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Al rule
  • I think it may 100% depend on alcohol and/or THC intake, both of the person writing it and the person reading it. I believe those are the accepted rules as written in both the New York Writing Style Guide and the Chicago Writing Style Guide.

    I believe it fits under the section titled As the mood strikes; grammar's mishaps's and bewilderment

  • Al rule
  • That's one option. But Sandwiches' is valid too, as it ends in an s and is a proper noun, it's not exclusive to plurals. AP style guide for example requires it (and got a lot of flack when 's was proposed as acceptable).

    Plus sandwiches itself is a singular noun which is a plural word, so it's s' not s's for most cases there.

    Anyway, grammar is weird.

  • Al rule
  • Yeah, super crazy, had to look it up. Al voices a character named "Cheese Sandwich" (ffs Weird Al is amazing), who in a finale is shown years in the future to be married to Pinkie Pie.

    Apparently Cheese Sandwich's personality is just... Weird Al. Which is also pretty hilarious.

  • Sovcit thinks the real estate agent is crazy.
  • Clearly, you should be in real estate immediately. It's obviously super easy, and with your math that's super accurate and in no way an understanding far separate from reality, clearly you'll be a multi-millionaire within a few short months.

    Good luck!

  • Sovcit thinks the real estate agent is crazy.
  • Do you think a house gets sold every day, or that everyone ends up buying? Or that they even get that $15k as take home?

    The industry around home sales is absolutely gross, but the broker is taking a cut here. Not all real estate agents are brokers, in fact most are not. On average, most agents are making as little as $60k/yr and as high as $100k/year, region dependant. Average is going to be around $85k. Above that $100k mark is the top quartile, and above $130k-ish is going to be the top 10%.

    It's not as lucrative as you think it is.

  • Motherboards and systems with China's Loongson CPUs now shipping to US customers — options start from $373 for a DTX board with processor and cooler
  • Ah, admittedly I avoid that problem entirely, I have an MTR, a ZR, etc running on devices here (hardware/software testing stuff), so I don't need to run meetings on my desktop often.

    Edit: Just to note, I've done USB passthrough with VMs that were ZR builds and such, so that can be done. But I think if your sharing from there it can get messy (USB video capture and such as your sharing method, so on).

  • DC Campaign to Submit Over 40K Signatures for Open Primaries, Ranked Choice Voting
  • Maybe it's just to me, but liberal/national coalition and labor seem like the two major parties, green is barely at the table still.

    If you exclude the coalition, national has 4 times the representation of green, and liberal 3 times that.

    Just my opinion here, but it's still two major parties, with the thirds coming up in ranks and getting some momentum going. It'll be a good day imo when the greens overtake the nationals (and maybe one day the liberals), but I personally don't see it as representative of the people yet. Improving, but still functionally two parties.

  • DC Campaign to Submit Over 40K Signatures for Open Primaries, Ranked Choice Voting
  • It's still not that old (~10 years or so iirc), it takes time for a third party to be major contentender. Earlier on you're more likely to see third party wins in more local than national level elections.

    It's not an insta-win for third parties. But that's ok, because local elections matter, and that's where you'd typically see results first.

  • Begging for all the Lemmy Audiophiles recommendations on computer speakers!
  • Studio monitors are excellent choices, but expensive. I've used genelecs for pretty much every audio workstation I've ever done, I'm a huge fan, but you're also talking $800 and up.

    You can sometimes find a good deal on some used studio monitors, which to me is the way to go. A long ways back I decommissioned some genelecs for a studio (surprise surprise, the new studio had newer versions of the same model), and I've been using them since at home. Roughly 15 years now.

  • What are your thoughts on this? "How did Mozilla Firefox go from being the best and most beloved browser to suddenly the worst company and browser according to Reddit"
  • I wouldn't say they are wrong, I've got plenty of issues with Firefox that aren't in chromium-based browsers. Mostly with media playback, but on Android the toolbar hide on scroll is a mess, no matter what it just covers the page. Makes it really hard to use a menu or click a button depending on where it is. I also have some locally run services that throw js errors in FF but not in cromite, chromium, or chrome.

    Doesn't mean I don't prefer FF because I acknowledge it has problems. I don't generally view videos in my browser anyway, and I disable the hide-on-scroll feature. And if I have a particularly problematic site (the js errors), I open cromite or whatever.

    The bigger issue isn't people talking about bugs, but downplaying the role the foundation plays in supporting users. That, imo, is where a lot of misinformation and disinformation seems to live.

  • Comments with numbers to start seem to have a formatting issue.

    Top line is simply "1300."

    Voyager 2.11.0 S22 Ultra Android 14

    Going to test with some more in the comments here.