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Garage door opener replacement questions
  • I've got a chamberlain I installed 20 years ago. Came with a lifetime warranty on the belt and motor. I've replaced the belt 3 times and they send it to me completely free I don't even pay postage.

  • You didn't bought it you rented it!
  • ++ for brother. Still running my mfc j470 ink jet purchased in 2013. I purchased it because of their support of Linux and Android. I've NEVER used official ink cartridges besides what came with it. it's printed 6900 pages

  • Don't forget Temperature Sensors for your Fridge!
  • My govees were cheap and I needed a ton of them, 13. They got great reviews. Wish they would integrate w HA but not currently without trying with rf reader and it's too important for me I didn't want to risk this. Last year went to Hawaii for 2 weeks and this is the reason I bought this stuff.
    The fridge and water sensor stuff is to important and should have had it years ago.

  • Don't forget Temperature Sensors for your Fridge!
  • I got this yolink setup June 2022 and it works great. Have not changed the batteries either. The system has notified me a few times like if I've put a case of water and beer in. I don't think this integrates with HA I just needed something that worked and not trying to rig up something. Another must have are water sensors. I'm running 13 govee water sensors and been notified few times also.

  • Air Fried Brussel Sprouts
  • Lightly spray them with avocado oil and I use this sweet rib rub below. The rub is awesome on ribs, pork butt, smoked cheese it's, brussel sprouts.

    1/2 cp brown sugar 1/2 cup sugar 1/3 cp paprika 1 tbl salt 3 tbl tony cachere or salt don't have it. 1 tbl spoons black pepper 1 tbl spn garlic powder

  • Air Fried Brussel Sprouts

    Couldn't fix the original post so created a new one. Sorry. I'll have to post my broccoli when I do it next

    Brownie Brittle Smore
  • It's not toasted at all. I've done that before but where I'm at is 100° F outside and I wasn't going to fire up a grill or something. I've got a kit that let's you put it in the microwave

  • Brownie Brittle Smore
  • Do you have gram crackers at your grocery? I imagine you probably can get some type of marshmallow and chocolate? If you can get those or the brownie brittle like I used just microwave it 10 seconds

  • Pic long press request

    Requesting ability where long press opens a pic full screen and on depress it closes.


    Nighty new finding

    I use nightly as my daily mobile browser for years. Just found out for the first time if I long press my device back button it brings up Firefox history for the tab. Awesome