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TIL that despite the frequent assertion that lesbian relationships have the highest DV the source data paints a different picture.
  • I think they mean Delta V or the potential change in velocity. So it's saying that a lesbian relationship has the highest potential to travel the furthest.

    From that, I can extrapolate that lesbian relationships are the future of space travel and all future astronauts will be in lesbian relationships.

  • I have 2 dozen eggs to use up
  • I've had eggs easily last a month past the best buy date in the fridge. If you try the water freshness test, check the yolk shape and color, it should be fine. The yolk shape should still be normal, the older eggs will want to flatten out a bit at which point I wouldn't want to eat them.

  • Game mod on Steam breached to push password-stealing malware
  • From article.

    Downfall, a fan expansion for the popular Slay the Spire indie strategy game, was breached on Christmas Day to push Epsilon information stealer malware using the Steam update system. ... "The breach window was roughly 1:30 PM-2:30 PM Eastern (1830-1930 UTC+0) on 12/25. If you did launch Downfall on 12/25 during the breach window and got a Unity library installer popup, please continue to read. You may be also at risk...

  • Can someone explain me how RAID works?
  • I personally wouldn't use raidz1 because it seems too risky to me. I'd have higher redundancy.

    Some links

    The last link is talking about actual raid and not zfs. But it has a 50/50 chance with a URE rate of 10^14 to lose the array. Raidz1 maybe won't have that catastrophic of a failure, but you'd still be rolling the dice on some corruption.

  • Can someone explain me how RAID works?
  • Other people gave a good explanation of raid and some alternatives like zfs in truenas.

    You want to avoid RAID5 with drives above 4TB. Every hard drive has can have an unrecoverable read error (URE) during the read. It's a very low percentage change that your hard drive publishes. During a raid 5 rebuild after replacing a drive, the other drives are stressed for a long time during the rebuild. With high capacity drives you have a pretty large chance of encountering a URE and losing the entire array. The high stress on the drives can also cause drive failure if another drive was on its way out.

    I run truenas core at home in volumes that looks like raid 10. Two mirror volumes striped together for performance.

    I never played around with raidz1 (like raid 5) but you still have the chance of an URE during the resilver. I can't comment if it's possible or what happens during an error. I did see people recommending raidz2 to allow for two disc failures from losing data during a resilver.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • That sounds like a possible race condition when multiple requests are executing at the same time. Without knowing anything about the design, perhaps you could look into database transactions. You could also look into generating load via jmeter, but then we wouldn't get a picture.

  • Is CCleaner still people's preferred computer cleaning app?
  • I don't think I've used any cleaner product since the Windows XP days. I don't view it as necessary anymore.

    One of the other programs to see file size on disk recommended on this thread should be enough.

    I would highly recommend O&O ShutUp10++ to reduce built in spying in Windows. It's good at explaining what each option you're doing is. The only thing I would caution on is changing the Edge browser policies with O&O. That will lock it down into enterprise mode and you won't be able to change certain settings through the UI anymore.

  • Okta Says Hackers Stole Data for All Customer Support Users
  • “While we have not seen direct evidence that the threat actor is using this list to launch phishing attacks against support system users,” the company said to customers, “phishing attacks are a constant threat.” Okta, which manages user authentication services for thousands of corporate clients, didn’t immediately provide comment.

    Okta’s shares plunged last month after the San Francisco-based company disclosed that hackers had used a stolen credential to access its support system. At the time, a company spokesman estimated that about 184 clients, representing roughly 1% of the Okta’s customers, were affected. It wasn’t the first time Okta had been breached. The company disclosed last year that a hacking group had broken into its system after the gang posted screenshots that appeared to show access to Okta accounts.

    The company said in its letter to customers that a recent audit found more data was stolen than it initially thought, prompting it to revise its findings. The firm also discovered that some Okta employee information was included in stolen reports, according to the customer notice reviewed by Bloomberg.

    The customer report contained fields for customer user names, company names and mobile phone numbers, Okta said, while noting that the majority of the fields were blank and didn’t include credentials or sensitive personal data. For more than 99% of customers listed in the report, Okta said, the only contact information stolen were full names and email addresses. Read More: Okta Falls on News That Hackers Viewed Some Customer Files Many of the affected users of the customer support system are Okta administrators, according to the company’s notice. Okta is scheduled to report earnings on Wednesday. The company said in its notice to customers that it would publicly disclose the new details on the same day.

    Here is the rest of that article

  • Americans - I Need Help Choosing A Bourbon
  • Some good recommendations in this thread. You should give the following a try.

    • Woodford Reserve Wheated. It's very smooth and I think it's the best value for money you can get. This is my personal favorite right now
    • Michters Small Batch. Good and robust flavor
    • Weller. If you can find it, but you probably won't.
    • Angels Envy is very good and smooth
    • Four Roses Small Batch
    • Penelope Toasted is alright. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't wow value for the price. It's a good bourbon though
    • 1792 is good.
    • Rabbit Hole is good
    • Blade and Bow is good