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Unhinged Republican candidate calls Kamala Harris a "little wh*re" as GOP descends into misogyny
  • The propaganda machine was full throttle on Biden is old and unfit, that as soon as switch happened Republicans were scrambling to grab onto the first thing they could come up with, of course racism and misogyny are the fallbacks.

  • GOP Rep. Tim Burchett calls Kamala Harris a 'DEI vice president'
  • Okay. Feel free to run with that, Republicans. If you vote against DEI, you are going to suffer if you don't look like any of these people in the photo below:

    trump and co.

    If you are a white woman, you still won't be treated fairly.

  • Trump scrambles to pivot campaign to attack Kamala Harris
  • I haven't agreed with everything the Lincoln Project stands for and the presentation of some ads, but Harris is an excellent pick for both centrists and progressives and LP does well here to highlight it.

    Cops are bastards but the former AG would be a much better alternative than actual convicted criminals running the country. And she ran in a state that had much better ideas on what criminal justice means than other states.

    For the moderates: How can someone whose entire enterprise is the crime, be tough on crime? How can anyone who has uttered the words "rule of law" in the past 4 years want someone who has spent much of their life dodging the law over someone who had a career in enforcing it?

  • Biden Drops Out of Race
  • I appreciate your analysis. Is there anything Harris can do or say that can make the situation any better for the Dems? A pivot to a message of Obama hope would be something I could think of. It's not too late, they have more than 3 months.

  • Biden Drops Out of Race
  • Today, since there's an influx of comments essentially proclaiming "it's Joever, Trump Wins" or "Harris won't be able to win in November", I've had to resort to checking people's comments from a week before if they were saying Biden had a solid chance or if "everyone and anyone would be a bad choice so don't bother".

    You were one that genuinely believed in Biden unlike some of the anti-US trolls. I'm sorry, you don't deserve the downvotes, I know your disappointment is legitimate. (You can see the user cabron who replied to you is one example of the other type I'm talking about). Don't give up, there is still hope yet.

  • Biden Drops Out of Race
  • I wouldn't say this is bad timing in hindsight.

    • The news media moves on from Trump's pity party, the debate, the President Putin and Vice President Trump gaffes.
    • Facing COVID, Biden has a legitimate reason to drop out without saying that he is weak to pressure
    • Trump is now the old and doddering candidate, turning much of the past brainwashing of Republican media on its head.
    • Trump will get bigly mad since the attention's going to be off of him. Potential for a stupid outburst.
    • The media will be hyperfocused on what's to come from the Dem campaign, an excellent opportunity to highlight Biden's achievements and articulate a bright future for the party and country.
    • The pre-emptive smears from Republicans are on their way, but the Dems are a moving target until they officially announce the ticket.

    It relies on Democrats getting the message right though they'd faltered before. They get one more chance to fix it in this soft reset.

  • What Project 2025 Means for Our Cities - CityNerd

    Chapter 19 of the Heritage Foundation's Project 2025 edition of Mandate for Leadership (Direct PDF link) is full of policies that would be terrible for the US.


    • Replace national transportation infrastructure projects with a flat transportation subsidy formula to each state (most of whose DoTs don't know how to do anything with money other than build highways)
    • Stop funding mass transit, give public funds to Rideshare companies like Uber/lyft instead.
    • Preserve single family home zoning at all costs. Each state and city knows what is best for their people, better than the federal government, except when states and cities do something that conservatives don't like.
    • Screw California in particular.
    • Trying to reduce the number of traffic fatalities is bad if anyone dare suggests that we have to drive a little bit slower.

    Gastown Alley

    cross-posted from:

    > Taken at Vancouver, BC in June 2024


    Gastown Alley

    Taken at Vancouver, BC in June 2024


    What would you like to see more of on Lemmy and/or the wider Fediverse?


    Législatives en France | La gauche revendique Matignon - LaPresse Législatives en France | La gauche revendique Matignon

    Arrivée en tête des législatives, mais loin de la majorité absolue, la gauche a assuré lundi qu’elle proposerait « dans la semaine » un nom pour Matignon où Gabriel Attal, qui a présenté sa démission, a été maintenu pour « assurer la stabilité du pays ».

    Législatives en France | La gauche revendique Matignon

    Crow in Flight

    Photo taken in Vancouver, Canada in July 2024.

    0 FreeCAD gets a logo upgrade

    Just in time for upcoming FreeCAD 1.0, the project got a major logo refresh. To get there, the design working group organized a popularity contest. Volunteers submitted 46 designs, over 1,500 commu…

    FreeCAD gets a logo upgrade

    The contest from last month had established five finalists: !

    The first row is the new logo that will be used going forward and in version 1.0 of the program!


    How I thought Ukraine would obtain AWACS capability



    FUTO funds Immich with 3 year commitment: the best image gallery software

    Link is a 1h42m video interview between Louis Rossmann, FUTO and Immich developers with a introduction to Immich by Louis.

    Immich is an open source self-hosted in-development tool to manage image libraries from a central server, and sync/distribute them across your devices, as an alternative to Google Photos. Also see:

    The important news here is that FUTO has funded full time development on Immich for 3 years.


    Steamed Hams but Chalmers and Skinner Have Switched Places

    Principal Skinner is voiced with Superintendent Chalmers' lines and vice versa.


    Guide (+ a bonus rant) on identifying Sysco patties from restaurants Americans are choking on surging fast-food prices. "I can't justify the expense," one customer says - Lemmy.World

    Kevin Roberts remembers when he could get a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a drink from Five Guys for $10. But that was years ago. When the Virginia high school teacher recently visited the fast-food chain, the food alone without a beverage cost double that amount. Roberts, 38, now only gets fast foo...

    Americans are choking on surging fast-food prices. "I can't justify the expense," one customer says - Lemmy.World

    Context, a thread on rising fast food costs and comparing local joints in terms of value:


    "Classified" Ad

    Inspired by:

    From the article:

    >The B-2 is being divested in FY 2025 due to a ground accident/damage presumed to be uneconomical to repair


    Is Alberta finally doing it? - RMTransit Is Alberta finally doing it?

    Watch this video ad-free on Nebula: Alberta recently announced a huge province wide rail plan, so in our latest video we ta...

    Is Alberta finally doing it?

    Stop Killing Games Australian Petition - Open for Signature Until 20 May 2024

    This petition is part of the campaign led by Scott Ross (Accursed Farms), to end in Australia the practice of software licensors to render purchased software completely unusable at arbitrary points in time.

    This petition closes relatively soon so please get the word out to your fellow mates.

    Thank you!


    Stop Killing Games Canadian Petition - Now Open For Signature

    Petition E-4965 is the one that is posted to, Ross Scott (Accursed Farms)'s campaign to end the practice of bricking games people have purchased, whenever the publisher doesn't want to support it anymore.

    It is open for signing by Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents, until September 5th 2024.

    Please spread the word to your Canadian friends and family who take interest in games, and please add your name to it to support this campaign to help preserve games in some form in perpetuity.

    Thank you!


    Trimet MAX LRV in Portland, OR

    Photo taken on a rainy February afternoon.


    Where Driving Consumes the Most of Your Life (And the Least) - CityNerd

    >In 1974, Ivan Illich wrote that the typical American male spent 25% of his waking life either driving a car or working for the income required to pay for one. 50 years later, is this true? And, which cities consume the most -- and least -- of our time with driving?


    Who here's committed to not shop at Loblaws' companies this month (and beyond)?

    Including their brandname chains:

    • Atlantic Cash & Carry
    • Atlantic Superstore
    • Axep
    • Bloor Street Market
    • Dominion
    • Les Entrepôts Presto
    • Extra Foods
    • Fortinos
    • Freshmart
    • L'Intermarché
    • Loblaws / Loblaw GreatFood / Loblaws CityMarket
    • Lucky Dollar Foods
    • Maxi / Maxi & Cie
    • NG Cash & Carry
    • No Frills
    • Provigo
    • Real Canadian Superstore
    • Shop Easy Foods
    • Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmaprix
    • SuperValu
    • T & T Supermarket
    • Valu-mart
    • Wholesale Club / Club Entrepôt
    • Your Independent Grocer / Independent CityMarket
    • Zehrs Markets

    Yes there are other big oligopoly chains like metro, Sobeys/Safeway, Pattison, but I think it's best to start with one major chain to see how much coordinated action can affect them.


    Train #641 is being introduced starting May 27th, 2024, which departs Ottawa at 4:15, Kingston at 6:15, arriving in Toronto at 8:48am, which would be useful for anyone trying to get into a Toronto downtown office at 9am.


    Surrey Central Skytrain Station

    Photo taken in July 2023.