.2B on expanding cloud and AI in green energy-rich Sweden
  • On the surface it is true, but in reality all of those things came at the expense of people's liberty and the people themselves - they jailed or killed anyone that didn't agree with or was seen as an enemy of the state, resources were actually incredibly scarce and there was a lot of famine (just in the less important parts of the empire), nobody trusted anyone and people kept stealing things for themselves anyway. Oh also child labor and many many more things like that.

    Like I understand the good part of communism, but oh God is the USSR the worst possible example of that, they didn't even have real communism anyway.

  • Glad I was too dumb to finish college...
  • And what would be the evidence for God's existence? I don't think there'll ever be scientific evidence for God because all events can be explained by science as having occurred naturally, but what if the natural part is made by God?

  • Mystery malware destroys 600,000 routers from a single ISP during 72-hour span
  • Is the recent XZ backdoor (and something that had to do with SSH too) anything to worry about in terms of the probability of there being a backdoor even in open source router software?

    Not trying to dissuade anyone here, I love open source software, I'm just wondering how much effort is reasonable to be put into securing your local network (i.e. buying your own router, also installing open source software, or writing your own router software if you don't trust existing solutions) given that not everyone is tech savvy and you get diminishing returns for every additional security measure. And when is the usual point at which you would say "okay, this is secure enough"?

    My router is not from an ISP, but it does get frequent firmware updates and I don't use any cloud management features, only local configuration.

  • How to end-to-end encrypt your iCloud
  • Thank you. I noticed afterwards that this was, an instance I steer clear of 🙊

    Anyway, I remember how I once had to break news to a person who had either voluntarily or involuntarily set up BitLocker on their work computer and didn't know how to access their data anymore, and I had to tell them "sorry, you're out of luck" (now that I'm thinking, maybe there was a recovery code backed up in OneDrive?..) It's for the best to leave it opt-in for now.