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Biden calls for justice after footage released of police killing Black woman
  • That's rich coming from a guy who just hosted a genocidal, racist fascist at our capitol. Fuck Genocide Joe and his psuedo-concern about human rights.

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • You're not understanding what I was saying (or you're continuing to try to intentionally misrepresent what I was saying).

    Using your analogy, you're the one saying 6 million deaths is acceptable as long as it doesn't get to six million and one. You're trying to simultaneously say we need to accept mass slaughter to avoid mass slaughter, it's nonsense.

    The "six million deaths" are happening in Gaza right now. They are actually suffering and dying, but you're telling us we should accept that since you're afraid of not being able to kick the political can down the road and kerp pretending everything can be fine.

    It doesn't matter, I can't make you understand why rewarding the Democrats for genocidal fascist policy is a losing strategy when they're suppose to be the alternative to genocidal fascists. You either let yourself inderstand it or you don't.

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • Uh huh, and how realistic do you actually think that is? Israel is going to allow Trump to drop a nuclear bomb on their border...

    The fact that the retort is "It could be worse, they could drop a literal nuke on Gaza" should be an indicator that what you're arguing as an acceptable alternative is indefensibly extreme.

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • Palestinians, apparently, yes. That's the whole problem.

    You want me to believe it's ok to off-shore the consequences of our political failings, I just don't accept that as a viable way towards changing the problem of zionism in the Democratic party.

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • Trying to cut out context is dishonest.

    You want to believe that the IDF is held back by lack of personnel, but they're not. They are not being held back from anything they want to do. Putting US soldiers in Gaza does not add to their capacity to continue the genocide exactly as they wish.

    Zionists keep trying to convince everyone that Trump would be worse on this, which is simply a way of refusing to accept the reality of just how bad it really is.

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • The election system is first passed the post, that doesn't mean that's where our political agency and influence ends -- we just proved that with Biden stepping down. We created a third option.

    A large enough number of people said "We will not vote for a zionist" and it had a real world effect on the behavior of the party. That never would've happened if people just accepted that Biden was running again and there was nothing we could do.

    Damn near everyone is anti-genoocide

    This is not true. There are many Israel supporters, even here on this thread.

    If you disagree, tell me how you think any other vote will help Israel.

    I'll assume this was a freudian slip and you meant help Gaza.

    The only hope Gaza has in regards to the US is if we actually work to hold our own politicians to account. Republicans are a write-off, but Democrats are suppose to be the more moral party that has a baseline on human rights.

    That notion needs to be enforced by voters, Democrats need to be held to at least the most basic of standards.

    When we vote for an out and proud genocide supporter we move the Democrats further from reform that would help Gaza. If we vote for a pro-genocide dem it's the exact same to the people in Gaza as us voting for a Republican, and it has the added effect of signaling to the party that voters will accept genocide support from Democrats.

    It should be unacceptable.

    In the worst case scenarios, personally I would rather say, “I voted for Kamala hoping she would improve the situation in Israel which didn’t happen” instead of, “I voted third party / didn’t vote at all, and Trump made it worse in Israel”. At least in one situation, there’s a chance.

    And if she signals support for Netanyahu during the visit, I would rather say that I voted against a future of continued genocide support for the Democratic party.

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • There's no such thing as "ultra genocide" and if there was, it's already happening in Gaza and it's being fueled by a Democratic administration, not a Republican one.

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • So six million and one is your limit then. Mine is lower.

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • What crystal ball? "I guess we'll see." is fortune telling to you?

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • I'm rejecting your notion that the genocide can be made worse as baseless. You can't fill a bucket that's already full, regardless of how much more water you pour into it.

    It's full scale genocide. Nothing is inhibiting Israel, Biden is giving them everything they want already.

    They have enough guns, they have enough bombs, they have enough soldiers, they completely control every entrance into Gaza. They control the water, the food, the stopping of aid. They are shooting people indiscriminately in the streets, in hospitals, bombing them in safe zones, pushing them into mass graves.

    They have destroyed all the hospitals, all the schools, all the homes, all the infrastructure. They've killed all the press, they've bulldozed all the cemetaries. Children who've lost their entire families areliterally laying down, hoping to get run over by a car or killed.

    That's how hopeless the genocide is in Gaza right now. Don't talk to me about vague "worse" options, as if that will give me a reason to ignore what's being done.

    You can't actually offer up anything except "Maybe the American-made and delivered bullet that kills a Palestinian will be shot out of a gun held by a US soldier instead of and IDF soldier". That means nothing to me, it's immaterial to the real concern.

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • You understand the implication of putting something in quotes. It's not my subjective opinion what's happening in Gaza. It's real. No quotes are necessary, same as if we're talking about cars you don't need to put "car" in quotes when you talk about them as if it's some controversial term.

    Again, I am cishet and white, so how is this self-interest?

    Because Project 2025 will effect you too. The groups you're talking about (lgbt people, brown and black Americans) have already been suffering the consequences of right-wing oppression and neoliberal negligence. The difference now is that those consequences are threatening to bleed over into the comfortable bubbles of neoliberal middle class and it's freaking them out. Suddenly it's this big priority that we all must pitch in together, while for the last 40 years those minorities gave been told they need to accept "slow progress" and "generational change" so that the corporate status quo can continue on without disruption.

    What the fuck.

    Do you think a Palestinian child cares if it's an American pulling the trigger or an Israeli? Does it make a difference in the result?

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • It can be endorsing, yes. There's a reason so many democrats are not attending -- going to Netanyahu's speech lends him legitimacy and a greater perception of support.

    World politics is about negotiation.

    Stopping the genocide doesn't require negotiation, you withhold aid until they stop.

    But as I keep saying, Harris will need to find way to signal that her meeting isn't in support of Netanyahu. If she goes in and is giving him hugs and holding his hand up in unity and that kind of bullshit, that's a really bad sign. It can go either way, I'm just stating that I won't support genocide just because it gets a fresh face on it, Harris needs to prove her commitment to holding Netanyahu to account in a real, material way.

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • the “real ongoing genocide” will be made worse by Trump.

    Why are you putting this in quotes? It's an on-going genocide.

    And there's nothing Trump can do to make what's hapoening in Gaza any worse. Israel is doing exactly as they please. There us no more room to push the needle. The fact that you think there's room for "worse" makes me think you don't actually understand what's happening there.

    Even if Trump sent troops to help with the killing it wouldn't do anything, because it's a full-blown genocide already and the only thing Israel needs to continue it is what we've bern giving them.

  • How The IMF and World Bank Debt Trapped Somalia Forcing them Into Austerity
  • This is essentially what China is trying to do now with Belt and Road, debt colonialism -- lend to poor, desperate nations at exhorbitant rates so they can build infrastructure like ports and roads, and then when they can't pay you take the infrstracture. Voila, you've gotten a geopolitical foothold that you wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • Nope. I've been supportive of Harris up to this point since her stepping forward as potential nominee. I genuinely hope she can demonstrate that she's against the genocide.

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • I'm anti-genocide. Biden's policy on Gaza is fascism. It's the same at its core as Project 2025 or any other far right agenda. He's funding the slaughter of innocent human beings.

    I'm not far-right, so I won't support it. Hopefully Harris chooses not to as well.

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • For fuck’s sake, it’s also not about me.

    Yes, it is. It's cowardice and self-interest. You're not going to be able to flip this.

    You can't on one hand claim you care about the hypothetical suffering millions while arguing for ignoring a very real on-going genocide funded by your representatives.

    "Just let Democrats get away with funding the slaughter of Gazans as long as we can skirt around the consequences of our corrupt politics here."

    Maybe this will help; imagine the Gazans are white Americans. Ignore that they're brown and live behind some imaginary line "somewhere else" in the world and instead pretend you see them as equal to you.

    When you take the perspective that they're just as human and deserving of life as any of the other domestic groups you're talking about, you realize that Biden is, at this very moment, doing a "Project 2025" of his own. It's just against human beings who happen to be 7,000 miles away instead of closer to you.

    If Harris chooses to continue Bidens policy on this, I can't vote for her, exactly the same as I can't vote for Trump or Biden or any other zionist.

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • Again, we haven't seen if she is as bad as Trump yet. Biden is, we know that, and it's a large part of what made him unelectable. If Harris picks up the genocidal mantle she's inheriting that same unelectability as far as I'm concerned, it would be a politically stupid move.

    We have to see now if Harris will take deliberate steps to distance herself from the genocide support of Biden. Meeting with Netanyahu is not a good indication, but it's yet to be seen how it plays out.

  • US VP Harris to meet Netanyahu this week at White House
  • You dismiss the idea that the humanity of Palestinians is equal to your own. Its ok for them to die under the bombs and weapons we supply to Israel, as long as it allows us to avoid our own domestic discomfort. We differ on this fact.

    I'm part of the groups that will probably be most immediately effected by a Trump admin. That fear will not push me to support a genocide.

    If the American system is broken and corrupted then we as Americans should be facing and reconciling those problems ourselves, not transferring our own potential discomfort and suffering overseas to kids that are out of sight and out of mind.

  • TIL That the entirety of Wikipedia is only ~100Gb and you can download it for offline use

    In light of the recent Crowdstrike crash revealing how weak points in IT infrastructure can have wide ranging effects, I figured this might be an interesting one.

    The entirety of wikipedia is periodically uploaded here, along with many other useful wikis and How To websites (ex. iFixit tutorials and WikiHow):

    You select the archive you want, then the language and archive version (for example, you can get an archive with no pictures, to save on space). For the totality of the english wikipedia you'd select the "wikipedia_en_all_maxi_2024-01.zim"

    The archives are packed as .zim files, which can be read with the Kiwix app completely offline.

    I have several USBs I keep that have some of these archives along with the app installer. In the event of some major catastrophe I'd at least be able to access some potentially useful information. I have no stake in Kiwix, and don't know if there are other alternative apps and schemes, just thought it was neat.

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