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Trump supporters try to doxx jurors and post violent threats after his conviction
  • It's astonishing how quickly republicans have aligned to the behaviours of the Nazi party of the 1930s. They're leveraging trump's conviction exactly the same as the Nazis used the Reichstag fire to turn the power of the government against anyone opposed to them.

  • Trump says he is open to restrictions on contraception. His campaign says he misspoke
  • His cult will only hear what he said. The media will ignore it because the campaign said the opposite. And the electorate who don't pay attention won't have a clue what's coming if trump and project 2025 take over the government.

  • Iranian President Stoned To Death With Mountain
  • The new ownership group is Global Tetrahedron. According to their website, they were "born of the shadows, and are committed to control in all its forms." They've also donated "300,000 guns to underprivileged communities".

  • Hush money isn't illegal, it's 'democracy,' Trump lawyer says in defiant trial opening statements
  • meanwhile, the ex-president can't attend the hearing on the unlicensed bond he claimed to secure for the nine-figure fraud judgment against him because he's in a different court on trial for charges of criminal falsification of records to influence an election

  • White House spokesperson John Kirby slammed for saying that Israel is doing a better job at protecting civilians than 'our own military'
  • Kirby said that he has seen the IDF 'take actions - sometimes actions that even I'm not sure our own military would take - in terms of informing civilian populations ahead of operations, where to go or not to go. They have taken steps.'

    How is this controversial? The daily mail is an awful source.

  • Thousands of Software Engineers Say the Job Market Is Getting Much Worse
  • The 2017 tax bill that the Republicans rammed through had a time bomb in it for software developers. Starting in 2022, companies could no longer expense R&D costs, and instead had to amortize them over 5 years. This has led to massive tax bills in 2023 for companies. I have no doubt that this is another major factor in the recent tech layoffs.

    Take an imaginary bootstrapped software business called “Acme Corp.” This company generates $1,000,000 of revenue per year running a SaaS service. It employs five engineers, and pays each $200,000. That is $1,000,000 paid in labor costs. For simplicity, we omit other costs like servers and hosting, even though those costs can also fall under the new R&D rules, and have to be amortized. So, how much taxable profit does this company make?

    In 2021, the answer would be zero profit. In 2022, the answer was $900,000 in profits(!!)

  • What small piece of advice would you like to give that isn't heard enough ?
  • Assume positive intent. Amazing how much lower stress your stress levels will be if you don't feel attacked (on the road, on social media, in conversations, etc).

    Oh yeah, and buy a bidet. Your bum will thank you.

  • Shows how out of control inflation is
  • It's so depressing when you remember that some of the stupidest voters in the country (of which there are a LOT) watch fox news as their only source of news. Has there ever been a larger propaganda outlet throughout history? I guess China and Russia probably have government controlled TV stations that rival it in terms of audience numbers.

  • US residents: What big domestic policy improvements have the american people won from congress in the last 30 years?
  • A large part of this is being driven by illegal trafficking operations that recruit desperate families looking to give their families a safer life. Republicans have chosen to demonize both the families as well as the traffickers. It must suck living a life incapable of empathy for others less fortunate.

    Anyways, this is actually a pretty good read on it, despite it coming from CNN:

  • New dad here!
  • And videos. And make sure they're all backed up. We also had a professional take pictures of our kids when they were babies, highly recommended. Those are some of my favorite pictures of all time.

  • Danny DeVito is down for whatever

    He doesn’t look like a movie star. He doesn’t act like one, either. And if a role requires DeVito to disrobe and get ‘greased up like a halibut,’ so be it.

    2 54-Year-Old Facebook User Wins Nobel Prize For Own Extensive Internet Research Into Dangers Of Covid Vaccine

    STOCKHOLM—Lauding the man as one of the greatest minds working in medicine today, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences reportedly awarded 54-year-old Facebook user Darren Weston the Nobel Prize Monday for his own extensive internet research into the dangers of Covid vaccinations. “We are proud to a...

    54-Year-Old Facebook User Wins Nobel Prize For Own Extensive Internet Research Into Dangers Of Covid Vaccine

    How Red-State Politics Are Shaving Years Off American Lives

    Paywall free Washington Post gift article.

    "Ohio sticks out — for all the wrong reasons. Roughly 1 in 5 Ohioans will die before they turn 65, according to Montez’s analysis using the state’s 2019 death rates. The state, whose legislature has been increasingly dominated by Republicans, has plummeted nationally when it comes to life expectancy rates, moving from middle of the pack to the bottom fifth of states during the last 50 years, The Post found. Ohioans have a similar life expectancy to residents of Slovakia and Ecuador, relatively poor countries."


    What the hell does that mean?

    Jerry Stiller making Julia and Jason break, over and over and over again.



    New here, I'm Frack. Shit.