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One of the heads of garlic I grew turned out to be just one solid clove
  • Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but a garlic plant grows some form of a "seed" head, that will have miniature round bulbs in it if they aren't clipped off that, it's my understanding, when they are planted they'll grow like this in the first year and into a normal garlic bulb year two. I've never experimented enough to know if I'm correct, but if my info is correct I'd guess either one of those got mixed in by mistake, or if your planting in the same spot as the year prior one might've just fallen off.

  • The Supreme Court rules that state officials can engage in a little corruption, as a treat
  • I've posted this elsewhere but I hate this so: A "donation" up front says I'll see what I can do, money after the fact says I'll fight for you. Sounds like bribery to me. Not that the current system isn't but backend feels so much worse

  • What does this mean? Mavic Yksion elite guard tires. Are they on backwards?
  • This answer is correct, I'm not going to put my brain through the hoops of which way is which from the pics, but roll the bike forward and double check that the front and rear are rotating the appropriate direction, if not flip them. Although I doubt you'd ever actually notice it the rear would be positioned for best traction and the front for least resistance hence the opposite directions

  • Registering as an "Independent" party member doesn't mean you have no party affiliation; most states have an Independent party who has a platform that you may or may not agree with!
  • If you lived somewhere where the GOP candidate is going to get 65 percent of the vote basically no matter what, and in the GOP primary you had an incumbent, somewhat average, right wing conservative that you've seen work across the aisle in the state legislator ruining against a hard core maga nut job, anti vaccine, anti public schools, openly racist etc. Do you think registering as a Republican to vote for the incumbent in that primary sounds like an okay idea? You can still vote for the Democrat and make your voice heard there at the general election even though it's essentially guaranteed he loses.

    Or is the argument against this that if the crazy maga guy wins the primary there's a slightly better chance the Democrat can win? I'd call it unlikely where I'm at, but could see tighter districts working that way.

  • Shotgun Spread w/ Different Chokes Tubes
  • I've got a pretty decent feel for what I use, but haven't ever put it on a target, but I guess I was trying to point out that the chart is somewhat arbitrary without listing a common shot size

  • Have you ever clicked on an ad *on purpose?*
  • Isn't it dumb that if I Google "Amazon" the top result is their ad and the next is the same link without the ad? Would make way more sense for the Amazon's ad to be the top result if I googled "Wal-Mart"

  • Have you ever clicked on an ad *on purpose?*
  • Like a random intrusive ad? No, but when I Google something simply to go to their website and their ad is the top result I often decide if I like them more or less than Google before deciding to click the ad link vs the regular search link (I assume they pay Google a little extra for ad clicks). Amazon gets the ad click most others do not.

  • South Dakota Abortion Measure Qualifies for Ballot Despite Anti-Abortion Activists’ Bananas Efforts
  • I can't remember the specifics well enough to state anything as fact, I'm pretty sure we had something on campaign finance that disappeared after voter approval, and I know we had a ballot initiative on minimum wage that they reworked after the fact into something better than many places, but not quite what was voted on. Marijuana felt like they straight manipulated rules and it disappeared with their reasoning being that it technically was more than one rule at once.

    Even if my poor explanations aren't great, I can state as a fact that our voter pool seems to not care at all that their elected officials don't give two shits about their interests. I know plenty actually do, but our averages voter just looks for the R

  • South Dakota Abortion Measure Qualifies for Ballot Despite Anti-Abortion Activists’ Bananas Efforts
  • And minimum wage laws, and campaign finance laws, we show up to for the ballot measures, but not for the people in office.

    Edit: or we're perfectly happy voting for people that go against our voting interests. It's horrible either way

  • South Dakota Abortion Measure Qualifies for Ballot Despite Anti-Abortion Activists’ Bananas Efforts
  • One of the dumber parts of this is that, prior to Roe vs Wade being overturned, SD had an abortion ban on the ballot twice since (guessing here) 2006 and voters voted it down both times. Roe v Wade gets overturned and our elected officials immediately enact they're own rules and now we have to fight for our rights back. I hate that our state still votes for Kristi and others like her, but hopefully we can get a little win bank this year.

  • one two three four I declare a ______ war


    Phone is acting like mobile data is turned off when it's not

    I have a Motorola edge plus that will not connect to mobile data. It will show several bars of service but the 4G icon is greyed out like it knows the service is there but will not access it I can make calls and send texts as long as they can be sent as an sms text. I use straight talk as a provider so my talks with customer service have been difficult, but they assure me my plan is in order and go straight to restarting the device (which does not work).

    I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I'm considering trying a factory reset of the phone to see if that corrects any settings on my end, or maybe buying a new SIM card and reactivating the service? But I don't know if there's any chance that would work or if I should just try harder with customer service.

    4 A good morning hunt

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like rjthyen.

    Had to get some rust off our ability to hit anything, but got our limit eventually pic


    I want to try to get some more activity on this page

    Title, I'll try to remember to post my dog with some ducks after going out tomorrow morning. This post is for anyone reading this to hold me to it if I don't.


    I have a bunch of "what is this?" questions from my garden this year.

    My wife and I started a new garden this year, and it ended up bigger than we needed so we dispersed some old seeds we had in the extra area. Ended up being fun and are harvesting some extra produce, but there's a few plants I don't recognize. I'm unsure if some of them are even seeds we planted or being new ground that was once my aunt's yard we uncovered some extra plants.

    I'm new to linking albums so someone let me know if something doesn't work.

    New link


    is there a way to block the automated archive posts?

    I'm guessing there isn't at the moment, but I can't stand how overloaded the feed gets with the copy and pasted posts from reddit.

    I get that a lot of communities here are small and are trying to add content to up engagement, but, for example, I'll see 5 plus posts from r/aitah in a row with no comments and I don't see why many people would even consider replying when the OOP isn't even here to see it.

    I'm actually considering blocking some of the communities that have a lot of this, but don't want them gone once their original Lemmy posts get more frequent.