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Sony buys Alamo Drafthouse
  • All Sony movies all the time. Also expect the food to be shitty as the corporation moves to maximize profit.

    It was illegal for studios to own movie theaters until for some reason everyone changed their mind in 2020.

  • Joey Chestnut out of 2024 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest over deal with rival brand
  • So after the competition is over, do the contestants vomit to relieve the gastric pressure?

    I’m wondering if Impossible foods has done any testing to see what happens when someone eats thirty of their hot dogs? Is there any concern these ingredients might expand more than pork would?

    • Xanthan Gum
    • Wheat Gluten
    • Methylcellulose
  • Anyone here on a 2nd hand EV? What has the buying/ ownership experience been like so far?
  • I would avoid older Nissan Leafs and compliance cars like the original Fiat 500e and VW e-Golf. These had low range to begin with. The Leaf is air cooled, which is hard on the battery. The compliance cars from six years ago or more are old and you’ll be lucky to get 60 miles out of the original battery pack.

    If you buy an older Bolt, make sure the battery pack has already been replaced by GM. You can probably ask a Chevy dealer to look up the service history based on VIN.

  • What's the best way to remote into a Mac?
  • You can screen share directly from an iMessage chat if you are using a Mac as well. Just chat him from your Mac to his and have him accept the screen sharing invite. It is supposed to work dynamically while you’re connected over chat. No port forwarding etc required.

    Other than that, MacOS built-in screen sharing uses VNC, so if you plan to use a VNC client instead, you’ll need to turn on port forwarding at the router and give the Mac a static IP address.

  • Cities know how to improve traffic. They keep making the same colossal mistake.
  • In some cases it’s the state that makes the mistake. Not the city. There are lots of people in Austin and Houston who do not want the interstate widened. But TxDOT and the feds are going to push through those projects anyway.

    In Austin, the local government is trying to install voter-approved light rail, but the state attorney general is suing to try to stop it.

  • Democrat calls only 7 EV-charging stations deployed under US program 'pathetic'

    “Just seven electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations have begun operating with funding from a $5-billion U.S. government program created in 2021, marking "pathetic" progress, a Democratic senator said on Wednesday.”

    Television reddig33

    Out of order stories

    I will be so glad when the flashback/flash forward/flashback fad of storytelling is over. Trying to watch “Manhunt”, and they can’t even be bothered to show the moments leading up to Lincoln’s assassination in order. It reeks of “the writing is weak — what can we do in the editing to spice things up?!”


    Reel mower sharpening?

    Anyone know of a place around town that does reel mower sharpening? Austin Outdoor Power website says they no longer offer it. I have a kit but I don’t want to deal with doing it myself if I don’t have to. Thanks for any leads.


    ACL fest brings almost a half billion dollars to Austin economy.

    Also $8 mil in park improvements.


    UT wants to throw $13.5 mil at I-35 caps

    This whole project is such a waste of money.

    When your tuition goes up even more, this will be one reason why. Fascinating how the rendering for these “UT caps” show mostly parking lots.

    I still haven’t seen any info on how the exorbitant yearly maintenance costs for these caps are going to be funded.


    T-mobile gets FTC approval to buy Mint mobile


    Prosecutor to appeal against Texas woman’s acquittal over voting error


    Tesla skirts Austin's environmental rules at Texas gigafactory


    Kroger, Albertsons to sell 166 more stores seeking approval of $25 billion merger

    Television reddig33

    “Witcher” to end with season 5


    Reminder: Property Tax Election coming up


    Police, Fire, EMS radio dispatches to be encrypted


    Appraisal board elections in May.


    Local election rule changes considered

    Television reddig33

    Blurry edged lenses

    What is up with this new fad of blurring the edge of the frame on TV shows? Seeing it a lot on AppleTV, lately on Palm Royale. Is this the new “shaky cam”?


    Austin police union appears ready to comply with voter-approved oversight ordinance


    Liz Warren renews calls for SEC probe of Tesla governance


    Self-driving semis coming to Austin


    “X” continues to shed users


    Paxton meddles in Project Connect