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Gunshots reportedly fired at Donald Trump rally - as former president rushed off stage
  • But the crazies always cared about trump, they already thought the FBI doc raid was an attack on him. But those coveted low information voters swing voters? Dunno if this sticks. No national event seems to stick for more than a month. Will this drum up more Trump voters? Or will the fear of wagon circling maga voters push more dems to fall in line and show up in Nov? It's way too far out to tell.

  • Gunshots reportedly fired at Donald Trump rally - as former president rushed off stage
  • Maybe? But this is a nation that couldn't be bothered to give a shit about kindergartners being mowed down. Months is forever in politics.

  • Marianne Williamson is challenging Biden
  • Were you not just calling me absurd and obscene?

    Pray. Plan your revolution. And then vote blue you fucker. By your own admonition just now it doesnt matter which party takes power, it's doom all the way down eh?

    If I'm right, and with cunning and coaxing, and study and threats and patience the morality can be wrung out of Americans, well then that ballot cost you nothing and the worst was held at bay another election cycle.

  • Marianne Williamson is challenging Biden
  • Ffs. Thoughts and prayers is not a plan. A voting rightwing majority knows it's genocide and likes that. It's a selling point.

    Why would you gift them more control, more pieces to set the board for more atrocities home and abroad? And then preen like this was some sort of virtue?

    It's so damn childish to keep pounding the table and shouting 'Genocide!' WE KNOW! We are trying! Shit is more fucked than your understanding of it. Crying 'Never Again!' and then telling me your grand plan is thoughts and goddamn prayers. Jfc.

  • Marianne Williamson is challenging Biden
  • If enough people do that Gaza will be a paragraph in a history book—oh wait no, Trump wants to completely defund the department of education, so nix that.

    How do you plan to win the hearts and minds of 200 million American voters?

  • Marianne Williamson is challenging Biden
  • ... so the way to a stop genocidal white supremacist... is too get the demonstrably more genocidal and openly white supremacist in power ... Explain to me how that works again?

  • Marianne Williamson is challenging Biden
  • So by empowering the guy who really likes genocide, that's how we stop genocide now.

    Again. Walk me through the steps.

  • Marianne Williamson is challenging Biden
  • Genocide will stop when people stop supporting genocide.

    No. It will only stop when the people that care can wield enough power to stop it.

    Voting blue allows for inter-party dialogues and the needful progressive backroom knifings to still happen, it empowers the pro-Palestine dems to make bolder moves. There will be sweet ole down ballot consequences to not showing up blue on election day.

    If your argument is that there’s too few of us to make a difference, that doesn’t matter. The handful of Germans who dissented from the Nazis probably didn’t make a difference either. It was still the right thing to do.

    Read some more history. Of course it's the right thing to do. Aaron Bushnell did the right fucking thing. The right thing makes for great stories. However effective policy changes require political capital, it's an unsexy slog but how the gears actually turn. Don't like it? Run for an office and change it. But don't pretend you are moving a needle with performative morality.

    Sure, it sucks that Flint doesn’t have clean water, but it’s not really on the same magnitude, is it?

    And I was an lgbtq kid back when it was literally illegal to be gay in my state. Again, not great, but it’s not the same as being bombed and starved.

    ... so you are purposing involuntary solidarity-lite? Coolcool. Very justice. Pay attention to what SCOTUS just did. Think about what happens when Trump cripples the EPA, or when he appoints 2 30 year old christian right wing nut jobs waiting for the rapture to the court and the decades decades it will take to have a hope of restoring balance.

    You dare make appeals to compassion while turning a blind eye to genocide. It is absurd and obscene.

    The bad orange man is not coming with a crown of flowers and a dove in each hand. He wants to turn Gaza into glass so the crazy fundos that let him get away with crimes feel like they are closer to jesus and let him get away with more crimes. I am not turning a blind eye, I just don't have a magic fucking wand. Voting blue does not stop you from protesting, it just protects the people that would be harmed by a Trump presidency. That is compassion in a foxhole my guy. With enough of a blue wave, dems can cudgel Biden into more action.

    Still haven't heard your plan to stop it.

  • Marianne Williamson is challenging Biden
  • The world is so profoundly unfair and fucked up and throwing more vulnerable people to the wolves doesn't fucking fix that.

    This shit didn't just happen. People ceded power to the worst of humanity for decades, and wrestling it back will be messy, slow and painful and unless you are getting on a plane rn to off Netanyahu, voting is the lever of power you have.

    Defy me. Show me you understand the consequences of your actions and tell me how not voting blue in November saves a single life.

    I'm all ears because Biden is a rich white guy in god's fucking waiting room, you aren't going to fucking punish him by not voting blue. It is all the women that will suffer and die from a lack of reproductive justice, it is the poor zip codes that will flood unchecked with posion into the air, food, and water, it is the lgbtq kids that are going to check out alone in some dark room rather than keep fighting against the system that wants to deny them their humanity, and it is the myriad of other preventable and pernicious indignities unfettered capitalism and christian nationalism throws the door open to, that will feed upon the underclasses.

    Never again is a cheap and hollow maxim when you sit back and do fuck all but bemoan that the goddamn fucking angels didn't come down and clear you a righteous path to do something.

    Voting blue to help these people is an hour out of your day on a fucking Tuesday. You can knock it out while you grab some coffee on your way to meet up and plan the glorious revolution.

  • Marianne Williamson is challenging Biden
  • Who funds this lady? This move does nothing but pull off the young liberal, doesn't-understand-consequences-yet, and gets-their-politics-from-tiktok vote.

  • Project 2025 will rob veterans and active duty troops of billions in benefits
  • I'm not going to vote blue this November.

    Now, how credible do you believe that statement to be?

    Don't look the pile of evidence in my user history-that'd be makin a bullshit critique.

  • Project 2025 will rob veterans and active duty troops of billions in benefits
  • He says he's got nothing to do with it. Yet-he's got senior advisors and past appointees that helped write it and support it. He says he needs the heritage foundation -the organization that made it, to accomplish his goals. His super PAC runs ads for it. He stands in front of a podium and calls for things that are pretty identical to what's in it.

    Stop watching the mouth and look at the goddamn hands.

    He will say anything to lever himself more power because the only way he out runs the shadow of his crimes is by becoming president again.

  • why isn't anyone calling for Trump to drop out.
  • Consolidation of US media. Billionaires will burn the world down rather than cede an inch, and it's their narratives that get amplified.

  • Were jurors dismissed because they were Black or female? Supreme Court declines to review.
  • Always open season on the left—'Murican as apple pie.

  • Were jurors dismissed because they were Black or female? Supreme Court declines to review.
  • In your best interests to take that conversation to a cozier, more encrypted forum.

  • Idaho library bans minors from entering without parental consent
  • Things can overlap a bit. But we all know exactly what type of 'obscene' things the hammer is going to come down on. This was a bid to control the content of libraries. If librarians really wanted to play it safe they would just pull the books. You've seen pics the boxes of what schools are discarding to comply with similar laws. The politicians don't want to jail librarians, they want to look like they are fulfilling promises to their base, and sweep away 'subversive' ideologies that would undermine their power-grab. They want the trains to run on time, things to feel just normal enough that you won't go out of your way to question authority.

    Banning the under 18 is a bit like setting your house on fire to send a smoke signal. Not normal, and not a thing I think they can honestly sustain. They are burning up a core tenet of libraries:

    5. A person’s right to use a library should not be denied or abridged because of origin, age, background, or views

    to try and save higher directives:

    1. Books and other library resources should be provided for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves. Materials should not be excluded because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation.

    2. Libraries should provide materials and information presenting all points of view on current and historical issues. Materials should not be proscribed or removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval.

    3. Libraries should challenge censorship in the fulfillment of their responsibility to provide information and enlightenment.

    4. Libraries should cooperate with all persons and groups concerned with resisting abridgment of free expression and free access to ideas.

    Yet another reason I hope Idaho is paying attention and turns out in November.

  • Idaho library bans minors from entering without parental consent
  • It's a totally fucked situation, but I'm glad the libraries are taking the malicious compliance route and standing behind the collections. These laws want them to pull everything 'controversial' from the shelves and go on business as usual. Good on them for drawing a line.

  • Doors are open
  • Probably better to protest now before trump starts handing out lethal rounds to the national guard.🙃

  • TOOL - 10,000 Days (Wings for Marie pt. 2)

    Favorite song from 10,000 Days


    Nonfic suggestions?

    Hi! Anyone read any good nonfiction lately that they'd recommend? I'm between holds in my library queue rn and need a fix.