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  • In January 1783, Price returned to his laboratory in Guildford, ostensibly to start production of the miraculous powders. In fact, he set about the distillation of laurel water (which contained hydrogen cyanide, commonly known as prussic acid). He wrote his will at the same time, but it was another six months before he returned to London to invite members of the Royal Society to witness the experiment on 3 August in his laboratory in Guildford.

    Despite the claimed successes of his initial demonstrations and the furor they had caused, only three members turned up in Guildford on the appointed day. Although clearly disappointed by the poor turnout, Price welcomed the three men and then, stepping to one side, ended his life by drinking the flask of laurel water he had prepared. The three men immediately noticed a change in his appearance, but before they could do anything, Price had died of cyanide poisoning.

  • Electricity prices in France turn negative as renewable energy floods the grid
  • It's a cool idea, but has not worked well in practice. The plant referenced in the 2016 article you linked (Crescent Dunes) stopped operation in 2019 due to performance and cost issues. It appears to have restarted after the original owner filed for bankruptcy and sold the asset, but at a lower capacity.

  • Andrej Karpathy endorses Apple Intelligence
  • I thought the original post was satire - list all of the privacy issues, then throw in "Privacy <3" at the end. Seriously, almost every one of those points has a potential privacy issue.

    Guess I was being too generous.

  • Things are groooowing!
  • I love fresh artichokes - I can't find good ones here in grocery stores. I tried growing a one-year cultivar once - it did produce a couple of small buds, but wasn't worth the trouble.

  • Floating Island Garden
  • In case it helps for the future, I also think you came off defensive from the first reply. If everyone but you seems like an asshole, you may want to look at how you're acting.

    You usually seem pretty positive on here - if you're having a crappy day, I hope things feel better after a night's sleep.

  • Finding dark gold

    Is there any clue to where dark gold ore will be in the new area? I'm at 39 pieces in one of my runs and stuck just mining through random walls.


    Pepper recommendations

    Hi - I'm new to the community!

    I'm planning my vegetable garden for next year, and am looking for pepper suggestions. I'm in USDA Zone 7a, grow in raised beds, rotate crops every year, add home compost and fertilizer (bloodmeal at planting, bonemeal when flowering) annually, and start my seedlings indoors.

    I've had good production the past few years with Greek pepperoncinis, Petit Marseillais, shishito, and various habanero varieties, but have had poor yields in the past when trying to grow the peppers my wife prefers: poblano, jalapeno and banana.

    Any suggestions for either varieties or technique? Ideally I'm looking for a versatile heirloom (I save seeds) with a moderate (sub-habenaro) level of heat.


    M400 losing stride sensor calibration factor

    Hello everyone!

    I've had an M400 for about 8 years. Recently I've noticed that the manual calibration factor on my stride sensor changes (not to 1.000, but to another value) periodically, without my changing it. I have the stride sensor calibration set to "Manual." I think, but am not sure, that it happens after I sync with Polar Flow using my phone. I don't see any settings in Polar Flow where the stride sensor calibration factor would be set.

    Anyone else have this problem, or know what I am doing wrong?